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First Builders of European Community:

Tracing the History and Language of Early Ancestors of Slovenes

Home of the Veneti

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Website Updated: January 22, 2011
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The Venetic horse emblem/logo of the Veneti website is taken from a photo of the life-size, bronze cast sculpture created by Oskar Kogoj
from the ancient Venetic situla found in Vac'e, Slovenia. The sculpture is now located in front of the palace of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Announcing an opportunity to participate in a NEW DNA PROJECT designed to
explore the DNA connections between the peoples of all Venetic cultures
along the ancient Amber Way trade route between the Baltic and Adriatic Seas.

Links to Articles on Veneti

Foreward from the English edition of the Veneti book
Book reveals history of Slovenes in Europe
Veneti a must-read for every Slovenian: In-depth historical review dispels myths of Central Europe
"Venetologists" have their say: lecture on European history
Clearing the Misconceptions Over Slovenian Ethnic Origins
Slovenes, a Contrasting View of Their Origin by Anton Škerbinc
  Veneti and Slovenian History by Anton Škerbinc
NEW !!!   A Review of "God Bless the Land Under Mt. Triglav" by Father Ivan Tomažič by Ivan Sivec translated by Anton Škerbinc


The History of Slovenes in Europe (A Review) by Anton Škerbinc
Review sees "Veneti..." as offering new perspective
A Review of Veneti by Antonia Bernard, Ph.D.
A Review of Veneti by Charles Bryant-Abraham, Ph.D.

Locations Where the Book is Available
Where to Order the Veneti Book

Abstracts of Papers Presented at Conferences of Venetic Interest
Conference Dates Conference Location Title of Conference Link to Abstracts
September 17 - 18, 2001Ljubljana, Slovenia   The Veneti within the Ethnogenesis
of the Central-European Population
Listing of Papers
May 29 - 31, 2003Kobarid, Slovenia   Ancient Settlers of EuropeNo Link Ready Yet
October 10 - 11, 2003Ljubljana, Slovenia   Traces of the Ancient European PastListing of Papers
April 30, 2004
Friday, 7:30–9:00 PM
Vedic Cultural Centre  
4345, 14th Avenue  
Markham, Toronto, Canada  
Linguistic & Genetic Linkage
Between Slavs and Indo-Aryans
Joseph Skulj & Dr. Snejina Sonina
A Public Lecture Including
Linguistic Comparisons of 3000
Sanskrit and Slovenian Words

Discussion of Venetic Theory Stemming from Guestbook Entry
Approx. Date Name of Writer Country of Writer Link to Posting / Letter
October 19, 2003
December 28, 2003
Grzegorz Jagodziński  
Gary L. Gorsha  
Original Guestbook Posting
Webmaster Response
January 5, 2004 Anton Skerbinc   Canada Skerbinc Email Response
Grzegorz Jagodziński   Poland Jagodziński Response
Joseph Skulj  
January 21, 2004 Anthony Ambrozic   Canada Anthony Ambrozic Response
February 14, 2004 Anton Skerbinc   Canada Skerbinc Email Response

Why Attack Slovenians in 595?  by Anton Škerbinc
The Black Panther Story  by Joz'ko Šavli
Refinements and Future Directions in Venetic Scholarship  by Charles Bryant-Abraham, Ph.D.
Mythology of Venets  by Joz'ko Šavli
Slovenian Marsh Yields World's Oldest Wheel [A Recent Discovery]
Color Picture of the World's Oldest Wheel [A Recent Discovery]
Veneti naj bi bili predniki vseh Slovanov  by Marko Osolnik
Distortions of Slovenian History  by Anton Škerbinc
Slovenian Names from Romans, Indians  by Joze Skulj
Relationship Between Indian Populations and Europeans  by Joseph Skulj, Jagdish C. Sharda, Snejina Sonina, Petr Jandacek
Place Names: A Question Concerning Not Only the Ancient Veneti, Slavs . . .   by Dr. Jožko Šavli
NEW !!!   Slovenian Roots:  What Genes Reveal  by Joseph Skulj   NEW !!!
Slovanski elementi v Venetšc'ini, spisal, Davorin Terstenjak
  NEW !!! 1876 Letopis essay on the similarities between the Slovene and Venetic languages   NEW !!!
Umeteljnost in umeteljna obrtnost Slovencev, Kulturno-zgodovinska stadija; spisal P. pl. Radics
  NEW !!! 1880 Letopis article on the History of the Slovene people   NEW !!!

A Table of Linguistic Comparisons [A Work In Progress]

Email: Gary L. Gorsha

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