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Jessa the...flit?Log submitted by Jessa

Jessa the hopping maniac, and Shimmer the not-so-brick-wall.Log submitted by Jessa

Svei, Shim, Jessa, and...Jozzie?Log submitted by Jessa

A large wherry, a shortened class on specialties...what more could you ask for in a log? Log submitted by Jessa

Ihiske, Pip, and Jessa bouncing around in the water... Log submitted by Jessa

How Jessa's infamous twirl came to be... Log submitted by Jessa

A drunk journeywoman wandering about the lounge... Log submitted by Jessa

Rallaei and Jessa...practicing for their play? Log submitted by Jessa

The waterfight to end all waterfights... Log submitted by Jessa

Jhenero becomes Tsey's mentee...and then, is allowed to swim again!Log submitted by Jessa

Sarin and Shim raid the Men's Dorms...until Mai is sick...Log submitted by Jessa

Jessa's twirling promotion to senior appy, and celebration at the Mug...Log submitted by Jessa

Chatter in the lounge...Log submitted by Jessa

Ooh. The sworn enemies get along. Log submitted by Jessa

What is /this/!? Flirting!? Between apprentices? Ahh, cover the innocent eyes...Log submitted by Jessa

An early log, short and sweet, between Shim and Jessa. Oh, the mean senior apprentice...Log submitted by Jessa

Invisible bubblies low in calorie? Log submitted by Jessa

A short log of a drunk Mai...snrzzt... Log submitted by Jessa

An absolutely hilarious log with a bit of a slow start. Contains the beginning of the now infamous Sharky-Shim and Jessafish encounter, and references to...Shakespeare? Log submitted by Jessa

Including Yythara's promotion, this log involves a huge amount of dolphincrafters migrating through the lounge, generating some interesting rp...Log submitted by Jessa

Mailli making dire threats and tossing items about the Lounge...Log submitted by Jessa

Mount Kyu erupts in the Lounge...Log submitted by Jessa

A prank is pulled on a certain male senior apprentice involving lots of string...and a chair...and water...Log submitted by Jessa

A flying journeywoman chases after the culprit...and chatter is had in the Lounge.Log submitted by Jessa

A rather spam-filled game of darts in the lounge, but some rp is had around and about it...Log submitted by Jessa

Marchanta teaches a backstroke lesson... Log submitted by Jessa

Eranel is welcomed to the craft by...giant tubers? Log submitted by Jessa

Yythara and Ol' Ironsides teach a few appies the correct way to float a 'phin... Log submitted by Jessa

Marchanta teaches a basic dive lesson to a young Jessa... Log submitted by Jessa

Shimmer teaches a deep diving lesson to Jessa with the help of Kisha... Log submitted by Jessa

Jessa takes a lesson in crawl from Tseyrin over in the infirmary...Log submitted by Jessa

Daine and Kyu learn how to sidestroke (log complete with...talking shadows?)...Log submitted by Jessa

Divin' with Kyu...Log submitted by Jessa

Kickin' away...Jhenero and Jessa's lesson...Log submitted by Jessa

Jessa teaches a few lessons to Kyu in the lounge, then they dart to the seabreak pool for a swim lesson...Log submitted by Jessa

Those crazy Istan weyrfolk (including our very own "innocent" Shadis) streak around the weyr...Log submitted by Shadis

Shadis meets a new, strangely pink, yet very cute - and even a little jingly - friend. Log submitted by Shadis

Shadis can't quite manage to sew his Candie robe...and the threat is made to sew him into one...but does it really happen?Log submitted by Shadis

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2000, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.