Chronology 2


The Courts of the South West Province, Cameroon.


High Court of Buea.


16/08/2001 - Papers filed for Divorce, High Court of Buea.


31/08/2001 - Day 1, Adjourned.  Reply papers are lodged at the Court and

                      the matter is adjourned until Tuesday 4th of September.


04/09/2001 - Day 2, Adjourned.  Opposing Barrister, Eno Charles Agbor

                      claims that because the power went of yesterday, his papers

                      are not ready.  I am advised that the matter of "An accelerated

                      hearing & return of the documents" will be heard on the 11th of



08/09/2001 - Death Threats,  (See Main Page - Complaints). That Enow

                      Brillian Ayuk was hiring armed robbers to kill her white man



10/09/2001 - Death Threats,  (See Main page - Complaints).  That I would

                      be killed at Court the following day.


11/09/2001 - Day 3, After a 5 hour wait we ended up in the Court.  Barrister

                      Eno wanted the 4WD to be taken from me, and that the money

                      in the bank, (Now in an account in my name) be blocked and

                      that the income from the taxis go to Enow Brillian Ayuk.

                      Barrister Eno also requested that I pay support to Brillian & 2

                      of her children. I couldn't say anything, while Barrister Eno told

                      lies. There was much sniggering going on from the gallery, and

                      a large support group had come to the Court to intimidate Kelvin

                      & myself.  The Judge decided that the Court will attend the

                      house at Bobende for Brillian to remove her possessions, and

                      that a ruling will be given on the cars & money after this.  I am

                      informed that both parties have to pay the Court 100,000cfa

                      each for the Court to attend the house at Bobende. Barrister

                      Eno stated that Brillian needs to keep the documents

                      she took from the house to defend herself in this matter.


13/09/2001 - Day 4, Bobende. After meeting in town, 3 vehicles came to the

                      compound at Bobende. Present were the Judge and a female
                      Court Registrar, Barrister Eno & a female Lawyer, Brillian and

                      her brother Collins. For myself, present was Kelvin, Barrister

                      Sone and Lawyers Mettugi & Mparko. The Judge then

                      requested that Brillian remove her property from the house. 

                      With the assistance of Collins, she did this.  After the property

                      was placed on the balcony, Brillian's key was returned to me.

                      The 3 vehicles then traveled to SGBC Bank where a meeting

                      was held in the manager's office.  The Judge requested to know

                      if money had been removed from the joint account since the 5th

                     of August.  When the manager asked a staff member to bring                          

                     the joint account file to the Office, she returned and placed a file

                     with my new account details on the table.  Barrister Eno quickly

                     wrote down the account details, before the Manager asked the

                     staff member to bring the correct file. (We later learnt that the

                     Manager had been offered 1 million cfa to do this). I was in

                     shock.  The answer was "yes", money had been removed.  I had

                     already told the Court that on the 13th of August, after having a

                     soldier point a gun at me, that I removed 10 million cfa and

                     placed it in an account in my name.  The Judge received a copy 

                     of the joint account statement and now must be aware that

                     Barrister Eno had submitted a falsified document to the Court. A

                     fraud of 3.5 million cfa. (I was now forced to return to the Bank

                     withdraw the funds from the new account).  I was told that I

                     would be advised when the ruling was ready.


20/09/2001 - Day 5, Justice Mokwe's Chambers.  The Ruling stated that I

                      would retain the 4WD for my own security and that I be

                      custodian of the money until the Court decides.  We're hoping

                      that the 2 taxis will be given back to the drivers in a couple of

                      days, with the monies to be paid to the Court. At the next

                      appearance testimony will begin.  The Ruling also stated that

                      the matter is to be accelerated.


27/09/2001 - Day 6, Adjourned.  Justice Mokwe was bereaved and hadn't

                      been able to return from the village due to heavy rains.

                      When Counsels go to take a next date, Barrister Eno claims

                      that he doesn't have a day available until December. Finally

                      the decision is left for the Judge to make when he returns.

                      Barrister Eno complained about me being a white man and

                      correct procedure being followed.


04/10/2001 - Day 7, High Court.  At 10.45am I entered the witness box

                      and began to give my testimony.  At 4pm the Judge halted

                      proceedings for the day. The matter is to continue on the11th of

                      October.  I'd stood there speaking for 5 hours without a break

                      and was very tired.


11/10/2001 - Day 8, Adjourned.  After waiting for 4 hours for the matter to

                      continue, Barrister Eno says that he is feeling sick and the

                      matter is adjourned till the following day.  That afternoon

                      Barrister Eno attended a football match at the Buea stadium.


12/10/2001 - Day 9, High Court.  At 11am I entered the witness box and

                      stayed there until my testimony was finished at 4.15pm.I was

                      very hungry and thirsty during the last couple of hours and was

                      glad to finish, (A total of 11 hours of testimony)




18/10/2001 - Day 10, Adjourned.  Pupil Barrister Mbianyor informed the

                      Court that Barrister Eno was bereaved and asked for a date

                      to be taken. The 24th of October was agreed.


24/10/2001 - Day 11, High Court.  I am cross-examined by Barrister Eno

                      Charles Agbor for 3 hours.  After 2 hours he is shuffling

                      papers and not knowing what to ask, because each

                      question he asks results in further information about the

                      activities of Enow Brillian Ayuk coming out. After 3 hours

                      the Judge adjourns the matter until the 6th November

                      because a Minister is due in Buea.


06/11/2001 - Day 12, High Court.  After a 3-hour wait, I spend another 2

                      hours in the witness box.  Barrister Eno has failed to discredit

                      my testimony in any way. (After 15 hours in the witness box,

                      my story has been told in detail).  The 1st witness, "American"

                      gives testimony for 1 hour before Barrister Eno decided that he

                      wished to adjourn before cross examining the witness.  The

                      date of 14th November is agreed on.


14/11/2001 - Day 13, Adjourned.  After a 3 hour wait, I am informed that

                      the matter has been adjourned till 16th November.  There was

                      no appearance from opposition Counsel.


16/11/2001 - Day 14, Adjourned.  Pupil Barrister Mbianyor tells the Court

                      that Barrister Eno is attending a criminal matter in Tiko, which

                      is on its last date.  Mbianyor also makes excuses about not

                      appearing on the 14th, saying that they were at a swearing in

                      ceremony.  My Counsel pointed out to the Court that there

                      were no criminal matters in Tiko today, and that Mbianyor is

                      lying about the whereabouts of Barrister Eno.  It was then

                      discussed, accusations that Barrister Eno had made against

                      the Court Registrar, saying that she had an interest in the

                      matter. A date of the 20th November is set for the matter to



20/11/2001 - Day 15, High Court. Witness "American" is cross-examined

                      for 1 hours, and again Barrister Eno fails to discredit any of

                      the testimony. The 2nd witness, Gendarme Brigade Commander,

                      Evaristus Ngong Bhumbi gives 1 hour of testimony.  Barrister

                      Eno fails again to discredit any of the testimony.  When the

                      Brigade Commander was finished, the matter was adjourned

                      till 27th November.


27/11/2001 - Day 16, Adjourned.  After a 3 hour wait, I am informed that the

                      matter has been adjourned.




30/11/2001 - Day 17, Adjourned.  We appeared at the Court at 10.15am, to

                      find that the matter was adjourned, and Barrister Eno was

                      leaving the premises.  The Court apologized that the matter

                      was so quickly adjourned, but said that they thought my

                      Counsel was bereaved.


07/12/2001 - Day 18, Adjourned.  At 11am, before the Court, Pupil Barrister

                      Mbianyor stated that Barrister Eno was bereaved and he didn't

                      know where Enow Brillian Ayuk was.  The matter was adjourned

                      to the 11th December.


11/12/2001 - Day 19, Adjourned.  The Court didn't sit today because the

                      Judges were having a meeting about transfers.  The matter

                      was given a date of 13th December.


13/12/2001 - Day 20, High Court.  At 10.30am the matter started in the

                      Court.  My next witness gave testimony that on many

                      occasions he'd procured Brillian's services as a prostitute

                      for the seamen arriving at Sonara refinery.  His information

                      was too detailed to be refuted under cross-examination.

                      Barrister Eno's cross-examination lasted 1 minute, as he stated              

                      that the witness was a liar.  The next witness gave testimony for

                      1 hour, giving detailed descriptions of the activities of Brillian &

                      her boyfriend Eugene Kankou.  The witness was the best friend

                      of Eugene Kankou. This witnesses testimony exposed the

                      conspiracy by several people to steal my property.  Barrister

                      Eno was useless in his cross examination and said nothing

                      other than to call the witness a liar.  The 3rd witness for the day

                      was Lawyer Mettugi, who was present in the Attorney General's

                      office on the day that Brillian was detained, (20th August). 

                      Barrister Eno became very angry and kept making racist

                      comments to the Court about white men. When Barrister Eno

                      finished his cross-examination, a date was taken.  Barrister Eno

                      claimed that he needed 6 weeks off.  I thought that the date

                      taken was the 21st December and walked onto the Court

                      balcony with Kelvin.  The Court broke into an uproar with

                      everyone on their feet yelling.  Opposing Counsels were

                      accusing each other of using Juju (Black Magic) on each other.

                      It turned out that the date taken by the Court was the 31st of

                      January. An incident then happened in the Court grounds,

                      where Barrister Eno attempted to hit Kelvin & I with his 4WD

                      in front of 20 witnesses. (Merry Xmas).  A complaint was lodged

                      at the Office of the Attorney General, over this incident.

                      (See Main page - Complaint)







31/01/2002 - Day 21, Chambers of Justice Mokwe. 2 witnesses give

                      testimony today, SGBC Bank & Titus Kono.  Evidences handed

                      to the court by the Assistant Bank Manager showed that falsified

                      documents had been tendered to the court by Barrister Eno.

                      The Assistant Bank manager was a hostile witness & his verbal

                       testimony contained several obvious falsehoods.  Titus Kono

                       then gave testimony that implicated Enow Brillian Ayuk in

                       death threats that had been made.  Barrister Eno's cross

                       examination went nowhere, though he stated that the whole

                       death threat business was a fabrication.  Titus Kono came

                       across as a genuine & honest witness. (A letter from the

                       Attorney General to the President of the High Court refuted

                       Barrister Eno's allegation that the threats were a fabrication).

                       At this time the Court was adjourned till the14th of February.


14/02/2002 - Day 22, High Court.  At 10am we were called into the Court

                      where the Judge complained to Barrister Eno about the delays

                      being caused and the excuses given.  My Counsel submitted a

                      "Motion to Annul" to the Court.  Barrister Eno had been served

                      these papers 7 days previously, but refused that he had been

                      served them.  2 witnesses were brought into the Court (Court

                      Registrars) who both said that they witnessed the papers

                      being given to Pupil Barrister Mbianyor.  Pupil Barrister

                      Mbianyor stated that he'd never received them.  The Judge

                      then spoke about Barrister Mbianyor claiming that

                      yesterday Barrister Eno was in Court in Tiko and not available

                      to appear at High Court and that this was a falsehood.

                      Barrister Eno then erupted calling my Counsel a liar and then

                      repeatedly accused the Judge of being corrupt, before storming

                      out of the Court.  A 3rd Lawyer for opposition Counsel stated

                      that this matter could be taken to the Appeals Court.  My

                      Counsel then read the motion and requested that the taxis be

                      returned to the drivers and the money be lodged at the court.

                      A date for Ruling was given, 20th February.  This matter is dealt

                      with in detail in the Appeals Court Affidavits.  (See Main page -

                      Appeals Court)


20/02/2002 - Day 23, Adjourned.  Barrister Eno made no appearance at the

                      Court.  We were informed that the Judge was bereaved and the

                      matter had been adjourned till 1st March.


01/03/2002 - Day 24, Adjourned.  We were informed that there was a

                      Magistrates meeting on this day and the Court wouldn't sit.

                      A date of 4th March was given for the matter to continue.







04/03/2002 - Day 25, Justice Mokwe's Chambers.  Barrister Eno Charles

                      Agbor has lodged a petition recusing the Judge and the

                      matter goes to the Appeals Court on the 15th of March.

                      Barrister Eno states that Enow Brillian Ayuk doesn't want

                      Justice Mokwe to hear the matter because he is corrupt.

                      Barrister Eno denied that he was the one with a problem with

                      Justice Mokwe.  It was then explained to Barrister Eno that the

                      matter in the High Court should be completed first, and then

                      taken to the Appeals Court.  Barrister Eno stated that he was

                      following the wishes of Enow Brillian Ayuk.   



                                    APPEALS  COURT -  South West Province


15/03/2002 - Day 26, Adjourned.  I am advised that the President of the            

                      Court hasn't yet received the necessary paperwork, and the

                      matter is adjourned till the 27th of March.


27/03/2002 - Day 27, Adjourned.  I am informed that a submission from

                      the Attorney General is yet to be received, and the matter is

                      adjourned till  8th of April.


08/04/2002 - Day 28, Adjourned.  Present in the Chambers of Madam

                      Najeme (President of the Appeals Court) were 4 Judges &

                      12 Lawyers.  Barrister Eno was not there.  Pupil Barrister

                      Mbianyor stated that Barrister Eno hadn't been seen for 2

                      days and he didn't know his whereabouts.  The matter was then

                      adjourned till the 12th of April.


12/04/2002 - Day 29, Adjourned.  Again present in the President Chambers

                      were 4 Judges & 12 Lawyers.  Barrister Eno claimed that he 

                      had not received the Affidavit from Justice Mokwe.  The

                      Barrister representing Justice Mokwe stated that in front of all

                      present on the 8th of April, Pupil Barrister Mbianyor had agreed

                      that he had received the affidavit.  No proof of service could be

                      found and the matter was adjourned till the 22nd of April.


22/04/2002 - Day 30, Presidents Chambers.  Over a 4 hour period all

                      parties presented their case. Barrister Eno brought no

                      witnesses and the matter was adjourned for Ruling on the

                      24th of May 2002.


24/05/2002 - Day 31, Adjourned.  During a short hearing in Madam

                      Najeme's Chambers, she informed me that the Ruling was

                      not yet completed and it would be read on the 27th of May.

                      In the days leading up to this I was reliably informed that

                      the ruling was completed and would be handed down on

                      this day.  Present in the Chambers on this day was Ketuanze

                      Jacob, (Deputy State Counsel, Limbe) with a large case file on

                      this matter in his hands.  (I should have realized what would

                      happen next).


27/05/2002 - Day 32, President's Chambers.  A lengthy Ruling is read

                      supporting material from the Attorney General, Justice Mokwe &

                      myself and stating that this procedure cannot be used to

                      achieve the aims of delaying a case.  The final paragraph of the

                      then states that The President of the High Court is removed

                      the matter and it is to begin at the start with a new Judge.

                      People that are well versed on the matter go into shock for

                      days.  The matter is handed to a Junior Judge (Madam Chibili).

                      The President rules that the matter is accelerated.

                      (See Main page - Appeals Court Ruling)



         High Court of Buea,  Madam Chibili.


18/07/2002 - Day 33, Chambers.  It took 6 weeks to get the matter to a

                      point where a date was given.  On this day at the request of my

                      Counsel we were given 2 full days to hear testimony.  The dates

                      Of 31st of July & 1st of August were given.


31/07/2002 - Day 34, High Court.  I was sworn in and began to give

                      testimony from the witness box.  After giving 3 minutes of

                      testimony, I'm interrupted by Pupil Barrister Mbianyor causing

                      a problem about the service of papers.  Barrister Eno then

                      appears and continues the argument and 30 minutes later

                      Madam Chibili adjourns the Court to make a ruling.  The

                      Ruling is to be handed down on the 2nd of August.  2 days of

                      Court time are thrown out after 30 minutes!


02/08/2002 - Day 35, Madam Chibili's Chambers.  A ruling is given that

                      Enow Brillian Ayuk has 7 days to reply to a motion that they

                      received over 6 months ago.  The Court sets a date of the

                      14th of August for the matter to continue.


14/08/2002 - Day 36, Madam Chibili's Chambers.  This time I only got as

                      far as standing up, before being told to sit down.  Barrister

                      Eno Charles Agbor brought up more argument over the

                      previous Ruling of Madam Chibili.  My Counsel asked for the

                      Ruling to be made so that the matter could continue today.

                      Madam Chibili Adjourned the Court for Ruling on the 23rd of



23/08/2002 - Day 37, Madam Chibili's Chambers.  Madam Chibili reads a

                      lengthy Ruling that is incongruous and adjourns the Court

                      for the matter to continue on the 10th of September.


10/09/2002 - Day 38, Adjourned.  I am informed by the Attorney General

                      that Madam Chibili is in Bamenda and won't be attending the

                      Court.  A date is to be taken?  I finally got a date of 2nd October.


02/10/2002 - Day 39, Adjourned.  Madam Najeme (President of the Appeals

                      Court) has recently died in London, so the Court doesn't sit

                      today.  We are given a date of the 16th of October for the

                      matter to continue.


16/10/2002 - Day 40, Adjourned.  In Madam Chibili's Chambers I'm told

                      that the matter is again to be adjourned, due to funeral

                      arrangements for Madam Najeme.  Barrister Eno states that

                      I am a murderer & a terrorist and he is afraid to be in the same

                      room as me.  Thoroughly exhausted by the whole affair, I

                      request a lengthy adjournment to travel to Australia to regain my

                      health and see my family.  The matter is adjourned till 19th April



19/04/2003 - Day 41, ???????


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