BIOL 2275 Microorganisms and Disease
Table of Contents

Course Overview
Course Objectives
Grading Policy
Lecture Outline

ASM Lecture Guidelines
Rules for the Laboratory
Lab Objectives
Lab Outline

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Online Medical & BioScience Dictionaries and Glossaries
Helpful Information from the Medical Library Association
Photos and other Pictures from the C.D.C.
On-line Study Guide - Tortora, Funke & Case, 9th Edition
The official U.S. Government website for information on Pandemic Flu
Lecture Notes
Overview of Microbiology, Historical Context
Taxonomy & Systematics
The Fungi (Background)
The Fungi (Medical Mycology)
Bacterial Structure and Function
Bacterial Growth Requirements
Bacterial Reproduction and Life Cycle
Media Types
Microbial Control - Reasons & Types
Chemical control Agents
C.D.C. article "Hand Hygiene in Health Care Settings" - Guidelines without Appendix.
Related article Community Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Infection and Disease
Nonspecific Resistance
States of Immunity; Types of IG's
Immune System - Components and Functions
Immune System - Action Overview
Relationships Between The Immune, Nervous & Endocrine Systems
Serology and Blood Genetics
Descriptions of Selected Pathogens