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Veneti a must-read for every Slovenian

In-depth historical review dispels myths of Central Europe

Lodge 564

DETROIT - I recently finished reading the book Veneti: First Builders of European Community, a history of ancient Slovenian roots. The book is a must-read for all Slovenians and anyone interested in ancient history.

Veneti... is interesting because it debunks 19th century Central European historians' beliefs that the Slovenians arrived in their present home around 600 A.D. This book claims that assumption to be false.

The Veneti were an ancient people who lived in what is now northern Italy, the eastern Alps, southern Austria and present-day Slovenia. Many Veneti burial urns have been excavated in Italy, Slovenia and other European areas. Until only recently, no one had been able to decipher the Venetic script on the urns.

On the other hand, until now no one used the Slovenian language and ancient Slavic tongues to try to solve this ancient mystery. Matej Bor, a Slovenian linguist, seems to have cracked the venetic script using the language of our native Slovenia.

The Veneti, according to the book, were Slavs and ancient ancestors of the Slovenians. They date back to around 1300 B.C. in the European Alps.

The conclusions of the book are that the Veneti/Slovenians were the original settlers of the Alps and contributed greatly to the culture of central Europe.

Some historians may disagree with [some] of the conclusions drawn because of nationalistic aims, but the facts point to the Slovenians being an integral part of Central European history since at least 1300 B.C.

The book is based on scientific findings and is a must-read. Veneti... will change your opinion of Slovenian beginnings and make you very proud that you are a Slovenian.