Basic training (1980). Sydney

Green beret, 1 Commando Company. 1981
Prepared to go on exercise 1982, 5 hours after this photo was taken, I was being towed behind the aircraft with a cable caught around 1 leg. But that's another tale I survived to tell.
Fishing, Sydney Harbour - John Dory

My son Scott, fishing at North head 1990

Diving The Barrier Reef-1995

The Cod Hole, Lizard Island

Fishing at Thevenard Wharf, South Australia-1997

Singapore Zoo, Scott and my niece, Mackenzie-1999

The Wilsons, Myself, Dad, Mum, Greg and Sue-1999
My Sister, Maree and husband Paul, my 2 nieces (Mackenzie and Tayla) with Scott and I. This photo was taken shortly before I departed to travel in Africa.
Kelvin and Maree in Singapore, Kelvin was on his way back to Australia, after leaving Cameroon in March 2002. Kelvin is wearing a Chiefs dress from the Bamenda area of Cameroon, while Maree is wearing the National Womens Day dress from Cameroon.

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