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I am the Technical Advisor for 1957 models for the National DeSoto Club and am happy to help in any way I can with your interest in 1957 DeSotos! This is a HUGE site, so be sure to check below for all the additional 1957 DeSoto pages.

Edward X. Petrus, New Castle PA

Check out this video featuring my Adventurer!!! Thanks to Joe Ligo for a wonderful and professional production! Click HERE

Click HERE to go to my Firedome sedan pages! This is a car I bought from the original owner in 1977 for $112.50, and I've been playing with it ever since. It's one of 23,339 Firedome sedans for 1957, and has some neat features, like the tinted plexiglass sunvisors, torsion-aire suspension, and a 341 c.i.d. hemi engine w/2 barrel carburetion.

Click HERE to go to my Fireflite sedan pages! I bought this car in September, 2001. I found it on a mountainside in West Virginia! I first thought of it as a parts car, but I got it running without too much $ invested. So, I put it on the road! The Fireflite has a 341 c.i.d. hemi, 4-barrel carb, dual exhaust, and some special trim pieces. You can see the "as it sat" pictures and follow through the entire restoration!

Click HERE to go to my Adventurer coupe pages! This is one RARE CAR! It's one of only 1650 coupes produced (there were also 300 convertibles). I bought this car in November of 2003. It has a 345 c.i.d. hemi with 2 4-barrels, dual exhaust, full race cam, dual-point distributor, and 150 mph speedometer, all STOCK! Check out the complete restoration of this fine ride!

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I’ve been keeping a database in my computer of every 1957 DeSoto I can find, anywhere in the world, since about 1980. My goals are to find the “oldest” car, the “newest” car, and any particularly rare ones. Sometimes having a VIN or motor number can help track a car’s history, provide proof of ownership if the car is stolen, etc. PLEASE, if you’ve acquired a 1957 DeSoto, consider giving me your VIN and motor number, who you are, and where you are. This is only for my private use and to provide historical documentation on the number of surviving cars. THANK YOU!

Click here for a summary of which cars exist and where they are based on the database.
April 2021

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Articles telling the history of my cars. Also, some general information about 1957 DeSotos. USED WITH PERMISSION OF THE NATIONAL DESOTO CLUB, July 2006 Click here!

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