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Time to grow now,little boy

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Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman From Awaken Visions

"Three Babies"

Time to grow now, little boy

It's time, the Muse said
As I sat in our dining room
Gazing at many wond'rous things
Silver and crystal
Fine china and terracotta
Little girls in fancy dresses
Unicorns prancing on the walls
Dried flowers in careful arrangement
A snake plant basking in the sun
I see a bodhisattva in
Eternal nirvana
Happy to be here
What price happiness?
What must I give up?
Complaining for sport
Misery multiplications
Ye olde molehills into mountains
It does help to stop and think
Ponder, be pensive
Not defensive
The fence, the wall
Whether of stone or onionskin
I look for the gate
I'm not late
Whew, I have time
To let thoughts run their course
Steeplechasing round the grounds
Grounds for growing
Nice to know
I can grow.

Is there more?
Oh, yes, there's always more.
The never ending story
Told by a kindly old wise man
With intricate embroidery
Passageways to the left and right
Backwards and forwards
Leading you deeper into a magic place
And time with no watches or clocks
No measured minutes
No production quotas
Always time to stop for soda
Or milk and cookies
Maybe brownies with pecans
Chocolates from Belgium
Coffee from Columbia
Apple pie with ice cream
Hungry for details
Let me know more
When did it all begin?
How has it changed?
Been rearranged to suit your fancy
Don't you look fine!
Downright spiffy
Not whiffy
A change in the weather
Neither hot nor humid
Quite pleasant
To be treasured.

Tangent pageants
Parades in bathing suits
Cups, swords, wands and discs
Not floppy ones
Innerspace overdrive
By a floyd that was pink
Acidic, pre-glitter
New Wave to New Age
What's new, pussycat?
My familiar is nuzzled up
In my slippers
Quite content
Allowing me to wax poetic
Going gently with the flow
Spawning on the streams of consciousness
Elliot Ness in a dress
Smoking Turkish tobacco
In a meerschaum pipe
Carved into a leprechaun
Leaping leprechauns
Amongst marshmallows
In my breakfast cereal
The magic years
Do not have to end
When you learn to sit
Quietly in rows
On wooden seats that squeak
And learn number one and number two
To answer Nature's call.

Yet you hear the call of the wild
In that wond'rous undertow
Turning you 'round and 'round
Knowing you're safe in a magic world
The fate is with you
And with thy spirit
You learn to pray
Magic incantations
To bring forth safety
In a swirling world
And your mother went down
To the end of town
Without insulting you
Oh, the Land of Pooh
And Tigger, too!
Fat bears!
Now you have a small collection
Of teddies, oh, boy!
Teddies and more teddies!
Teddies are very magic.
Sunshine is magic.
Words written and spoken
And read and heard
Published on the internet.
Woven into our neurons
Making things well.
A wishing well
With purest water
That banishes thirst.

Thirst, hunger
The prompts of boredom
Drive us on
To create new worlds
Of beauty
And empowering awe.

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Copyright 2002 by
Richard K. Stimson
a.k.a. Big Bear,Beary Bipolar

Page Updated October 01,2007.

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"Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman,
who invites you to visit his Visionary Art Gallery web site - Awaken Visions." 

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