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World Overview
The Urth Mythos

Character Creation

Character Generation
Tyro Redwood
Thallus Elderbeard

Dungeon Master Materials

WB1: The Kingdom of Cazia
WB2: The Kingdoms of Pel
WB3: The Valley of the Dragons
WB4: The Borderlands
WB5: The Lands of the Chopi
WB6: The Austaria
WB7: The Sea of Knives
WB8: The Deserts of Gremen
WB9: The Lands of the Elves
WB10: Zanisar, Kingdom of the Grey Elves
WB11: Continent of Bon Bini
WB12: Thassalanic Empire
WB13: Yamato, the Five Kingdoms of Jade
WB14: Nimric, the Lands of the Woden



The Urth Mythos

"I am Terra and I am not of this world."
Terra, Goddess of Creation

Thousands of years ago the night sky over Urth was set ablaze by a mysterious meteorite that crashed into the base of the mountain range now known as the Iron Mountains. To the people of Urth the meteorite was a sign of good fortune, a sign from their illusive gods that something important was about to happen and they were more right than they know. Living near the base of the Iron Mountains was a tribe of primitive barbarians known to many of the more civilized races as the Woden and it was the Woden who gave in to their curiosity and decided to investigate the crash site of the meteorite. The tribe journeyed to the site where the meteorite fell and were bathed in the glowing light of the rock itself. They began to change overnight and many members of the tribe did not survive the process. Those who did began to grow in divine power. Time passed and they evolved from mortals to the gods which rule over Urth to this day.

Deity Alignment Domains
Illiat, Goddess of Light (L) Lawful Good Good, Healing, Protection
Karm, God of Balance (B) Neutral Animal, Planet, Protection
Malesu, God of Darkness (D) Chaotic Evil Chaos, Evil, Strength
Victus, God of Life (L) Lawful Good Good, Healing, Water
Letum, Goddess of Death (D) Neutral Evil Death, Evil, Knowledge
Venef, God of Magic (D) Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Magic, Trickery
Arsica, God of Science (L) Lawful Neutral Good, Knowledge, Law
Satura, Goddess of Nature (B) Neutral Air, Animal, Planet
Amuris, Goddess of Mercy & Love (L) Neutral Good Air, Good, Protection
Iuris, God of Justice (L) Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Law, Protection
Robur, God of Courage & Strength (L) Chaotic Good Destruction, Protection, Strength
Tempus, God of Time (B) Neutral Good Good, Healing, Sun
Terra, Goddess of the World (B) Neutral Animal, Earth, Plant
Sapient, Goddess of Wisdom & Travelers (B) Neutral Good Knowledge, Protection, Travel
Baritus, God of War (D) Chaotic Evil  Destruction, Evil, War
Banathrum, God of the Underworld (D) Neutral Evil Chaos, Death, Fire
Venal, Goddess of Corruption (D) Chaotic Evil Luck, Magic, Trickery



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