My second death certificate (S.G.B.C. Joint Bank account) Opened on the 14.5.2001
Ketuanze Jacob,  Deputy State Counsel - Limbe.   I hope no other "white" has the misfortune to cross paths with this Cameroonian Magistrate.  On the 10/08/01, Ketuanze conspired with Enow Brillian Ayuk for me to be jailed & deported as they attempted the theft of 45,000,000cfa.  All copies of a 3 page statement containing the false charges disappeared from Ketuanze's office shortly after. It was Ketuanze's "bagman" (Robert Agbor Toko) who made allegations against me of attempted murder on the 13/08/01 at SGBC Bank.  After Toko's arrest, Ketuanze promptly released Toko from jail before he could be identified by the SGBC Bank manager. On the 24/05/02 Ketuanze participated in corrupting the Appeals Court and removing a judge, (Justice Mokwe - President of the High Court) on false accusations causing 25 High Court appearences & over 20 hours of testimony given by 7 witnesses to be thrown out.
This is the S.G.B.C. Bank Account opened in my name on the 13.8.2001. (1 1/2 stone lighter after being poisoned). I managed to open this account after having a rifle pointed at me and after being finally searched in the Bank managers office. Enow Brillian Ayuk had made the accustation that I would kill her in the bank on this morning, in the hope that I would be arrested and leave her free to remove the US $15,000 in the joint bank account. (See newspaper article -S.G.B:C. Bank). Investigations into this matter have been shamefull, with the guilty parties stopping at nothing to hide the truth. (See main page- Territorial Surveillance, or Complaints- Robert Agbor Toko, S.G.B.C. Bank)
22.8.2001 "The Cavalry Arrives". My brother, Kelvin travelled for 5 days, from where he was touring through South America, to arrive in Yaounde, Cameroon. Kelvin stood beside me for the next 6.5 months, experiencing all facets of the threats, "Investigations" and the courts.
By the 14.8.2001 I had moved into this safe compound at Ngeme. The beach house was considered unsafe at this time. This compound was still breached several times, where activities of theft, damage and Juju (Black magic) were carried out.
January 2002. This photograph was taken outside S.G.B.C. Bank, Limbe. This is where the S.G.B.C. Bank "show of shame" happened on the 13.8.2001, in front of 50 witnesses. (see newspaper article).
Plot 67, Towe Quarter. To realize that you bought a house and it was aready planned that you would never be around to move in, is a very strange experience.
Kelvins last night in Cameroon. He's wearing a traditional chiefs dress from the Bamenda area that was a farewell gift. We spent 6.5 months together, not believing that someone wouldn't stop this shameful situation.
These are 2 of the vehicles that I purchased to use as taxis. 2 more Cameroonian families would have had a business and source of income that they could only dream about. Despite several attempts by my lawyer to have the cars put on the road and the monies paid to the court, opposing Barrister, Eno Charles Agbor saw to it that the cars remained unused for14 months, to teach me what I was up against.
These 2 cars had been offered as prizes by Barrister Eno Charles Agbor and Enow Brillian Ayuk to anyone who could delay the matter in court, till I finally gave up, or anyone who saw to it that I left the country. On this day, I did the only thing that I could to stop the cars becoming rewards for thieves. After burning these 2 cars, I drove to Yaounde where 6 hours later I burnt the 4WD. I understood that the 4WD was the prize that Barrister Eno Charles Agbor wanted.
Eugene Paul Maput, this man stood beside me from the first day that I left Limbe for my safety on 20.8.2001, till my departure to Australia on the 20.10.2002 for a rest and to see my family. It was 5 weeks earlier that Eugene Paul Maput was attacked in Limbe, as a warning for me to leave the country. Words cannot describe my feelings for this man (and the Brigade Commander) other than to say that no matter what the future holds, I have been privileged to have spent the time and learnt the true depth of character in some Cameroonians.

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