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Jounetsu  //Kinki Kids

Hi,Welcome to DEVIN'S YUGIOH SITE!!!!

If you want to know more about me, than here you go..........Profile. Hi to my friends Manvel, Thomas, Wilfred, and Troy!!! There're a lot of tips and easy combos in the Tips and Combos area. Updates on yugioh stuff are also on in the Updates Section. My Latest Duels section is in pretty full detail. I've posted all my Buys and Trades too. My Decks have already been posted too. Hey the song on your left isn't bad. My sis's favorite sing group sings it it's called Jounetsu and press on the arrow to start playing the music!!!Also, if you got a minute to spare, I'd love it if you can sign my guestbook.^0^. I hope you have a great visit to my website. All suggestions, comments, or hate mail, email me

Special Thx to my sis fer helpin.

Click above or below to see my deck(Need suggestions please), my latest duels(in full detail), the guestbook, all about me(Profile), Updates on yugioh stuff(Pharaonic Guardian is out and running!!!!!!), and Reviews on the cards in yugioh.

I'll be updating every 2-4 days since it's SUMMER! :)

Aug.26: Hee-hee it's getting boring but o well. Warrior guide!!!
Constructing a Warrior Deck

Aug.25: I've finally got the limited and restricted list!! It has been just updated by Upperdeck so I thought I'd post it.
Limited and Restricted List

Aug.18: Today I went through every page and edited everything. Sorry about all the typing mistakes!!!

Aug.17: Hey instead of a guide for Constructing a Beatdown deck, this time it's a fiend deck. Hope you guys like it.
Constructing a Fiend Deck

Aug.15: The LON Reviews are now up.
Labryinth of Nightmare Reviews

Aug.15: I've made up a new tip!!!(applause)Yay!! It's a smash! A beginner's guide on how to make a simple beatdown.
Tips on Building a Beatdown Deck

Aug.13: I've got some information about the 2003 Yugioh World Championship. Here you go if you wanna find out more.
Information on 2003 Yugioh World Championship

Aug.12: I've posted the Pharoah's Servant Reviews. Please enjoy reading!!
Pharaoh's Servant Reviews

Aug.2: I made up a new category, the place where I post my trades and buys.
My Trades and Buys

Now the MRL review is up, Im so happy! ^0~ *wink*

MRL Reviews

I've finally done the reviews on MRD cards. Please enjoy!

MRD Reviews

Pharoanic Guardian is out!!! Click here to see the whole set.( I'll be getting the pictures tomorrow!!)

Pharaonic Guardian Spoiler

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