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Known Locations of Veneti Literature

If you are aware of any other locations available to the public, please email this webmaster with the details.

Page Created:  June 10, 2001
Page Updated:  July 26, 2004
©Copyright 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Gary L. Gorsha

Known Locations of the Book "Veneti: First Builders of European Community"
State City Library Additional Information Comments
British Commonwealth
Canada K1S 5B6 Ottawa Carleton University University Library 1125 Colonel By Drive
Canada Ottawa University of Ottawa University Library
England West Yorkshire The British Library 96/33599 Online Catalogue
Poland Libiąż Grzegorz Jagodzinski Private Library of
United States
Illinois LaSalle LaSalle Public Library 937.3 SAV
Illinois LaSalle Slovenian National Benefit Society Lodge #2
Illinois Oglesby Oglesby Public Library District 937.3 SAV
Michigan Melvindale Slovenian-American Club
New York New York City Columbia University, School of International Affairs Lehman Library
North Carolina 27599-3360Chapel Hill The University of North Carolina University Library
North Carolina 27708 Durham Duke University Perkins Library
Ohio Brecksville Brecksville Public Library(???)
Ohio Brecksville Slovenian National Benefit Society Lodge #257
Ohio Cleveland Cleveland Public Library DG225.V3 S2813 1996
History & Geography Dept.
Online Catalogue
Ohio Cleveland Cuyahoga County Public Library 937.3 Sa94v Online Catalogue
Ohio Cleveland Slovenian National Benefit Society Lodge #53
Ohio Euclid Euclid Public Library 937.3 S   Adult Online Catalogue
Ohio Wickliffe Wickliffe Public Library 937.3 SAV   Non-FictionOnline Catalogue
Washington Auburn King County Public Library May Not Yet Have Been Donated
Washington Auburn Slovenian National Benefit Society Greater Northwest Lodge #11
Washington Enumclaw Enumclaw Public Library
Washington Seattle Seattle Public Library 937.3 Sa948V 1996 Online Catalogue:
Washington Seattle Slovenian Genealogy Society International Pacific Northwest Chapter
Washington Seattle Slovenian National Benefit Society Mt. Rainier Lodge #738
Washington Seattle University of Washington Suzzallo Library DG225.V3 S2813 1996 Online Catalogue
Wisconsin Sheboygan Slovenian National Benefit Society Lodge #634 Library

Known Locations of Other Veneti Literature
State City Library Title Additional Information Comments Further Comments
Washington Seattle Gary L. Gorsha Adieu to Brittany by Anthony Ambrozic [134 pages]
Washington Seattle Gary L. Gorsha Gordian Knot Unbound by Anthony Ambrozic [249 pages]
Washington Seattle Gary L. Gorsha Journey Back to the Garumna by Anthony Ambrozic [219 pages]
Washington Seattle Gary L. Gorsha Book of Abstracts The Veneti within the Ethnogenesis of the Central-European Population Ljubljana Conference September 17-18, 2001 In English & Slovenian
Washington Seattle Gary L. Gorsha Razstava: Veneti na Slovenskem 50+ maps & illustrations, half in color Ptuj 2001 In Slovenian Only