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Fauzia's Pakistani Recipes - The Extraordinary Taste of Pakistan
Has thousands of delicious recipes.
A variety of Pakistani, Indian, American, Chinese, Arabian, and recipes from all over the world!
In this section you will find many delicious Kabab/Grill Recipes. Enjoy!

Afghani Kebab
Long strips of minced Meat Kebabs cooked
in a Tomato Sauce with Onion and Spices.
Barbecue Fish
Filet of Fish layers with Onion, Lemon,
and Spices and barbecued to perfection.
Beef Seekh Kabab
Spiced Minced Beef wrapped around
skewers and grilled until well done.
Bihari Kabab
Beef Steak marinated and braised
in Papaya, Onions, and Spices.
Chapli Kabab
Flat Kababs made with a blend of Ground Beef, Onion,
Tomato, Green Chillies, Pomegranate, and Spices.
Chicken Chargha
Juicy whole Chicken marinated in
spices and deep fried till tender.
Chicken Kabob Salad
Chicken Breast, Pineapple chunks, Bell Pepper,
and Red Onion served on a blend of Lettuce.
Chicken Satay
Chicken Breast cubes marinated with Brown
Sugar and Spices and grilled on skewers.
Chicken Seekh Kabab
Spiced Minced Chicken wrapped around
skewers and grilled until well done.
Chicken Shashlik
Marinated Boneless Chicken grilled
on skewers with Potatoes and Onions.
Chicken Tikka
Cubes of Boneless Chicken Breasts
marinated, spiced, and grilled on skewers.
Doner Kebab
Middle Eastern dish of marinated Lamb
and Beef grilled on skewers to perfection.
Egg Kabab
Spicy gg Kababs made with Green
Chillies, Gram Flour, and Spices.
Fish Kabab
Salmon Fish marinated with
Yogurt and cooked on skewers.
Handi Gola Kabab
Soft Minced Meat Kababs made with Spices, Chillies,
Coconut, and Chana; fried and simmered 'till tender.
Handi Kabab
Minced Meat Kababs stuffed with Plums and
Egg Yolk; served with a deicious Sauce.
Hot Grilled Trout
Spicy Hot dish of Trout Fish marinated in a
Lemon Herb Seasoning Spice batter then grilled.
Kalmi Kabab
Spiced chicken marinated
then baked to perfection.
Lahori Chargha
Pakistani specialty Lahori Chargha is pieces of
Chicken marinated in Spices and fried 'till tender.
Lal Murgh
Chicken marinated in a paste of Sweet Peppers,
Onion, and Spices; grilled 'till tender.
Pakistani Chicken Kabobs
Chicken and Fruit soaked in a Curry and Yogurt
Marinade then threaded onto skewers and grilled.
Paneer Tikka
Grilled Cubes of Paneer Cheese marinated
in Lemon, Tandoori Masala, and Spices.
Peshawari Kabab
Grilled chunks of Lamb Leg marinated in a
batter of Yogurt, Ginger, Garlic, and Spices.
Reshmi Kabab
Tender rolls of minced Chicken with royal Cumin
and Spices skewered and grilled over charcoal.
Seekh Kabab & Cheese Sandwich
Delicious Bun Sandwich made of Seekh
Kababs, Tomato, Onions, and Cheese.
Shami Kabab
Round Patties shallow fried, made of
Ground Beef, Chana Lentils, and Spices.
Shish Kebab
Thick chunks of charbroiled Lamb,
marinated in Salt and Pepper.
Spicy Chicken Kabab
Chicken marinated in Herbs, shallow fried;
garnished with Onion and slices of Lime.
Steam Roasted Chicken
Chicken marinated with Spices and Ginger
Garlic Paste; pressure cooked 'till tender.
Tandoori Chicken Legs
Chicken Legs marinated in Yogurt, Ginger,
Garlic, and spices and baked 'till tender.
Tandoori Chicken Tikka
Tender and juicy cubes of Chicken
Breasts roasted on skewers.
Taway Ke Kabab
Lamb marinated in a batter of Almond, Garlic,
Ginger, and Coconut; cooked on a tava grill.
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