Sunday morning at Bobende.
Headed for church .

Looking over 1/2 mile, Limbe. "American", Limbe's unofficial ambassador for tourism.

Walter Tita mba and his family at Malende. Walter was one of the drivers with a contract for a taxi that was impounded at the Judicial Police since August 2001. Walters family suffered greatly from the loss of this business. He attended court on numerous occasions, waiting for the release of the vehicle, to no avail.

Walter, his wife and 2 daughters at Malende village- Muyuka

My lawyer- Barrister Charley Sone, with his children and "uncle" at the family home in Limbe. Charley had the miss-fortune of falling into an open grave, a few days after becoming my Lawyer in Aug 2001. A special thanks to Charley and his family who treated Kel and I as members of their family.

"Uncle" (Eugene Paul Maput). To Paul and his family for all they have done for me "Thank You"

"Mbaze". My night watch at the beach house, once I returned in January 2002. He allowed me to sleep peacefully for the 9 months I was there, knowing he was keeping watch outside the house. (Thanks Mbaze)

Paul and I on a visit to kumba

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