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Edition No:13     July 2006         S.G.B.C Bank Trial

Hall of Shame Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to expose those shameful people who think they can lie, cheat, steal and violate the principles of basic humanity and remain anonymous. As you are aware, my involvement with Cameroon began through the glazed eyes of a tourist. After a sham marriage and the loss of my life savings to the corrupt judiciary, I now see the plight of Cameroonians through much clearer eyes. It is through fiercely protected anonymity, by those involved, that corruption heads down its unbending path. These are the same people sitting in the pew next to you in church on Sundays, who are stealing the food from your mouth and your children’s education on Mondays. I say, lets take a look at these people and let them enjoy the sleepless nights that they inflict upon others. Exposure of these peoples' acts of shame is the strongest tool to drive others away from these evil practices.

Is Cameroon so far down the toilet bowl of corruption that it is beyond help? I think not, but the fact that many wear their crimes as medals to their cleverness, and worse, that others aspire in the same way to achieve like goals is a mentality worthy of standing against.


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Please feel free to send your own corruption or injustice stories. Each month contributions highlighting the difficulties of those that may not have found the means to voice their issues will be considered. Of course I would need to check story validity depending on its contents, but we won’t be shying away from what needs to be said. Consider this your newsletter and within reason there shall be no censorship. Photos can be published also, if they enhance your tale. Its early days and may take a couple of editions to get into the flow of things, but no target is too big. My philosophy is fairly simple “A thief is a thief”. I don’t discriminate on age, colour, race or sex. I do request that you use this forum for the purpose it is intended. Thanks.

From The Editors Desk

Here's my little office, where I patiently keep working towards getting my slice of justice.

Dear Fellow Corruption Haters,

My thanks to the avid newsletter readers who forwarded two photos this month. The first is Justice Fonkwe of Fako Appeal Court who has finally found his way into our “Shame File” this month. (Don’t miss our new “Appeal Court” song.) The second photo is the SGBC Bank manager, Ndoumbe Lottin (now at SGBC-Douala branch), who’ll make his appearance next month, though we’ve included a copy of the photo at the bottom of the page as a preview for readers.

Feel free to vote in the SGBC / Societe Generale trial. Maybe they ripped you off, or maybe you just had to wait around for some service for hours and felt you were treated like cattle? Well………
Voting is open to everyone. Why SGBC would persist in not investigating criminal activities by it’s branch managers is beyond me. Perhaps they think if they ignore it, everything will quietly go away. Can someone please let them know that this tactic is not working very well!

Please accept my apologies that the newsletter is a few days late this month. I’ll do my best to see it's delivered more punctually in the future. We’re a bit light on humour this month, but I can guarantee that next month your stomach muscles will suffer badly from laughing when we present our “Best of Popol” edition.

My greetings to all, till next month.

All the best,  Glenn

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Hall of Shame Supreme Court

Hall of shame Supreme Court Emblem




     S.G.B.C.  BANK.........................RESPONDENTS              S
OCIETE GENERALE (FRANCE)                                        

Take notice that the Court shall moved on the forenoon or soon thereafter on behalf of the people of Cameroon for the following crimes; Theft, Conspiracy to Defraud, Embezzlement & Perjury.


(I )  The court has received an enormous amount of witness testimony from a variety of sources. These outline a wide range of crimes for which this court holds jurisdiction to hear the matter as it so chooses.

(II)  Due to the variety and volume of testimony, the court has ruled to only use the evidence that is already determined as true and also only apply the evidences that directly link Societe Generale & S.G.B.C. Bank to the crimes.

(III)  The jury (any concerned citizen) is requested to carefully read the facts contained in this case before voting on the Guilty / Not Guilty buttons below. Voting figures shall be updated every 7 days, with the tally be available to be viewed at the same location.


(1) That S.G.B.C. - Societe Generale Officers conspired to defraud and steal from customers;

a) On the 14/05/01, I opened a joint bank account with my Cameroonian wife. On this day the assistant manager (Francois Ngouania) declared that he was actually the manager. He spoke French only and could only converse with my wife as I only understand the English language. It was for the language difficulty that I agreed to open a joint account. Unknown to myself the actual manager, Alexander Ndoumbe Lottin who spoke fluent English sat in his office just 25 metres away. This was a pre-organized scheme between the assistant manager & my wife. The consequences of these actions set in motion a chain of events that almost ended in my death.                                                                                                              At the scene of the gunplay. SGBC Bank -  Limbe Branch.  (No rifles or soldiers this time!)

b) On the 13/08/01, I went to SGBC bank to remove the money from the joint account, (after surviving being poisoned and an attempt to be jailed through false accusations two (2) days earlier). A soldier threatened me, pointing a rifle at my chest and refusing my entry to the bank. I gained access to the bank after returning a short time later with two Barristers. I submitted to a full body & vehicle search before any transaction was allowed. A false report had been made to the bank that I was carrying a dagger with the intention to kill my wife in the bank. It was only during this search in the actual Managers office that I was to meet the English-speaking manager for the 1st time.

c) Early September 2001, Bank Manager Alexander Ndoumbe Lottin was offered 1,000,000cfa to divulge my new account details to opposing Barrister Eno Charles Agbor. This information is given to my Barrister, Charley Sone by Alexander Ndoumbe Lottin. 13/09/01, during part of a High Court hearing in the SGBC Bank manager’s office, my new account details were made available to Barrister Eno Charles Agbor by an SGBC Bank staff member, (In front of 6 witnesses).

(2) That S.G.B.C. - Societe Generale Officers conspired to mislead enquiries into their criminal actions;

a) 14/08/01. S.G.B.C Manager Ndoumbe Lottin provided fraudulent legal documentation in this matter to the amount of 3,500,000 cfa.

b) 18/01/02. During an investigation by Officers of Territorial Surveillance into the incident at SGBC on the 13/08/01, Alexander Ndoumbe Lottin attempted to falsely identify one of my witnesses in Court, as the culprit who made the accusation that I would kill my wife in the bank.

c) 31/01/02. The SGBC Assistant Bank manager (Francois Ngouania) was subpoenaed to appear at the High Court. He was a hostile witness and made totally unbelievable falsehoods in his testimony as he attempted to deny his part in the conspiracy.


(3) That S.G.B.C. - Societe Generale Officers have a lengthy history of complicity in fraudulent activities;

a) That in the last four years I have closely followed feyman activities and on nearly every occasion that a banking institution is involved, it is inevitably S.G.B.C branches.

b) That I have closely followed the matter concerning the estate of Yemtsa Moussa and the Mbouda / Douala branches in this large scale fraud carried out by officers of the bank, in which a civil matter is before the courts, requesting upwards of five (5) Billion cfa in damages.


(4) That S.G.B.C. - Societe Generale Officers have refused to conduct proper internal enquiries into criminal matter involving their staff:

a) To this day Societe Generale has not acknowledged certified mail that has been sent to the Head Office in Paris regarding this serious matter of fraud carried out by it’s officers.

b) To this day S.G.B.C, Douala Branch has refused to even receive mail sent to it’s office, regarding this serious matter involving staff currently employed at that office.

c) That S.G..B.C. has always acted in a hostile manner in this matter rather than seek the truth and resolve the matter.

            Letter to Societe Generale – April 2005                  419 scandal at SGBC          

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How Banks In Cameroon Frustrate Clients.
Until government intervenes directly to make things better for the public, the latter will continue to writhe in the frustration of unscrupulous "bank" managers and their colleagues.

As the Court pleases.

Guilty Trial #2 - 1st July 06.  Defendant - Societe Generale Not Guilty

(31/7/06) Guilty Vote Count – 1807
(31/7/06) Not Guilty Vote Count – 006

Only one vote shall register when clicking on the Guilty/Not Guilty button, (unless the page is refreshed between clicks). Voting must be done at the website to register.

Voting shall close at midnight on the 28th July  2006.


Supreme Court - Case # 3

Defendant: Mamfe Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob

Charges: Theft, Conspiracy, Fraud and Corruption

Hearing Date: T.B.A.
All testimonies to be made public on this day.

Ruling & Sentencing Date: T.B.A.
Ruling and sentence to be delivered, as per public jury.

Collection of Testimonies: All testimonies shall be accepted and the witnesses shall remain totally anonymous. Any testimony covering matters outside the main charges shall be accepted and incorporated into the information made public on the hearing date.

Testimonies to be sent to:


Trial #3   Defendant - Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob.
Trial #3
Trial #4   Defendant - Justice Lebong Morfaw Chibili
Trial #4
Trial #5 - Defendant - Barrister Eno Charles Agbor.
Trial #5


Jungle Justice & Turning to the Courts!

After reading some of the bizarre events in Limbe-Buea this month; ritual killings, mob justice and strange behaviour by the police, I wondered if people understood how incomprehensible these actions are for a stranger to the culture of corruption and lawlessness that permeates in Cameroonian justice? The recent groundswell of citizens Fako High Court - The justice that Cameroonians are rejecting as to corrupt!taking the law into their own hands is more a reflection on the Judiciary in Cameroon than the lawlessness of the people. The citizens are claiming back their right to live in a society where the criminals are punished. I really don’t think foreigners can begin to comprehend what it can be like to live in a society where the criminals work hand in hand with the Magistrates & Judges. Who can accept that the criminal who was captured after robbing you yesterday is released after sharing his spoils with the Judge? What of the Police who hire out their pistols to armed robbers for a share of the spoils? Maybe western countries might be quite quick to take up jungle justice, if confronted with similar lawlessness and criminal activities by those entrusted to govern and serve the people. The recent cyclone in New Orleans was like a window to human nature and in how in so few days chaos rears its head once there is no food, water, or law & order. Do people realize that is the life of many Africans from their first to last breath? Powerlessness, poverty, insecurity, hunger, all to often because of the lawlessness of corrupt governments.

You can believe me when I tell you that it’s much better to read about this stuff than to live, survive, suffer through it. I can’t understand how Cameroonians have managed to accept the criminal actions of the President, the Ministers, the Judiciary, the Police and the public service employees, without exploding in anger at the inhumanity and degradation that is forced upon them in every aspect of their life.

My own experience was that amongst the madness I was exposed to, (I consider being poisoned, my documents taken, attempts to be jailed, soldiers with rifles waiting for me at the bank, continual death threats, all the while trying to comprehend an unimaginable fraud that had been perpetrated for the theft of my property by the only people I knew and trusted & floundering around in a strange culture, some type of madness that happened at that time), I reached for what I thought was the one glimmer of hope that might supply some behaviour that I could relate to and feel comfortable with. I was in desperate trouble, in a Commonwealth country, in a province that operated its courts using the English system of law. These were things I felt comfortable with and understandably I turned to the Justice system, despite warnings from people knowledgeable in the futility of the exercise. I thought “how could all those stories about the courts be true“? I held indisputable evidence of all I claimed, “surely it is a simple matter”. I thought I was choosing the lesser of two evils.

So what happened when I begged the courts to do the very job that they are in place for?

Well, you have to understand how the system works. First, you are expectedThe Cameroon judiciary “Scales of Justice”. to negotiate your way out of the matter, meaning that everyone has a feed on what doesn’t belong to them, and then the matter goes away quietly, (meaning that the criminals succeed in their crimes and are free to continue the same activities). In my case I refused to negotiate with a group of thieves who had not only poisoned me, but removed documentation to my assets and had shown every intent that I be disposed of. For my indiscretion of not negotiating and making this very dirty matter go away, I was continually punished by the courts who took the opportunity to further participate in the theft. The 50 odd appearances at the court stank of criminal behaviours, even to the point of a High court Judge-Justice Chibili, participating in the sale of a compound I purchased worth 12,000,000 cfa, that was held in trust to the court. I don’t need to cover all the many activities of the court, other than to say that the matter is still before the Fako High court and no matter how long it takes, the truth shall be exposed in this matter. The shameful thing is that all the people I’ve spoken to are yet to assist this matter to move towards completion, including the Prime Minister, Several Ministers and Supreme court judges. And then they wonder why someone could incinerate a vehicle at their American embassy!

It’s quite simple really, no-one likes a thief!

                   Fako High Court Chronology # 2           Fako High Court Chronology # 3

That's my 2 cents.

'Jungle justice' sweeps Cameroon (BBC News - Limbe)
Cameroonians who have no faith in the police are taking the law into their own hands - with brutal and bloody results.
The young man pleaded for mercy as the angry mob kicked and clubbed him with sticks and pieces of metal. As he spoke, more people rushed to the scene, one carrying petrol - apparently to burn the suspect alive. Another man described the lynchings as "our own way of passing a vote of no-confidence in law enforcement officers and judicial authorities".


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Shame File No:9

Name: Justice J. F. Fonkwe

Residence: Buea

Aliases: Fonkwe lie man

Justice J. F. Fonkwe - Fako Appeal Court Judge.

Without doubt, the Fako Appeal Court is one of Cameroon’s most corrupt institutions. It’s not necessary to go any further than to use its own documentation to prove that point.

Appeal Court Affidavits

Justice Fonkwe was one of three Judges who determined the removal of a High Court President, based on an imaginary witness. These Judge’s actions were displayed before the 12 Barristers & Lawyers who regularly attended the hearing. 

Appeal Court Chronology

These Judges should be immediately removed for their corrupt and unlawful conduct, but it seems that most have been promoted in some way.

 Foreigners and Cameroonians alike should be well advised to steer clear of this den of thieves and the Cameroon judiciary in general. The behaviours I saw in the courts was often no better than the thuggery of unintelligent and uneducated buffoons who were more concerned with juju and their own stomachs than anything that appeared to come from a civilised court. 

So that the matter is very clear, I accuse the three Appeal Court Judges who signed the ruling of being corrupt.
I also accuse Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob of corrupting the Appeal Court Judges.

Appeal Court Ruling

 I make these documents available for all to see the corruption and thievery that these judges participated in. Note that these same activities are promoted and rewarded by the countries ruling party, the CPDM and the President, Paul Biya.

Fako Appeal Court , Buea

Cameroon's Corrupt Judiciary!
Is This The World's Most Corrupt and Shameless Judiciary?
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Corrupt Judge: Justice Fokwe

 Early in the morning when you go for Buea court
Your life may end for good
Your life may end for bad
If badluck dey you, you meet Nana wichi man
Or badluck dey you meet Fonkwe lie man
Or Satan curse you, you meet Chibili Wichi mami

 Chorus (bend sikin rythym)
Chibili Chibili Nana Fonkwe Chibili 4X

 Fonkwe na learna boy 2 for tif
Fonkwe na learna boy 2 for tif
I di tif na weti wey Nana Chibili teacham
Fonkwe your mami nobi teach you say
Waka with bad pipeol go spoil your life.
You di take bribe for spoil pipo them case

 Chorus (bend sikin rythym)

 Chibili chibili Nana Fonkwe Chibili 4X


Media Link

Click here to view full size images of this final phase of Paul Biya's trial.

Click above to read  how Pauyl Biya’s internet trial has been followed by the Cameroon media.

NEWS - July 2006 

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'Jungle justice' sweeps Cameroon (BBC News - Limbe)In January, Chief Vuga Simon was lynched by his own people for selling off village farmlands to rich cattle owners in North West province.
Cameroonians who have no faith in the police are taking the law into their own hands - with brutal and bloody results.
The young man pleaded for mercy as the angry mob kicked and clubbed him with sticks and pieces of metal. As he spoke, more people rushed to the scene, one carrying petrol - apparently to burn the suspect alive. Another man described the lynchings as "our own way of passing a vote of no-confidence in law enforcement officers and judicial authorities".

Stemming The Rising Insecurity In Buea
Inhabitants of Buea have been on tenterhooks since night marauders armed with machetes hit the town a month ago. Two corpses found in the vicinity of the town plus several victims of cutlass attacks and rape bear stark testimony to this new wave of banditry. Commission of enquiry to investigate allegations of high level corruption while Augustine Frederic Kodock was heading the former Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, MINADER.

MPs Demand Probe Into Kodock's Tenure As Agric Minister
The audit made it clear that even funds accruing from the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative, HIPIC-I were embezzled by officials in that Ministry through fake and inflated bills, payment of fake mission allowances and contracts. The presentations spoke volumes of acts of corruption that diverted over half of the Ministry's budget for that year into private pockets. The report enumerated 30 different thieving strategies.

Predators Make Hunting Ground Of Manyu Division
While Manyu Division continues to be plagued by its perennial road problems, a web of complicity and deceit put in place by some top officials of the local administrative outfit is significantly undermining all development efforts in the Division.  I
n Manyu, a fraudulent ring of thieving contractors is making a mockery of President Paul Biya's fight to eradicate corruption and embezzlement in the running of state affairs.

Limbe Treasury Staff, Others Detained For Forgery
The story goes that Boghumen, who works at the Finance Control allegedly stole genuine vouchers from her service and helped her two accomplices.The said duo who apparently are based in Douala, used the documents and came up with a contract, which they hold they had executed at the level of the Delegation of Agriculture in Limbe worth FCFA 4 million of more.The drivers were angry over the numerous control posts in Kumba, coupled with the high price of petrol that is almost running them out of business. They are forced to lose close to FCFA 15,000 daily at gendarmerie and police checkpoints.

Meme Drivers Burn Police, Gendarmerie Checkpoints
Drivers in Mbonge, Tombel and Buea Road in Meme Division June 8, burnt police and gendarme checkpoints, after a meeting with the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Meme, Daniel Panjouono. The drivers were angry over the numerous control posts in Kumba, coupled with the high price of petrol that is almost running them out of business. 
They told Panjouono that they are forced to lose close to FCFA 15,000 daily at gendarmerie and police checkpoints. They complained that from Kumba to Ekondo-Titi, there are six control posts; from Mile 1, where they pay FCFA 500 per trip, Kake II, FCFA 1000, Ekombe, FCFA 1000, Mbonge Junction, FCFA 1000, Bobongo, FCFA 1000 and Bobongo II, FCFA 500.

34 Perish In Yaounde-Bafia Road Accident
Thirty-one people died on the Yaounde-Bafia highway on Friday June 23 when a 30-seater Coaster bus collided head on with a truck transporting sand from the Sanaga River.According to eyewitnesses, the accident occurred at Ngomo village in Lekie Division, a locality some 50 km from Yaounde at about 3 pm.


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Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) protesters struggle for independence!


SCNC Communication Officer Arrested
Gendarmes arrested Southern Cameroons' National Council, SCNC, Communication Officer and former Provincial Delegate of Communication for the Northwest, Ngewie Asunkwain, Gendarmes arrested Southern Cameroons' National Council, SCNC, Communication Officer and former Provincial Delegate of Communication for the Northwest, Ngewie Asunkwain, on June 22 and detained him at the Bamenda Prison.on June 22 and detained him at the Bamenda Prison. 
Sources said Asunkwain was arrested in a friend's house and taken to the gendarmerie legion Up Station. On Friday, June 23, the gendarmes handed him to the Bamenda Prison authorities with no charges pressed against him.

The British Betrayed Us
In response to the numerous petitions and demonstrations carried out in front of the British Embassy in Brussels by members of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, in Belgium, the British government, through the African and Commonwealth, office wrote to the SCNC distancing herself from the Southern Cameroons problem.
And now because of British betrayal Southern Cameroonians continue to suffer. La République arrests and detains SCNC militants fighting for their emancipation at will and with impunity. Recently 10 SCNC activists who had been detained for years were transferred to Bamenda, among them very old men - Philip Tete, 69, Simon Ngek Kwei, 62.

Click here to read the full petition delivered to the British Prime Minister.


 SCNC Delegation received at Belgians Ministry of Foreign affairs.



By Awungia Sylvester


A  delegation of  the  Southern Cameroons National Council  led  by Mr Morfaw Rene chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council  Belgium was on Thursday 29th June 2006 received in an audience by officials of  the Belgian ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels.

The delegation which comprised of Mbaku Mathais, Che A John, Awungia Sylvester, Korondo Daniel,Ndago  Joachim Tibi,Ngabe Kenneth, Mbe Elvis and Ndonfac Leopaul was received on behalf of the Minister foreign affairs  and Belgian government by Mr Eddy Weyens; Counsellor in charge of Sub-Sahara Africa, Mme Isabelle Maduda-Lukebamoko; Attaché in charge of Africa South of the Sahara, and Mme Caroline Vliegen. 

 A  delegation of  the  Southern Cameroons National Council  led  by Mr Morfaw Rene chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council  Belgium was on Thursday 29th June 2006 received in an audience by officials of  the Belgian ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels.

  In an opening statement, Mr Morfaw thanked the Belgian officials for the audience saying, “such audience in an extend  shows the fairness of the Belgian  government in the Southern Cameroons fight to statehood”. Morfaw recounted a visit by an SCNC delegation to the  Prime Ministry where they  met with Mr Johan Verkammen diplomatic adviser to the Prime Minister, who advised that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be briefed on the Southern Cameroons problems.

The meeting that lasted over 2 hours, had the SCNC delegation through photograph and maps exhibit the Southern Cameroons fight to Statehood. Morfaw produced a map of the Cameroons as a German colony which had both the Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroon as one country.


 Then  in a second map, which showed the defeat of Germany in the World war and the partition of Cameroons between the French and the British Government, the officials could clearly see the territorial boundaries of La Republique du Cameroun. “This territory had her independence on the 1st of January 1960, with her own  flag, currency, government and most importantly boundaries, She also became a member of the United nations without the Southern Cameroons. I should also say that Bakassi was not part of La Republique du Cameroun within this period” Morfaw reiterated.


 In a third Map, Morfaw showed  an independent and completely different state of Southern Cameroons, with her own territorial boundaries, political system,  language, culture, system of education all  different from that of La Republique du Cameroun.
(For the report in total - click here.)

 Click here to read the full petition delivered to the Belgium Foreign Minister.


Tumi Says Gov't Hospitals Are Badly Administered
Cameroon's lone Cardinal has said government hospitals are badly administered. He said there was no use going to a hospital where one could not find any medicine, not even quinine. 
There is so much embezzlement and stealing in the country, so you find hospitals without medicines…"

We Can See War Coming to Cameroon.
Archbishop of Douala says “enough is enough”
Our interest is that we can see war coming. If there will be civil war in this country one day it will be as a result of electoral fraud and people will arrive at a point and say enough is enough.Cameroon's lone Cardinal has said government hospitals are badly administered. He said there was no use going to a hospital where one could not find any medicine, not even quinine.

Cameroon seen losing all its doctors by 2009
YAOUNDE, Jun (Reuters) - Cameroon could lose all of its 3,000 practicing doctors within three years if the government does not act quickly to stem a brain drain in the health sector, the national doctors' association said on Friday. The West African country officially has about 3,000 practicing clinicians for its 17 million people but because they are clustered in towns and cities, rural areas are often left with one doctor for 40,000 inhabitants.

Street Children On The Increase In Douala
The number of street children in Douala, Cameroon's economic capital has attained an alarming proportion, administrative authorities have said.
If the authorities are getting worried about the increase in the number of street children, it is because of the rising crime wave in the city, involving many street children. These children mostly hang out in the busy commercial streets of Akwa during the day and sleep at the corridors of the commercial buildings in the night.

Amnesty International: 2006 Report - Cameroon
Human rights defenders under threat : Unlawful detention for sexual orientation :
Southern Cameroons National Council : Denial of freedom of expression : Harsh prison conditions :
Torture and ill-treatment : Violence against women : Death penalty : AI country visits 


The Doh Gah Gwanyin Saga: Lion in a CageConvicted murderer Fon of Balikumbat, Doh Gah Gwanyin - Is he feigning illness?
In his time, Doh Gah Gwanyin of Balikumbat suffered from delusions of his own grandeur. So much so that a kyrie of myths were created from the realities of the fellow’s deeds and misdeeds: the man murdered hapless villagers in Balikumbat; he shot and killed a gendarme officer and nobody cared; he trashed his own mother several times a month; he threw people down to their deaths from a precipice behind his palace in outback Balikumbat, etc.

Medic Confirms Fon Doh Is Sick
A medical doctor in Bamenda has confirmed that the jailed Fon of Balikumbat, Doh Gah Gwanyin is sick. This confirmation comes at the backdrop of suspicion that the Fon, who is serving a 15-year jail term for murder, is feigning illness. 

An independent electoral commission is essential for a just and sane society. Opposition parties hold that the Biya regime is resisting the idea with all its might.Commonwealth Insists On Independent Electoral Body
The head of a visiting team of Commonwealth of Nations experts for the establishment of a credible election management outfit in Cameroon, Joe Clark says an independent electoral commission is essential for a just and sane society.  Although government seems to be lending an ear to the Commonwealth on the need to create an independent electoral body in Cameroon, opposition parties hold that the Biya regime is resisting the idea with all its might.

World Bank Warns Against Misuse Of HIPC-I Funds
The country Director for Cameroon at the World Bank in Washington says the completion point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative, will mean nothing for Cameroon if the resources accruing from the debt relief programme are not well managed.

Every Franc Of HIPC Money Will Be Judiciously Spent - Inoni
Prime Minister Chief Ephraim Inoni vowed on June 22 that every franc accruing from Cameroon's debt relief fallouts will be transparently and judiciously managed to fight poverty and stir development in the country.  The signing ceremony that brought together over 17 French officials and almost all Cameroonian Ministers, marked a new kink in the Franco-Cameroonian Cooperation ties under the ambit of the French debt relief contract and development initiative, known in French as C2D.

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The Police: Slavery and Sexual Barbarism in Victoria and Buea.

Sent: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 12:52:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [fakonet] Commandant Mefire, Police Sexual Exploitation, Kalle Kalle and Ritual Murder in Buea.

The Buea police has an anti gang unit called GMI. In theory this is supposed to be an elite team of highly trained gang busters moving to disable organised crime syndicates all over Fako. Alas the story of the team is very sad if not frightening. On Saturday and Sunday last, the Buea GMI swooped down on Limbe with a vengeance around midnight and arrested more than thirty people who were crammed into the GMI bus and transported to Buea like slaves during the slave trade. Their offence: they were caught without identity cards or even when they had identity cards, they were transported to Buea so that the customary bribe of 10,000 francs could be extracted from them. Kalle Kalle with all its abuses and violations of human rights , a fixture of the Ahidjo days, has returned to Fako with a vengeance. Are we moving backwards or forwards?

Among the arrested persons were 16 girls. These girls were arrested in Limbe mainly on the basis of personal beauty. Arresting people without ID cards was not the objective as even beautiful girls who had ID cards were arrested and transported to Buea where they were given a choice : sex with a policemen and immediate release or detention in the prison cell and release two days later after a payment of 10,000 francs or more. Mefire made the first pick of the sixteen girls arrested by the Buea GMI , with Mefire taking an active part in the game, ten succumbed to the blackmail had sex with the policemen on Sunday night and were released. Six girls remained in the cell to be rescued by relations or parents over the next two days. No girl was raped, but ten were more or less compelled by indirect pressures to screw for their liberty!

Lowa la Ndeli Lowa la Gbwindeya ! Why do cameroonian girls place such a low value on their bodies? Ten succumbed some tearfully to this sexual blackmail. Mefire is a well-protected policeman who would have been dismissed long ago. He caused the release and escape from a police cell , of a notorious 419 criminal who had given him a bribe of millions He is well protected by the hierarchy and his greed and corruption go unpunished with impunity. He lives in a hotel and every time he wants to pay his hotel bills he sends a bus to Limbe to capture night strollers, prostitutes and beautiful girls. Is this the Cameroon of grand ambitions: a Cameroon of sexual exploitation by policemen? Do these men not have wives? What was the justification for this barbarian invasion of Victoria? A day before a colonel's car had been burgled in front of Limbe Palace one of the main flesh pots for Europeans in Victoria and in revenge the GMI invaded Limbe Palace arresting all the clients and tourists they found there. They then moved to Church Street and elsewhere and filled the bus up. What is the result of all this? The Limbe tourism and entertainment business has crumbled overnight. Kribi continues to grow while the GMI is killing Limbe. Meanwhile, while Mefire and his boys are screwing of their arses, Buea in which the GMI is based, is shrouded in fear.

Buea in recent times has witnessed severe ritual murders . In the mornings the Buea population has often awoken to find grisly corpses whose penises have been sliced off lying about on the many unpaved side roads of the provincial capital. In short ritual murder is on and the once peaceful historic capital of Cameroon, is becoming a ghost town as doors of houses are closed at 7 pm. Would it not have been better for this undisciplined police officer , unable to give proper direction to his boys, to concentrate on solving the problem of ritual murder which is rampant in Buea? Is this the Cameroon of grand ambitions? Where are the women who can step in to intervene to protect Cameroonian womanhood from being cheapened? Where is Dr Mrs Njeuma, Madame Burnley Mme Meboka and the Assosciation of Female Jurists and Human Rights groups? Where are the female magistrates? Lucy Ashu Agbor, the president of the court of appeal? Where is Mrs Fomenky? Where is Chantal Biya?



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Photographs Wanted ($200 US each)

We are still missing a few “Shame File” photos. In the interest of seeing that none of these crooks escape under the Hall of Shame radar, we decided to double the incentive to (US $200). Barrister Mbi (Solomon Chambers) is still hiding in Kumba for some lucky photographer, (snapped!). The last I knew, the SGBC Manager (snapped) & Assistant Manager were both at the Limbe SGBC branch. As for the Chief of Territorial Surveillance in Buea, he is a large Bayangi man and was there in 2002 / 2003 (Governors Office building). He can be identified by Inspector Enow Stephen Etengeneng of Buea Judicial Police. Further helpful information on these “Shame File Fugitives” locations can be requested by contacting me at the address below. Photos must be of similar quality to those used in previous shame files. Good luck with the snapping. If you can send me a photograph of any of those people listed below, and it is published on the shame file, a payment of $200 US shall be made to the sender. The personal details of any senders shall remain completely confidential and shall be known only to myself. Photos can be forwarded to

Why not get some cash and at the same time let me expose them for their corrupt ways?

Like I said, “This is your site too”.


SGBC, Limbe. Assistant Manager - Francois Ngouania.

Chief of Territorial Surveillance, Buea. (Governors Office - large Bayangi man)


Photograph Caption


Which African Dictator owns more planes than his country's national airline?

a) Omar Hassan El-Bashir of Sudan?
b) Afewerki Issayas of Eritrea?
c) King Mswati of Swaziland?

d) Paul Biya Bi Vondo of Cameroon?

e) Omar Bongo of Gabon?

The Boeing 767-200, bought from a Saudi Arabian Prince, is plaited inside with gold and diamond.

Paul Biya Buys New plane!
President Paul Biya has acquired another aeroplane, Boeing 767-200 to replace the bedevilled Albatross which he bought last year. The Boeing 767-200, bought from a Saudi Arabian Prince, is plaited inside with gold and diamond.

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Investor’s Corner


Click here to read Post News magazine.Haunted by a Coup Plot
Two weeks ago, the minister in charge of planning and regional development and long time ally of President Paul Biya, Augutin Frederick Kodock, sounded the alarm. Kodock announced that details about a plan by regime insiders to topple the president were already known.
A grave expression on his face, the minister declared that there were ongoing sinister maneuvers in the murky corridors of power by conspirators of a particular ethnic group to unconstitutionally maintain power. Although he neither mentioned names nor the ethnic group, it was a thinly veiled reference to corrupt power brokers from Biya’s Beti clan.


Strike grounds 'Air Maybe'
Yaounde - Both aircraft belonging to Cameroon Airlines (Camair) remained on“Air Maybe”, ready for takeoff?  “Air Maybe-Not” the tarmac at the airport of Douala, 250km west of the capital Yaounde, on Friday, as a strike by pilots and cabin staff entered its fifth day. The airline is also known as "Air Maybe" because of its legendary delays.
The company is bankrupt and the Cameroonian government, which has a 96% stake in the company, is looking for an operator to take a majority share in the firm to replace it.

Fraud, Corruption Uncovered In Agriculture Ministry
International NGO, Citizens Association for the Defence of Collective Interests, known by its French acronym as ACDIC, on June 22 unveiled what it called sickening mismanagement and embezzlement of state funds in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, MINADER. 
The budget of the Agriculture Ministry which is supposed to be used to boost production, goes into private pockets, through shady deals and other acts of corruption.

Another investor topples to the relentlessness of corruption & tribalism.Gov't Pays FCFA 5 Billion To Ghost Workers Monthly
The census of civil servants across the country has begun revealing huge fraud in the public service, enabling government to retrieve FCFA 5 billion hitherto paid to ghost workers every month. The state was paying huge sums of money as pension to some 9000 people who did not exist.

Provisional Administrator Battles With Post Office Crisis
Protest against the non-refund of customers' savings has blighted efforts by the Provisional Administrator of the Cameroon Postal services, CAMPOST, Charles Tawamba, to regain customers' confidence.
According to government sources, auditors were hired after the authorities faulted CAMPOST internal auditing that put the money owed customers at FCFA 100 billion.

State Of Cameroon In Court With 7 Giant CompaniesForeign Investor warning sign.  Don’t say you weren’t warned!
I am amazed about what is happening in Cameroon. Small businesses have all been killed with too much tax and apparently that's not enough.....they are also killing large ones via such un-profound accusations.
These are companies employing millions of Cameroonians. I will rather prefer they fraud to employ Cameroonians to put food on the table for their families...than to pay customs money that goes to foreign bank accounts of specific people in the government.
(Reader’s comment)

Next Months Newsletter.

August Newsletter - "The best of Popol Edition"

Shame File - S.G.B.C Manager Ndoumbe Lottin. (Douala Branch)

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my personal thanks to the many subscribers who actively participated in the development of the newsletter, by either sending material, forwarding the newsletter, or just by visiting the website and reading the material. The newsletter continues to grow from strength to strength, and I’m looking forward to this next year and the opportunity to use the experience gained through the last 12 months to develop the newsletter into something more substantial in the fight against corruption and injustice! S.G.B.C. (Douala branch) Manager Ndoumbe Lottin.  Next months “Shame File”.There just never seems enough time or space to cover all our projects each month, just a prioritized list that sees us slowly shuffle the important matters to the top of the heap. Campost & the Post office savings bank has become a priority next month, (that’s if Post Office Bank customers haven’t burnt all the branches to the ground in frustration at their losses). Maybe all the money fell into a Swiss bank account?

Next month we'll also begin putting up for viewing, some simple pieces of evidence that have been before the Fako High Court in my own pending matter. It will show the callous theft and corruption that is spread throughout the court, and guaranteed to scare any investor from attempting to conduct business with such lawlessness in the Cameroon judiciary.

Till next month,  Take care,  Glenn              

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