Here are the first pictures of the 1957 Adventurer I just finished restoring. Actually, these pics were taken before I had the car trailered to my home.

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11-03-03 11-22-03 12-7-03 12-22-03 4-9-04 5-29-04 7-10-04 8-8-04 9-4-04 10-23-04 12-4-04 06-19-05 10-15-05 This is a car originally sold from Freed Motors in Conshohockon, PA. It had 48K miles on it, but hadn't been driven in 30 years and the engine was stuck. Since it's an Adventurer and a somewhat rare car, I took my time with the restoration, and hopefully did the car justice. DeSoto assembled just 1650 Adventurer coupes and 300 Adventurer convertibles in 1957! In my personal database of cars (which I've been assembling for years) I know of the whereabouts of only 60 Adventurers. Certainly there are others. If you own a 1957 Adventurer or want to find out more about this fantastic car, please email me!

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Go HERE for pictures taken on 11-22-03.

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