The beach house at Bobende (Pa Wellegi's Compound)
The black sand beach at the house.

The view

June 20, 2001. I thought that this was a photo of my wife with the purchase documents to a house that I'd bought. In reality, it's a picture of a thief with a folder containing false documents. 25% of the purchase price had already been distributed amongst Pauline Kono, an uncle from Kumba and a lawyer from Solomon Chambers, Kumba, The scheme was now well underway, and little was I to know what was ahead for me (see main page-Compound: Plot 67)

In July 2001, Pauline Kono and Enow Brillian Ayuk escorted their relatives, (Pious and Grace) to a village near Bamenda to do a bride price ceremony. Thats Pious and Grace to the left of the photo. Pious claimed that he was to become a Senior Divisional Officer, and that I should feel protected with their family. I lent them a car to travel to Bamenda

Pauline Kono, (second from right) at the bride price ceremony. Some type of dispute happened and Pauline Kono and Enow Brillian Ayuk returned to Limbe without Pious and Grace, nor with the car that I lent to them.
A family photo of the "Enow's" taken at Bobende in April 2001. (from left). Senior brother Jesse, Brillian, Janet, Mirabell and Collins. These people were all aware of the scheme evolving and participated in denying me basic knowledge that would have diverted the despicable outcome.
My problem was that I was too busy trusting what I was being told, and using both eyes looking at the beach. In reality I should have kept 1 eye on the beach and 3 eyes watching what was going on behind me.


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