Appeal Court

The court papers shown in this directory, show how easily 7 months work, that includes my testimony of 11 and 1/2 hours and 5 hours of cross-examination, as well as the testimony of 7 witnesses is thrown out of court by lies told against a judge accusing him of curruption by Barrister Eno Charles Agbor and Enow Brillian Ayuk. If this is justice in the courts of the Southwest Province, then they should do everyone a favour and close their doors. (The President of the High Court, Justice Mokwe, has since been transferred and demoted after being removed from continuing to sit on the matter in Court).

A volume of evidence and the testimony of 7 witnesses is ignored by the Appeals Court. Cameroonians who were well informed about the matter went into shock for days after the Appeals Court handed down its ruling. Nobody even asked that the ficticous witness be named! Make up a witness, tell a few more lies and have a judge removed. Hmmmm. (See main page-Chronology: The courts of the Southwest Province)

Affidavit-(Recusing A Judge-Corruption) 15.3.2002

Affidavit-Justice  Mokwe - President of The High Court

Affidavit-Attorney General

Affidavit-Glenn William Wilson

Appeals Court Ruling. (27.5.2002)

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