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World Overview
The Urth Mythos

Character Creation

Character Generation
Tyro Redwood
Thallus Elderbeard

Dungeon Master Materials

WB1: The Kingdom of Cazia
WB2: The Kingdoms of Pel
WB3: The Valley of the Dragons
WB4: The Borderlands
WB5: The Lands of the Chopi
WB6: The Austaria
WB7: The Sea of Knives
WB8: The Deserts of Gremen
WB9: The Lands of the Elves
WB10: Zanisar, Kingdom of the Grey Elves
WB11: Continent of Bon Bini
WB12: Thassalanic Empire
WB13: Yamato, the Five Kingdoms of Jade
WB14: Nimric, the Lands of the Woden



Urth and the Four Lands Character Generation

"Welcome to the Jungle!"
Gun & Roses

I only have a few rules when it comes to character creation and these evolve with time and my mood. These are the rules I currently use but do not be surprised if you see them change from time to time.

1. Attributes are rolled used the 4D6 Drop Lowest method (the standard D&D 3E method).

2. I allow anything that is found in any product published by Wizards of the Coast although I do ask for prior approval on some things.

3. I allow anything that is found in any product published by one of the many companies producing D20 products, however, everything that comes from a non-WOTC source 'must' be approved by me prior to character creation.

4. All characters begin at Level 1.

5. Any monster race may be used as a player character race but it must be approved by me prior to character creation.

6. I do allow the optional Level 0 Multi-Classing rule found in the Dungeon Master's Guide (in fact, Tyro Redwood began as a Level 0 Fighter/Level 0 Wizard).

7. Templates are permitted but they must be approved by me prior to character creation.

8. Every player character must spend at least one skill point in either a Craft or a Profession. No one emerged from their mother's womb ready to battle dragons and I assume that everyone spent some time doing something else before setting out on the open road.




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World Book 1: The Kingdom of Cazia will be released by August 15th.

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