A Second Attempt at Justice - 10/04/03   to   24/05/03


10/04/03 -  Arrived at Douala Airport, Cameroon.


11/04/03 -  I received a copy of a newspaper article, (2 pages – Front &              second) that was written by a Bayangi Chief (Bisong Etahoben), claiming that I was an International Criminal and had bought off the Cameroon Judiciary, and had been allowed to “Flee” the country with the assistance of officials in Yaounde, after the protest at the American Embassy. (See Newspaper Articles).


13/04/03 – A court witness who gave testimony during the 1st hearing was seriously threatened and intimidated at a local drinking spot.


15/04/03 – Meeting with the South West Attorney General. This meeting was to inform the Attorney General that I would be appearing in the High Court the following day. There were discussions regarding the newspaper article and a copy was handed to the Attorney General.


16/04/03 – High Court of Buea.  After a 2-hour wait, I was called to the Judges chambers (Madam Chibili) and told that the matter was adjourned till the 6/05/03.


20/04/03 – I was informed that the High Court had issued a 50,000cfa fine against me for not appearing at the High Court on the 16/04/03. I then chose to again, petition the Minister for Justice and bring up the concerns as to how the Court was acting and also the newspaper article.


22/04/03 - A petition is lodged at the Minister of Justice’s office in Yaounde. (See Petition to the Minister of Justice – 20/04/2003). A meeting is also held at the Canadian High Commission, regarding the Petition and the newspaper article.


24/04/03 – A copy of the Petition is lodged at the Office of the National Security Director in Yaounde.


29/04/03 – A copy of the Petition is delivered to the Secretary General in the Governor’s Office in Buea. A copy is also delivered to the Office of the Attorney General.


4/05/03 -  Meeting at Plot 67 with the tenant, (Nkouah Alex Ekoma). Barrister Eno had been threatening the tenants for payment of rent. An attempt to sell the property to 3 whites, using the title documents held by the High Court had been made in my absence. A lower Court, (The Court of 1st Instance, Limbe) had supplied a “Notice to Quit” to Enow Ayuk as a means to illegally obtain rents from the tenant.  Barrister Eno received approx 500,000cfa from the tenant by this means.  Nkouah Alex Ekoma and his family later quit the property due to all the harassment from Eno Law Chambers. I receive copies of the documentation showing all the above. Nkouah Ekoma (Special Branch Police) and his wife supply phone numbers to be contacted by the Attorney General.


06/05/03 – High Court of Buea. Again the matter was held in the Judge’s chambers. At the start, I requested to make a statement to the Court. I accused Judge Madam Chibile of being corrupt and that documents before her had been used in an attempt to sell a property that I purchased. I also stated that I would be using the record of the Court proceedings before Madam Chibile as well as 3 witnesses and supporting documentation as my evidence. Judge Madam Chibili then made a ruling, saying that she had no interest in the matter and would be removing herself from hearing it, and that the case would be assigned to another Judge.  She refused to defend herself against these serious claims.


06/05/03 – Arrested. After leaving the court grounds, I was promptly arrested and taken to the State Counsel Office, Buea.  I was detained for 3 hours at the orders of Judge Madam Chibili and released after the intervention of the Canadian High Commission.  I was never given a reason the arrest and it generated no paperwork. I only saw this as further intimidation by these lawless conspirators.


07/05/03 - Traveled to Yaounde where a meeting was held with the Secretary General in the Justice Dept.  The newspaper article, the petition and the recent accusation of the Judge being corrupt were discussed.  These same topics were then discussed at a meeting with the President of the Appeals Court in Yaounde.


08/05/03 – Malaria.   Hospitalized for 2 days in Limbe.


15/05/03 -  Typhoid.


20/05/03 – A meeting between opposing counsels is held at my request in an attempt to resolve the matter.  Barrister Eno Charles Agbor claims he will use a statement given to him by Territorial Surveylance Officers.  The statement is false and shows conspiracy between SGBC Bank, Territorial Surveylance & Barrister Eno.  Having no further funds and being physically not well, I prepare to leave Cameroon.  I sign documents giving complete Power of Attorney to Eugene Paul Maput (my friend who was previously attacked) so that the matter may continue in my absence.


24/05/03 – Departed Cameroon for Australia.


01/08/03 – Barrister Eno Charles Agbor is sent a letter requesting that he withdraw from the matter by the 18/08/03 and there will be no further action.


28/08/03 – Letter to the President of Cameroon.  A 2nd letter is sent requesting that the President intervene and resolve this matter. This letter is circulated to 17 International bodies. (See Letter to the President 28/08/03).


06/10/03 - High Court of Buea.  Appearance 47.


16/10/03 – High Court of Buea. Appearance 48


07/11/03 – High Court of Buea. Appearance 49


13/11/03 – High Court of Buea. Appearance 50.

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