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Review sees "Veneti..." as offering new perspective

BOSWELL, B.C.-The book Veneti: First Builders of European Community by Šavli, Bor and Tomažič was reviewed in the November issue of The Augustan, a journal dedicated primarily to history and heraldry. The reviewer, Prof. Charles Bryant-Abraham, is very much in agreement with the Venetic theory which presents the Veneti as the earliest known Slavs and the bearers of the urnfield culture, and credits Slovenians among their descendants.

Prof. Bryant-Abraham writes, "We are brought to appreciate the fact that it is specifically Slovenian dialectology which provides the missing key to a meaningful reading of early Venetic, Phrygian, Rhaetian and Yapodic inscriptions, even permitting a partial reconstruction of Venetic grammar. The task... had eluded every preceding Venetologist and, for his pioneering achievement in this field, this reviewer would advance the candidacy of Matej Bor for academic acclaim." (Veneti 174-420).

Bryant-Abraham further comments, "The problem had heretofore maintained its intransigence simply because no Venetologist had yet brought in the arena a thorough working knowledge of Slovenian dialectology. Specifically herein resides the genius of Bor's contribution."

Veneti... is an important work, not only with regard to Slovenian studies, but also as a major contribution to history of Slavs in general. A Polish correspondent recently wrote, "Your translations of this monumental and revolutionary work into English has given me and hundreds of others the opportunity to appreciate Slavic history that we would otherwise not have had. It's made me realize how little broad base knowledge I have and has spurred me into wanting to know more."

A number of PROSVETA readers have written recently to inquire about whether the book Veneti: First Builders of European Community is still available. Yes, it is still available, as is the entire Augustan review, both of which we can mail anywhere.

Veneti: First Builders of European Community is published in English, hardbound with an attractive dustcover. The book is comprised of 534 pages, 150 illustrations and an index. The price of $29 includes postage. Quantity discounts are available. For more information write to Anton Škerbinc, Site 1, Box 17, Boswell B.C., V0B1A0 Canada.

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