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The Hall of SHAME!

Edition No:6    November 2005

Hall of Shame Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to expose those shameful people who think they can lie, cheat, steal and violate the principles of basic humanity and remain anonymous. As you are aware, my involvement with Cameroon began through the glazed eyes of a tourist. After a sham marriage and the loss of my life savings to the corrupt judiciary, I now see the plight of Cameroonians through much clearer eyes. It is through fiercely protected anonymity, by those involved, that corruption heads down its unbending path. These are the same people sitting in the pew next to you in church on Sundays, who are stealing the food from your mouth and your children’s education on Mondays. I say, lets take a look at these people and let them enjoy the sleepless nights that they inflict upon others. Exposure of these peoples' acts of shame is the strongest tool to drive others away from these evil practices.

Is Cameroon so far down the toilet bowl of corruption that it is beyond help? I think not, but the fact that many wear their crimes as medals to their cleverness, and worse, that others aspire in the same way to achieve like goals is a mentality worthy of standing against.


Hall of Shame - Monthly newsletter

The next edition will be published on the 1st of  December 2005 and shall continue to arrive on the 1st of the month thereafter. If you wish to subscribe you can reply to and write SUBSCRIBE in the subject box. Each month once the newsletter is loaded onto the site you shall receive in your email inbox, a link to take you to the newsletter.



Please feel free to send your own corruption or injustice stories. Each month contributions highlighting the difficulties of those that may not have found the means to voice their issues will be considered. Of course I would need to check story validity depending on its contents, but we won’t be shying away from what needs to be said. Consider this your newsletter and within reason there shall be no censorship. Photos can be published also, if they enhance your tale. Its early days and may take a couple of editions to get into the flow of things, but no target is too big. My philosophy is fairly simple “A thief is a thief”. I don’t discriminate on age, colour, race or sex. I do request that you use this forum for the purpose it is intended. Thanks.

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From The Editors Desk

Dear Fellow Corruption Haters,

Thanks to the many readers, we’ve had another huge month. It’s all been smooth sailing from this end and the information has flowed with no hiccups from cyberspace. I did hear that the ride has been getting a bit bumpy for some of those we love to hate. (Maybe my Christmas present is coming early this year?) Anyway, we’ll just be getting on with the job till it’s finished.

My thanks to the two readers who wrote expressing concern for my welfare. They felt I might not have been prepared for the severity of a response from either Paul Biya or the likes of Société Generale (French Bank) if I continued to paint them in a poor light. I replied that I can only tell the truth and the continued response from those crooks has been to pull their head even further into their shells. Are they pretending to be turtles? If they want to send someone to visit me, they should let me know in advance, so I can collect them from the airport.

As for Mr Biya, I explained, he can’t speak English and certainly can’t read it! He probably doesn’t even know of this newsletter, and if he did, he can only look at all the pretty pictures.

Later I thought about the replies I’d given and realizedDear Paul Biya that it’s not fair of me to exploit Mr Biya’s lack of bi-lingualism. I thought, how could I get my message to Mr Biya and bridge our communication difficulties? Then it came to me, “find an image that expresses what I’m trying to say and send it to Mr Biya!” Please click on the letter Mr Biya; I hope this results in us having a clearer understanding of each other.

Lets keep on hammering away and shaming those thieves who steal from us. Have a great month everybody and all the best.   Glenn



Praise File #4

Paul Mapouth Eugene


Paul Mapouth Eugene

1949 - 2004

Sadly, while this months recipient is no longer with us in body, his spirit stands beside me as it has from the first time we met. This is no lament over a friend lost, but a homage to a character who’s attributes embodied all that is positive. As such “Uncle Paul’s” position alongside the likes of Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk, Cardinal Tumi & Ni John Fru Ndi is not out of place as a fine Cameroonian and a splendid citizen of humanity.

            Mr. Paul Mapouth Eugene was born in 1949 in Victoria to Pa Labep Eugene and Mama Emma Labep Eugene, both of blessed memory. He attended the Native Authority (NA) school Victoria. From there he gained admission into Sacred Heart College Mankon, Bamenda in 1964, obtaining his London G.C.E ‘O’ level in 1969. He then worked briefly for CDC, Tiko, as a junior field assistant. In July 1971 he left for CIAT Ngaoundere and came out as a marine officer in the Navy. After a truncated service in the navy he left for Nigeria. There he taught in Enuda High School, Imo State (now Abia State). In the course of time he went into business spanning the territories of Nigeria and Cameroon.

“Uncle Paul” the appellation affiliated to him till his demise was friendly, agreeable, humourous and singular in any crowd. He was a staunch supporter of Victoria United FC (OPOPO).

Luckily I’m writing the story of the 2 years “Uncle” and I spent together under extreme and stressful circumstances. To me he was a friend, mentor, educator & protector, who’s praises I sing to all who’ll listen. When I’m often asked about the type of people Cameroonians are, Uncle Paul is the person who comes to mind. He did his all to see that I returned safely to my family and that my experience in his country was balanced with positive aspects.


Tumi's Service To Humanity Rewarded.
His Eminence Cardinal Christian Tumi was on a six-day visit to Los Angeles, USA, recently, during which he was awarded an emblem in recognition of his services to humanity.


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My 2 Cents !


Money  Vs  Morals

There’s been a lot in the news lately about Africans from various nations crossing the Sahara to Morocco in the hope of reaching the Spanish mainland, only to be arrested and repatriated if they survive the ordeal. Cross the Sahara from a West African country? I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding!” What makes someone take such risks to reach a foreign country? Invariably any of these persons would prefer to live in their country with their family and amongst their culture, but with starvation, brutality, oppression and dictatorships being the reality of that life, I can understand how family members leave on these unfortunate missions in the hope that they can improve the lot of remaining family members. I doubt that few westerners could even begin to comprehend the predicament that most Africans find themselves in.

 I then switch my computer on to see an image of a starving African child as an advertisement to solicit funds,  (It was only after closely staring at the image, I realized it was a human child). I wondered if the organisations that peddle this type of emotional manipulation, took more responsibility for these starving children than to give them a meal while patting themselves on the back as good Samaritans? This type of blackmail is used to exploit kind hearted persons all over the world, but I wonder if the Aid business isn’t just corporate business seeking its own survival.

 If it were a business, there would be a few less than savoury moral dilemmas to consider. How could a successful business work on the premise that it continually uses a bandaid approach when it involves human life? (Now where have I heard that expression? Something like a concert?). Not the type of company policy that I’d get excited about. I always ask myself “Why do they feed and keep someone alive today while not offering an improvement in that persons future”. What is it to rescue the person today, while leaving them to the same scourges tomorrow or next year? That would sound more like an abuser than a saviour!

            What would we do if when diagnosed with cancer, the doctor prescribed ointment? We would accept nothing less than the tumour to be cut from our body or destroyed by chemotherapy.

            I guess the reality is that while western countries seek the natural resources in Africa, they’ll gladly participate or at least look the other way in human rights abuses. Africans are starved, beaten, killed, cheated and dehumanised every day through the likes of dictators & regimes impossible to remove, due to the support of rich 1st world countries who have no interest in the responsibility of human rights outside their own borders. My question to them would be, “What on earth could posses a person to cross the Sahara with just the clothes on his back?”

            To the European banks crammed with fake accounts containing Africa’s stolen life blood and the governments that support those dictatorships who’s only God is money, when your day of reckoning comes no matter how many Sundays you sat in church, your place is reserved in Hell.


"The two scourges (of corruption and poverty) feed off each other, locking their populations into a cycle of misery "

Peter Eigen, Transparency International


Crossing The Sahara Desert:Cameroonian Illegal Immigrant Recounts Ordeal.
Olivier Bea Yaus, 24, managed to elude attempts by authorities on half a continent to prevent a journey on foot which has taken him from his homeland, Cameroon, all the way to Madrid."Without God I would now be lying buried in the Sahara," says Olivier who has stared death in the eye on his long trip.


All the  best,   Glenn Wilson



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Shame File No:6

Name: Justice A.K. Nana

Residence: Buea

Aliases: Na wichi man


Justice A.K. Nana

Without doubt, the Fako Appeal Court is one of Cameroon’s most corrupt institutions. It’s not necessary to go any further than to use its own documentation to prove that point.

Appeal Court Affidavits

Justice Nana was one of three Judges who determined the removal of a High Court President, based on an imaginary witness. These Judge’s actions were displayed before the 12 Barristers & Lawyers who regularly attended the hearing. 

Appeal Court Chronology

These Judges should be immediately removed for their corrupt and unlawful conduct, but it seems that most have been promoted in some way.

 Foreigners and Cameroonians alike should be well advised to steer clear of this den of thieves and the Cameroon judiciary in general. The behaviours I saw in the courts was often no better than the thuggery of unintelligent and uneducated buffoons who were more concerned with juju and their own stomachs than anything that appeared to come from a civilised court. 

So that the matter is very clear, I accuse the three Appeal Court Judges who signed the ruling of being corrupt.
I also accuse Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob of corrupting the Appeal Court Judges.

Appeal Court Ruling

 I make these documents available for all to see the corruption and thievery that these judges participated in. Note that these same activities are promoted and rewarded by the countries ruling party, the CPDM and the President, Paul Biya.

Fako Appeal Court , Buea

Cameroon's Corrupt Judiciary!

Is This The World's Most Corrupt and Shameless Judiciary?

This song has a bikutsi rhythm.

Man wey no sabi callam Justice oh
But Nana no bi justice Ohhh
Iyoho, Nana no bi justice ohh, my brothers
Iyoho, Nana no bi justice ohh, my sisters


Appeal Court Buea no get justice yehe (High)
Appeal Court Buea no get justice yehe (Low)
Na soso wichi people, tif people hey (Low)
Na soso wichi people, tif people hey (Low)

Nana na wichi man oh oh
Massa for mami wata yeye
Nana go kill all man oh
Nana fat Belle for shit yeye


I beg wuna hear me yeh
I beg wuna hear me oh
Nana na wichi man eh yeh
Nana na wichi man eh yeh



Shame File No:5

Name: Justice Morfaw Chibili

Residence: Molyko

Aliases: High Court Priestess

              Chibili Mami Juju

              Chibili Mami Wata Messenger


Olumba Priestess Chibili

My experience with Justice Chibili in the Fako High Court is well documented through chronologies.  Though instructed to supply an accelerated hearing, Justice Chibili  played her delaying games with Barrister Eno Charles. 

Chronology # 2

During a six month adjournment I returned to Australia. When I returned to Cameroon I learnt that Chibili and Barrister Eno connived to sell the property I purchased to 3 whites.  On the 6th of May 2003 in Chibilis chambers I accused her of corruption. Chibili chose to stand down from the matter in court, rather than defend herself against the allegations.

Chronology # 3

I often wonder what hope there is for Cameroonians when people like Justice Chibili sit in judgement of them.  What country can allow a woman whose husband is a criminal to judge others? The husband embezzled money from the bank he was working in and fled to Nigeria when caught. It was through Chibili and her husbands Olumba Olumba connections that a bribe was paid to the appropriate authority and the husband returned to Cameroon with no further action taken. Justice Chibili still lives in her mansion built from monies embezzled from Cameroonians. Justice Chibili should just stay quiet and stay at home with her husband the thief.

"Justice Chibili, I look forward to the day I supply my evidence against you. Cameroon courts will continue to be sick while it employs useless people like you."

If anyone would like to view the thiefs mansion, you can visit. Head down the hill from Buea to Molyko. Turn left at Bonavanda road ( towards Bokova - Musonge's village). After 30 metres, turn right at the road that runs behind the shops. Follow this road for 500 metres until you reach a cluster of 5 houses. The mansion in the middle was built with the money the husband stole. Then phone Justice Chibili on her mobile: 9972741 and ask her to come out and greet you. Dont forget to give her my greetings from Australia, when you see her.

Chibili chop my money run
Chibili eh eh eh
Chibili weti I do you
Chibili eh eh eh
Chibili one day na one day
Chibili eh eh eh
Chibili Olumba Olumba
Chibili eh eh eh
Chibili drink people their blood
Chibili eh eh eh
Chibili which kana religion be that
Chibili eh eh eh
Chibili I say take your time
Oh take you time
Chibili carry church for head
Chibili carry people for heart
Chibili eh eh eh
Na weti be man ney na weti be this world eh?
Shame shame shame oh, shame shame shame oh.

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Shame File No:4

Name: Ketuanze Jacob

Residence: Limbe / Mamfe

Aliases: Fey Magistrate,

               Mamfe Mafia,

             Jigger Foot.



Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob.


Is it true that Ketuanze Jacob is now the President of the Court in Mamfe? God help Manyu!

 Finally I get my chance to speak openly to the person who tried to have me jailed and deported while I was still sick from being poisoned, so as to steal my savings. You involved yourself with soldiers accosting me with rifles at SGBC bank for a second attempted theft and then had your bail & bond boy illegaly released from jail, for organizing this shameful and dangerous incident. Then miraculously all the documents disappear from your office. You then interfered in the matter before the Fako Appeals Court that ended with the removal of the Court President (Justice Mokwe) on false allegations of corruption by fictitious witnesses, etc, etc, etc.  I hope you are proud of yourself!

Ketuanze Jacob – Investigations

             I heard that you threatened to jail me if I returned to Cameroon, because I posted your picture on the web.  Let me tell you thief Ketuanze, its people like you who scare away investors and cause great hardships to Cameroonians. I will post photos of you on the net anytime I choose. I shall also print the stories of other Cameroonians who have suffered from your thievery. Just like Barrister Eno, your true justice is coming in the detailed descriptions of your crimes in my book on corruption in Cameroon.  In any country other than Cameroon, I hold enough evidence to see you jailed for a long time, but what does the Cameroon Government do? Promote you of course!

Your actions clearly show why any foreign investor should stay clear of Cameroon, with a Government that nurtures thieves and criminals like you in its judicial system. How is your small bagman from Limbe? (Robert Agbor Toko). Many of those victims to whom you sent Agbor Toko to collect your ill-gotten monies, have sent me their stories. How is your criminal dealing with SGBC Bank going?  Maybe you have brought too much shame this time and the Government will give you your justice; Cameroon style!  If not, I shall keep reminding them that there is a thief in their midst.

Further Info on Ketuanze Jacob.

Ketuanze you are the osu I have been waiting for
Ketuanze you are the osu
Ketuanze you are the osu
Ketuanze, you are the osu I have been waiting for
You are the badluck magistrate.
Ketuanze you are the mfigong I have been waiting for
Ketuanze you are the mfigong
Ketuanze you are the mfigong
Ketuanze, you are the mfigong I have been waiting for
You are the fey magistrate.
Ketuanze you are the mbutucku I have been waiting for Ketuanze you are the mbutucku
Ketuanze you are the mbutucku
Ketuanze, you are the mbutucku I have been waiting for
You are the langa magistrate.
Na weti be man ney na weti be this world eh?
Shame shame shame oh, shame shame shame oh.


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Photographs Wanted ($100 US each)

I am seeking good quality photographs for future editions of the shame file. If you can send me a photograph of any of those people listed below, and it is published on the shame file, a payment of $100 US shall be made to the sender. The personal details of any senders shall remain completely confidential and shall be known only by myself. Photos can be forwarded to Maybe even one or two of those listed has caused you or your family some grievance? Why not get some cash and at the same time let me expose them for their corrupt ways?
Like I said, “This is your site too”.


SGBC, Limbe. Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin.

SGBC, Limbe. Assistant Manager - Francois Ngouania.

Justice J. F. Fonkwe - Fako Appeals Court Judge. Buea

Justice A. K. Nana received with thanks.

Justice Lebong Morfaw Chibili received with thanks.

Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob – received with thanks.

Barrister Eno Charles Agbor received with thanks.

Barrister Tanyi Mbianyor received with thanks.

Barrister Mbi – Solomon Chambers, Kumba.

Chief of Territorial Surveillance, Buea. (Governors Office - large Bayangi man)

Robert Agbor Toko - Limbe. ( Investigations - Robert Toko)

Eugene Kankou- New Town, Limbe. (Investigations - Eugene Kankou)



NEWS - November 2005

Inoni's Latest 419 Prey.

P.M Inoni's latest 419 prey is the American's Parker Transnational Industries, LLC stalked by Government trickery to run the Urban Transport System in Cameroon providing 13.5 billion out of the 20 with Chinese buses as well as to open an assembly plant and create jobs. A blasted dream indeed.
Pro-government media outlets gave Don McMillian, Board of Director's Chairman and Joseph W Parker, Chief Executive Officer prominent coverage singing how investment friendly Cameroon is and free of corruption. Yet a corrupt judicial system, trickery and no laws to defend foreign investors remain the standard.
In the current annual survey on Corruption Perception by the Berlin -based Transparency International, Cameroon scored 2.2% on 10.
The US-based transportation company is certainly leaping into a thick marauding wolf-infested African dark forest in broad daylight. Infrastructurally, the bumpy roads are steadily potholing in leaps and bounds. Before Cameroon Sharks and Wolves have fed fat on American hard earned dollars, the Chinese buses will shudder to breakages as SOTUC went in the 1980s.
Curiously doomable and gloomable, the pre-incorporation agreement was signed with Dakole Daissala as Cameroon Transport Minister, who is excellent in stealing urban transport monies.


Buea University pooh-pooh Commonwealth's Democratic lessons

Don MacKinnon, Commonwealth Sec Gen has been pooh-poohed by UB Student Union and some Lecturers. This dismissal followed MacKinnon's call for the Cameroon Government to implement basic democratic processes like accountability, good governance, independence of the judiciary, decentralisation, Human Rights, free election management etc whose praxis and practicabilities are over 88% a farce.
Dr Bate Besong, Lecturer at UB said democracy is not something that can simply be lectured to the masses as Don MacKinnon came doing in Buea. MacKinnon was in Cameroon to receive Cameroon Gov't tele-awarded Doctorate Causa Degree in Political Science, which was conferred by UB.
While Higher Education Elites and Education Minister, Jacque Fame Ndongo pounded Commonwealth Scribe with praises, both Student Union and some lecturers wondered the benefit of Commonwealth Scholarship and where the Commonwealth human Rights axe went to when armed police killed two students in UB.
Concluded one Senior lecturer: ''MacKinnon's visit was just a formality because the Commonwealth goes against Heads of States and Governments only when the interest of the UK is at stake''. Cameroon admissibility into the Commonwealth has since remained a ridicule and injurious to most Anglophone Cameroonians, looked upon as second-class citizens.


Catholic Priest Summoned for SCNC Sermons

A Catholic priest in Kumbo Diocese has been issued verbal and written queries by the Bui Administrative Authorities accusing the man of God of sermonizing in favour of the SCNC in his church.
Rev. Father Peter Foleng said: ''If I were standing accused of faulting the GOVERNMENT on issues of social justice, then I stood guilty because that is my daily bread'' The Parish Priest added that when the Gospel prompts one to talk on social issues and the injustices, the Government of Cameroon calls it politics.
The Bui Administration copied North West Governor for immediate action. Many priests and Rev Sisters have been found dead in Cameroon, murdered under suspicious or mysterious circumstances.
ill Shiyntum


Letter To Commonwealth Secretary General.
“There were protests by this English-speaking people that are the very ingredients, which make a country palatable for admission. But the Francophone regime, whose interest, such an admission was to serve rather than that of these people (Southern Cameroonians), spiced the bait so much that the mouth of your predecessor watered and he closed his eyes and swallowed the hook, line and sinker“.


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Human Rights Issues

UN petitioned for Paul Biya to be tried for crimes against humanity!

SCNC- Belgium Branch celebrated October 1st by formulating and dispatching 2 petitions. The King of Belgium was petitioned regarding Belgium’s input into the building of the bridge over the Mungo river. The petition argues that the bridge is a highway by which LRC removes the resources of Southern Cameroons and exploits the citizens as though they are a conquered people.

The 2nd petition, addressed to the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, supplies an extensive list of human rights abuses and requests the setting up of a tribunal for the trial of Paul Biya for crimes against humanity. The petition also requests assistance for the peaceful restoration of the Statehood of the Southern Cameroons.


Click on the petition page to view the full content and downloadable version


SCNC petition- King of Belgium.

Petition to the King of Belgium.

  SCNC petition-U.N. Secretary General

Petition to the UN Secretary General

Southern Cameroons: Occupation Forces Descended Brutally on Mamfe SCNC Faithfuls.
The barbarism with which these peace-loving Southern Cameroonians are being detained – incommunicado, stripped naked, denied food, in inhumane detention camps, is cause for great concern. How is it that not even our lawyer is allowed to see them?
We however call on the UN, UNPO, national and international Human Rights Organisations and the civilised world in general to urgently mount pressure on President Paul Biya to release these victims of oppression and gross human rights abuse.

The Terror and Barbarism of La Republique du Cameroun on Southern Cameroons Continues Unabated.
We are therefore urgently appealing to the UNPO to make the necessary Chief Ayamba Ette Otuncontacts with the UNO General Assembly and the Security Council to restrain President Biya from further arrests, torture, detentions and genocide perpetrated on Southern Cameroonians.

SCNC National Chairman Chief Ayamba Ette Otun Arrested.
Developments in Southern Cameroons are of an alarming nature, and the situation is becoming tenser following the recent 44th SCNC Independence Anniversary Celebrations. We are witnessing a rise in the number of arbitrary arrests and human rights violations, and are deeply concerned," UNPO General Secretary Mr. Marino Busdachin maintains, expressing the support of UNPO to Chief Ayamba and his preoccupation for the people of Southern Cameroons

Chief Ayamba Ette Otun Arrested

Amnesty International - Cameroon Document archive.

October 1 Fever.
As Southern Cameroons’ activists prepare to commemorate what they consider to be Independence Day this weekend, the Yaounde regime has cranked up its propaganda machinery in a clumsy attempt to downplay the event, and demonise the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, which is spearheading the argument for the restoration of the territory's sovereignty.

Southern Cameroonians in USA Celebrate October 1.
Southern Cameroonians throughout the United States, converged at the United Nations Plaza, in New York, on the 1st of October 2005, for the celebration of the 44th Independence Anniversary of their country.

US, Nigeria Voted For S. Cameroons Independence - Justice Ebong.
One of the proponents for the Independence of Southern Cameroons, Justice Frederick Alobwede Ebong, has disclosed that the USA and Nigeria voted in favour of independence for the then UN's Trust territory, Southern Cameroons, during the 1152nd UN General Assembly meeting that held on April 19, 1961.

SONG for Our Country

Verse 1
Stand up! Be counted!
For the time is now
There’s work to be done
And so little time
With all our might
We can make this land
The center of our universe

Verse 2
All hands on deck
giving all our best
Let justice, truth and freedom reign
For, all the ancestors
And the Most High are watching
Should we stumble and fall

Let us rise! Let us shine!
To blaze the way for the children
They’re the future
Come make this place
A happy home
For them and all who care.

Willie Nji (RIP)
© Wanaku 2002

SCNC Delegation

SCNC delegation visits the E.U.  (including L to R; Rene Morfaw, Chief Ayamba, Nfor Ngala Nfor & Secretary of State for the Southern Cameroons interim Government, Lawrence Ayamba)


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Weriwo Murder:I Will Die If Transferred To Kumba, Accused Pleads.
Police Inspector, Stephen Ngu, standing trial for causing the death of one Weriwo Afuh in Kumba last year, told the Meme High Court on Monday, September 26, that he would die if transferred to await trial in the Kumba Principal Prison.

Weriwo Murder: Prosecutor Prays Court To Slam Policeman.
The lead prosecutor in the Bernard Afuh Weriwo murder trial, Irene Njoya, has urged Justice Godwill Okia Mukete of the Meme High Court, to mete out severe sanction against Police Inspector, Stephen Ngu, accused of setting the deceased ablaze for allegedly stealing a bicycle last year.
According to the prosecutor, an exemplary sentence will serve as a deterrent to authorities who kill innocent citizens. The prosecutor made this declaration recently, during oral submissions in court.


Reactions To Police Inspector To Serve Five Year Jail Term.
It is incredible that an inspector of police, after roasting an innocent boy to death, is given five years imprisonment. I was expecting above 25 years. Something must have passed behind the doors. Look at the way the accused was jubilating after the judgment. What type of justice are we talking of in Cameroon?
Justice is for sale and only the wealthy can afford it.

Cameroon's Economic Growth Slows Down.
Economic observers say that the economic growth in Cameroon is the kind that does not trickle down to the masses. That is why human development in the country is still at a very low ebb.



Paul Biya's Safety Deposit Box

Where was this photo snapped?

a) In the cargo hold of Paul Biya's new plane, enroute to his chalet in France?

b) Humanitarian donations to feed the starving being held at the Finance Ministry in Yaounde, prior
      to distribution to Ministers Swiss Bank accounts?

c) Paul Biya's safety deposit box in unnamed French Bank?

d) Hitmen accounts for stubborn wives?

e)  How for chop broke pot?

Fake bank notes in a Singapore warehouse?


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Cameroon Lions



 'Monkey di work, Baboon di chop'

Dear Glenn,

You know how we love our football, but never have Cameroonians been so disappointed and frustrated by an event like the elimination of their national football team 'The Indomitable Lions' from the race to the fifa World cup scheduled for Germany next year. Cameroonians have generally prided themselves with the prowess of their football team, but the one man who has earned most of the credit for the success of the team is undoubtedly President Paul Biya and his regime. Paradoxically, the actions of the president and those of his men through out his 23 years reign has shown unequivocally that he is the greatest obstacle to the development of football in particular and sports in general in Cameroon.
Cameroonian football has done very well despite the poor state of its infrastructure. Since the early 1970s when the late president Ahmadou Ahidjo (now buried in a moslem cemetery in Dakar-Senegal) built the Yaounde and Douala stadia to host the 8th edition of the African nations cup, everything has been let to rot.
During the last crucial match between Cameroon and Egypt, a game Cameroon had to win before qualifying for the world cup, the poor state of the pitch played against the home side as they failed to develop their exciting playstyle for which they have come to be respected for. Commentators from "Eurosport" one of the many foreign TV networks that covered the match live kept remarking that the greatest adversary to the Lions most of who play on some of the best pitches in the world was the playground.
During the rainy season like now, the Yaounde and Douala pitches are transformed into pig-fences as mud and standing water becomes the order of the day, while during the dry season the turf becomes unlevel, making playing difficult. Consequently, FIFA the gendarme of the game has suspended the stadium in Yaounde on a number of occasions. Today, on like smaller football countries like Mali and Burkina Faso who recently hosted the prestigious African Nations Cup, Cameroon cannot host a single international tournament even though the country has earned so much money by winning the African Nations cup four times: 1984,1988,2000 and 2002. Cameroon has equally participated in five world cups Vis 1982,1990,1994,1998 and 2002. They were the Olympic champions in 2000 and reached the finals of the Confederations cup in 2003. Despite the success, President Biya has failed to develop even the least infrastructure. Instead he jumps on each of these opportunities to take the financial fallouts and make political capital out of the Lions. At the height of this treachery, the president, during the 2004 presidential polls, had the guts to coin his campaign slogan 'The Lion Man'. In 2002, the reputable Time Magazine raised the question of politicising sports when they discovered that the president had programmed council and parliamentary elections of that year to fall with the world cup in South Korea and Japan.
The treatment the Biya regime has meted to the lions so far can only be qualified as unjust and unfair. Even bonuses to the players has been hard to come by, most often only after they go on strike. In 1994 for example, a scandal broke out when over fcfa 500 million jointly contributed by Cameroonians to help the team prepare the American expedition was shamelessly embezzled by the regime.

The tale between the Biya regime and their exploitation of the indomitable lions can only be summarised by the well-known Pidgin English adage, which says

 'Monkey di work, Baboon di chop'

signed, A lions fan.


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Dear H.E. Paul Biya

The Court Joker.


Mr Biya,

Please take a bucket and pierce it with a knife several times so that its sides are filled with holes all around it. Then take another bucket and fill it with water. Pour this bucket of water into the bucket that has holes. Wait 10 mins and then tell me how much water is left in the bucket full of holes.

That amount of water is what is left for Cameroon after the thieves you carefully selected and appointed into the hierarchy have had their fill of the country's finances.

Everyone of some thinking capacity has diagnosed Cameroon's problems and pointed out corruption as the scourge of the nation. PopolnochioYet President Biya ignores this crime which his ministers and ambassadors commit unashamedly and in broad daylight, and instead insists on chasing shadows. He thinks he can fool the people and international community with simulations and 'hot air'.

Everything else is being done apart from attacking the real issue. And the President is dreaming that the country will reach the completion point of the HIPC initiative! What a joke!

What I like about this initiative is its insistence on the country dealing with the corruption issue. It seems that the IMF has now realised that letting Cameroon off the hook without dealing with corruption is a complete waste of time.  (Name and address removed)

Popolnochio : ex-seminary sugar thief

Editors note: This is a readers comment taken from the news article "Biya Worried Over Cameroon Ailing Economy". Readers expressed several interesting views on this topic.

Biya Worried Over Cameroon Ailing Economy.
By Kini Nsom
During last Friday's Council of Ministers' meeting at the Unity Palace, President Paul Biya reportedly expressed dismay at Cameroon's ailing economic situation. According to sources at the Presidency, the country's declining economy dominated the agenda of the meeting. The Ministerial Council meeting was the second since the present government was appointed on December 8, 2004.


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Investor’s Corner


Ambitious To Be Corrupt.
Cameroon has again emerged in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) as one of the forerunners in this ignominious game. There seems to be an air of concealed satisfaction within official circles as if being ranked the sixth most corrupt nation in the world is a cause for celebration.

Transparency 2005 Ratings : Cameroon Still In The Fangs.
Despite efforts to kill corruption, the cankerworm is still gnawing deep in Cameroon. According to the Corruption Perception Index for 2005, published by the international anti-corruption NGO, Transparency International, TI, on October 18, Cameroon scored a poor 2.2 out of a scale of 10 in the corruption control.

US To Assist Only Less Corrupt Nations.
Only African countries that are less corrupt, and have clear human rights records will receive financial aid from the US. The Deputy Secretary for African Affairs of the US State Department, Donald Yamamoto, hinted this at a two-day seminar organised at the Yaounde Conference Centre by Transparency International, TI, Cameroon from October 17-18.

How Banks In Cameroon Frustrate Clients.
Until government intervenes directly to make things better for the public, the latter will continue to writhe in the frustration of unscrupulous "bank" managers and their colleagues.

Media Network Formed To Fight Corruption.
CIDI's CEO, Victor Epie'Ngome, said the idea was prompted by the fact that individual actions of journalists and others, against corruption was not yielding or had not gone deep enough as to cause any major change in the battle to kill corruption in Cameroon.

Cameroon Is Still Extremely Corrupt - Brian Cooksey
Cooksey said Cameroon is still an extremely corrupt country. Cooksey, who taught English in Cameroon 35 years ago, however, said innocent citizen should not be penalised for their country's bad governance.


Next Months Newsletter.

As the festive season approaches, here at Hall of Shame weve decided to get with the spirit and have asked Santa Biya to give us a preview of what hell be sending down the chimney forSanta Biya's Present. Cameroonians on that festive morning.  Its to early yet, to show you what Mr. Biyas gift will be, other than to say his kind and generous nature reflects in his gift to the masses. We wont be able to contain ourselves next month though, when well give you a peek at the gift. But please, dont tell Paul I showed you.

Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala la la la la.   Ahh yes, don’t we all love to sing songs at Christmas time.  In fact I can feel a couple of serenades coming along for next month.  Maybe I can serenade Mr Biya? (Oops, I almost forgot I don’t sing in French). Maybe I’ll tell you a funny story about why I sing these songs; it goes back to a cute little story I was told during my time in Kembong village. Then I’ll finish with my own Kembong song, reliving my time at the village.

On a more somber note, well be keeping an eye on the serious issues and also bringing you the report on Territorial Surveillance and room 13 in the Fako Governors building. Ill relive the day, four Officers from Room 13 tried to ambush me on the isolated property at Bobende and threatened that I could be killed if I didnt desert my property and depart Cameroon.

 Plus well be presenting our Hall of Shame special prize to Cameroons most unscrupulous & dishonest Law Firm.  Yes, thats right, you guessed it!   Eno Law Chambers of Buea!  Also not to be missed is the Hall of Shame Christmas message to the Fako High Court & Appeal Court.

            Till then.

Breaking News

There will be no Nativity Scene in Yaoundé this year!

A Presidential Decree has ordered that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in Yaoundé this Christmas season.

This isn't for any religious reason; they simply have not been able to find three wise men and a virgin in the Nation's capital.
There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

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