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Healing for depression,illness,death

Healing for forgiveness, relationships, financial problems

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Moving towards awareness...

We are living in a new time. As many of you know there is an exciting change underway, a change of spiritual enlightenment. We can all feel something as time speeds up and our lives fly by us more quickly than ever. We are all asking ourselves questions that we never thought to ask before. Newpath is here to help answer those questions, and to help unite all of us, for in unity we will be fully aware. It is time for us to come forward and heal ourselves, and then heal the person next to you, so that we can all walk into the new awareness together. No matter what religion you may follow this site is meant to offer help with loving, pure intentions. Some call it a spiritual revolution, the time to wake up and begin the life you really came here to live, is now.


The main focus at Newpath is on meditation. With meditation we are able to focus on what we need to work on and bring about a change in our lives that we can really notice. It helps to unearth buried long ago pain that you may or may not even be aware of. It can help you shed light on a problematic situation. Meditation can help you learn about yourself, your life purpose, other people, the way of the world, answers and guidance to all of your troubles. Meditation is the first step to living a spiritual life, it is essential and it is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

PATH TO HEALING...Through your own individual strength you can heal yourself effectively. It's always a process, these meditations are meant to assist you in your healing process it is our hope that you will reach out and try more means of healing. Yet do not ever underestimate your personal power to heal.

If you are suffering from situations like, addiction, depression, illness, financial difficulties, relationship problems, a death, or the need to let go, click here.

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