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Numerous electric locomotives are in service at Yugoslavian National Railroads. They mostly originate from former Yugoslavian Rade Končar, Swedish ASEA and Romanian Electroputere builders.


The one of the strongest locomotives is 461-class, with C'o-C'o wheel arrangement. Basically Electroputere from Craiova, Romania, produces it.They are originally designated CFR 06QEA. This class is used mostly for freight trains up to 120 km/h.

Technical data: Wheel arrangement C'o-C'o, speed 120 km/h, 5100 kW,
27.5 kV, 50 Hz.


The most frequently used locomotive is 441-class, with B'o-B'o wheel arrangement. It was built by Rade Končar, based on Swedish ASEA Rc - series. 441-031 is one of the older locomotives of this type, without Electro-dynamic brakes.

Technical data: Wheel arrangement B'o-B'o, speed 140 km/h, 3860 kW,
27.5 kV, 50 Hz.


The same 441-class locomotive, with Electro-dynamic brakes. The 441-class locomotives was used for the passenger service.

Three electric locomotives: 441-751, 441-508, 461-class.
Electric locomotive No 17, used in REIK open pit coal mine.
Electric locomotive No 18, used in REIK open pit coal mine.

Overhead wire repair unit.

Overhead wire repair unit.



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