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Dungeon Master Materials

WB1: The Kingdom of Cazia
WB2: The Kingdoms of Pel
WB3: The Valley of the Dragons
WB4: The Borderlands
WB5: The Lands of the Chopi
WB6: The Austaria
WB7: The Sea of Knives
WB8: The Deserts of Gremen
WB9: The Lands of the Elves
WB10: Zanisar, Kingdom of the Grey Elves
WB11: Continent of Bon Bini
WB12: Thassalanic Empire
WB13: Yamato, the Five Kingdoms of Jade
WB14: Nimric, the Lands of the Woden



Urth and the Four Lands World Overview & Map

"We tell the tales of heroes to remind ourselves that we also can be great."
The Tao of Shinsei

Urth is the third planet in a system of eight planets and a single sun known as Solis. Three moons orbit around the tiny planet in a pattern that only the wisest and most educated could understand. A single Urth year consists of 360 days and is broken into four seasons/months, each consisting of 90 days.

Winter Time of Quiet
Spring Time of Birth
Summer Time of Life
Fall Time of Death

The wheel of time turns and the Age of the Fey has come to an end although not so long ago that the world still cannot feel its effects. Many of the older members of each race still remember the Great Sundering which ripped much of the magic of the world from its roots and brought an end to its greatest age. Thus the world has begun to rebuild itself once again. The Grey Elves have retreated to the island of Lanir, the heart of their once vast empire. Their lands have been handed over to the High and Wood Elves and it appears that neither race wishes to recreate what glory the Grey Elves left behind. The various clans of the Dwarven races have gone their separate ways and now make their homes across the various mountain ranges of the world. Halflings continue to exist as they always have while the Gnomes, now shunned by their fellow races, have retreated to the Old Took Mountains south of the Kingdoms of Pel. The rest of the world is home to the scattered races which find themselves lacking in number when compared to the more dominant species.

In the north-west mankind have managed to band together and form the first true kingdom of human beings, the Kingdom of Cazia. Far to the west across the Bay of Swords lies the small continent of the Five Kingdoms of Jade and far to the south of those lies the infamous Thassalanic Empire. Far to the south-east lies the continent of Bon Bini, a land constantly battered by the powerful rays of Solis while the islands of the Woten remain secluded from the rest of the world far to the north-west.




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