Rules for the Laboratory

Lab Rules [Memo] Working in a microbiology laboratory often involves work which is POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS. This danger can be minimized if common sense and the following rules are observed:
  1. There will be NO eating, drinking, or smoking in the laboratory at any time. Keep ALL materials such as pens, pencils, fingers, combs, glasses, out of your mouth. Break bad habits NOW !

  2. It is advisable to wear some type of protective garment to protect your clothing from dyes and contamination. It need not be fashionable, only functional. Long hair should be tied back or placed under the collar to protect it from possible incineration. Open­toed shoes or sandals should never be worn in the laboratory.

  3. The laboratory must be kept neat and clean at all times. Laboratory tables should be swabbed with the disinfectant provided BEFORE and AFTER the day's work. Wash your hands BEFORE beginning work, WHENEVER you leave to take a break, WHENEVER you return from a break, and AFTER you have completed the day's work. Cover open cuts with bandaids or other protective aids prior to beginning the investigation.

  4. Books, notebooks, pocketbooks should be kept inside the table drawers, on side tables or other places designated, NOT on your working surface area.

  5. You will be expected to be on time for the laboratory. Prior to coming to the laboratory, read the investigation for the day and jot down questions you may have.
  6. DO NOT begin work until the instructor has given all necessary directions. If you do not know or are not sure ­­ ASK! Whenever you leave the laboratory, even if only for a short time, turn off your bunsen burner.

  7. All waste materials and glassware should be placed in the containers provided. If you accidentally spill or break a bacterial culture or cut yourself, notify your instructor so that the correct procedure may be followed.