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The virtual roundhouse - main station for railroad friends from Belgrade

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Romantika train:
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Railway Friends Society - Belgrade

About us:

Railway Friends Society gathers enthusiasts and railway fans. With short interruptions, it exists for more than 26 years! This organization was founded long time ago, on November, 18th, 1971 and is, at this moment, a unique organization of this kind in Belgrade, and one of the few in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Organization brings together enthusiasts interested in history and development, modeling, scale model and collection making, all related to railways.



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    Places closely related to Yugoslav rails:


Počela je sa radom prva berza modela i opreme za makete u Jugoslaviji. Berza se održava svake poslednje nedelje u mesecu od 10.00 do 14.00 u restoranu "Kuglaš", Đušina 7. Pored modela vozova, prodaju se ili menjaju i avioni, brodovi, vojna vozila, olovni vojnici, stare igračke alati za modelarstvo itd.

Last update, November 20, 2007.

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