This directory is an attempt to tell some of this story through photos. "Glenn William Wilson", tells a bit about about myself and my family in Australia, while "Travelling in Africa" shows some photos taken as I toured through West Africa with an overland tour group. "Kembong Village and Sham Marriage", shows some photos of my time at Kembong Village and the marriage that was performed in Mamfe. "Bobende", is a few photos taken of various family members during the 4 month marriage that was spent at an isolated property, near Bobende Village. "Limbe", is a bit about the town, situated 10km away from the compound at Bobende. "The Crime", shows some of the locations where events happened, and shows some of the people who have stood up to tell the truth of this shameful situation.

Glenn Wilson

Travelling In Africa

Kembong Village and Sham Marriage



The Crime