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The Path To Healing


We all have times where we feel out of sorts. Our emotions can not stay in one place permanently so just as you cannot always be happy so can you not always be sad. However continued sadness is a sure sign of depression and as with anything else we must heal it.

These days everyone thinks that they suffer from some variety of neurosis because the trend is to pop an anti depressant and be done with it. This is great for those that truly need such medication, I strongly advise anyone with bi-polar or any such disorder to continue with their medication but also try the below meditation. For those of us who are depressed less often, but certainly hurt from the occasional bout of sorrow, here are some things you should understand about this very normal part of being alive.

We are not stagnant, and none of the earths rhythms are either. So just as the moon goes through her stages of waning and waxing, so do our emotions. Therefore when you are sad, you can anticipate that this is a natural phase that you must go through in order to be happy again, it is a time of solitude, of rejuvenation, to rest and reflect. Try not to dwell on the negative things when you are feeling sensitive and down, try instead to bring out the soft artistic side of yourself and express your inner most emotions. If you can manage to express without negativity you will immediately feel a shift in your emotions.

Riding out the storm of depression is not always an easy thing to do. Depending on circumstances you may not be able to help what is making you depressed. If you are in a bad relationship, career, or perhaps are in need of antidepressants take action. (You can link to meditations for relationships and many other stressful influences that cause depression down below.)An important thing to know about depression, especially when it is often repeating itself or lingering is that spiritually we are way off our paths when we feel depressed it is a warning sign.

It is easy to remember it this way, when you are connected to source you feel full and buoyant there is no lack. When you are feeling sad and full of sorrow you have obviously disconnected with source. It's difficult to know when we do this because so much of time we are operating from old scripts that have no benefit in our lives right now. Old patterns are seductive because they are familiar and therefore seem safe. So you might actually be choosing depression, sadness, giving up because this is what you have always done. To truly reverse depression you must be ready to make an internal change and re-connect back with source.

Meditation for Depression

Get into your most comfortable position, if it would help you hold onto a large stuffed animal, or if you own a dog or cat have them as close to you as possible. These are not necessary if you would prefer simply begin.
First surround yourself with the white light of the holy spirit, ask that you are filled with the love of God and that all negativity now leaves you, going back to its source with love. Vision this, let the negativity sink back into the earth, feel yourself becoming lighter.
Now imagine a strong yet comforting pink light begin to glow in your heart chakra. It is warm and it fills you with content. Imagine it grow until it has encircled your body completely. If you wish you can have it grow to fill your room, or even your house blessing all those inside, you can even send it out to the earth to help heal the environment.
As you are sitting in the midst of this pink light imagine your heart opening, it now receives this light which is love in full. You love yourself, you love your friends, your family. You are filling with love you can send love to everyone you know at this point and they will feel it. Send love to your problems asking for god to help you with a solution, surround every trouble, every worry, and every doubt with this pink light of love.
Now let the pink light grow small until it is gone. Now a green light appears, this time in your 3rd chakra, the stomach chakra, holder of all emotions. The green light has a healing quality to it, see it fill up inside of you, lovingly and effectively healing all that is hurt. Ask that this energy stays with you until your natural balance has been restored. Now see it shrink and go away, don't worry it's essence is still with you.
As you are doing this meditation if any thoughts or feelings come up speak them, talk to your guides, god or even just your self about what is troubling you, crying is good, it will release the heavy energy. If you feel overwhelmed then ask for god to bring in a spirit guide or a physical person to help you through this difficult time.
That is what's so important here to remember that you are not alone. That all you need to do is ask and stop hiding in the corner with your back towards the rest of the world, we all do it, but isn't it great to turn around and be accepted? Everyone, every single person who has ever lived knows what it feels like to be alone, to feel lonely, to not be accepted, do not think you are the only one! If you decided to work with a pet reach out now, feel their energy touch them and feel the connection of your energy to theirs. Animals know when we are sad and they usually try to help us through our hard times. If you're using the stuffed animal hug it tight and feel the security deep within your heart chakra.
Depression is a tough battle, but as long as we live through it consciously and work through the emotions rather than trying to mask them or ignore them we will be carried through the tide of our emotions into the delightful carefree surf that is our regular life.


Nothing upsets the status quo more than illness. Even a minor illness can wreak havoc in our lives as we have to juggle taking time off of work and then losing pay for it. This can lead to stress and even more illness if we are not careful. Like everything else in this life, illness comes into our path to help us grow in awareness. The ironic thing is illness need never occur at all. If we were to live authentically, lovingly, in our truth we would not become ill. In fact we would begin to live much longer than the average life expectancy dictates. However, we are living in the physical world which is dense and at times very negative. It is said that a change is coming, but what to do for now?

Stop ignoring your body. Daily your body is sending you signs, those little aches and pains, that nagging headache, that sour stomach, the tightness in your chest, the chronic back pain. People love to explain away aches and pains. I am never astounded at how I will try to explain that our bodies are giving us signs of inner discord for them to easily dismiss what I say. I know how I hurt my shoulder I jammed it when I was carrying that box. Thatís true that is how it actually happened, but why did it happen? Why did you manifest this into being? Using the chakras and a holistic approach we understand that each part of the body is symbolic of our inner beings. The seven chakras are of course all meaningful of different areas of life, and so too are areas like the shoulder. If you hurt a shoulder the chances are that you feel (maybe only subconsciously)that you are carrying too many burdens. Now you have hurt yourself so you are excused from having to do as much, and that is why you manifested it.
When you get sick with a cold chances are you needed a rest and that is the only way your body was able to get your attention. This is where it gets really, really important that you listen, because when you are young, your body will warn you with small things, but when you get older these things if left unchecked, not healed will grow into worse things. They can turn into tumors, cancer, disease and disorder will manifest in your body if you continually ignore its warnings.

Stress is absolutely a big contributor to disease, so if you do only one thing, try to eliminate stress by reacting in new ways to old stress triggers. Walk away from stress, literally. If you don't it is you and you alone who will pay the consequences down the road.

Now about terminal illness. Whatever brought you to this place let it go. There is no use now in saying if only I had done this or that. So very many people live long after their doctorís guess, and the reason is hope. Either you have it or you don't. Getting diagnosed with a terminal illness causes one to go through a process, denial, anger, sadness and acceptance. I guarantee you that this process will bring your soul great growth and joy. With a good attitude, a fighting spirit and a full and loving heart you will be able to endure this illness, and whether you overcome it or you eventually pass, you must understand that you have touched many people, just by telling them you are terminally ill you make them think, wow, what if I were in that boat? This can cause a wonderful re-evaluation of their life. Death is not something to fear and I encourage you to read the next meditation about death to further understand. Remember that we choose and create our paths and so this is beneficial to your life's work, it is one of the bravest ways to exit, because the suffering can be long, however it is that lengthiness that gives one the opportunity some never to have to come to terms with your life BEFORE you actually leave it.

Meditation for Illness:
Sit quietly, for this one you must relax very deeply. Wait until you are so relaxed that you feel the weight of your body, and you can feel that you are half in half out of it. Understand while you explore this sensation that you are not your body. It is a mere carrier for your adventure here. Now think of the things that have been happening in your life lately. Have you been more stressed lately? Have people been asking more of you? Do you find that you dislike your job or routine so much that you may be trying to avoid it? If you are terminally ill(everyone can benefit from this one), take this opportunity to go over your life and try to observe it as if you are someone just watching. See it all, the good times and the bad. Release all blame you put on yourself over the years, the weeks, the days.

Now take a deep cleansing breath. Imagine all the illness as darkness in your body, now imagine a beautiful stream of white and green water being gently poured over your entire body, it is not wet, it is soft and close to silver in color. It dissolves the darkness within your cells, organs, bones, the darkness drains from your body, back to the earth. Your body feels lighter now, more of spirit.
State out loud to the universe what you wish for. I wish for a healthy body and a harmonious life. I wish for my cancer to go into remission. I wish for my chronic back pain to leave me, I release it; I am whole, complete and healthy. Say whatever fits your situation, being mindful not to say anything in the negative, say what you want not what you do not want. Saying I don't want to be sick, the universe only hears I want to be sick because it cannot receive the negative word.

Now as a final touch spend some time with yourself, being loving and nurturing. Sometimes we get sick because we secretly want attention, like when we were small children and our parents would comfort us through an illness. Be that for yourself now, spoil yourself a little, do something just because you love you.


Nothing on earth is so greatly confused as death. It is a sad statement to our lack of evolution that we truly believe that we lose our loved ones forever when they cross over. We rely on psychics who are strangers to tell us that our mom or grandfather is standing right next to us. I think more and more people are realizing that their loved ones are still around, but I think a lot of us are really frightened by that and so we would rather pretend that we don't believe in it at all.

We need to first understand where we go when we cross over. It is very confusing at first like birth, for the sensation of suddenly being relieved of a physical body is so immense that some people actually fly unintentionally from the effort it used to take them to move around in their earthbound bodies. Understand that that shift from physical to metaphysical is all there is to death. It is not an actual death at all but a shape shift, a graduation of sorts. And please do not think that it is sad, here on earth everyone is so somber and lost, but all around them a great celebration for the returned soul is at hand, it is the happiest time for a souls friends and loved ones for they had been watching their journey and are all too happy to have them back where it is safe. A soul takes a big chance when they incarnate because every once in awhile they become lost to the darkness, of course no souls is ever totally lost but one can see where there would be concern.

Death is a celebration on the other side, returning home from a difficult journey. For those left behind, please try to open your mind to the truth that your loved one is around, and they will always be there for you just as in life, and in some cases a lot more than in life. Spirits communicate through dreams, through lights, through small physical touches like a tap or a squeeze, they may leave a scent such as a cigar or perfume they wore often. They will become frustrated if you do not notice them and some may be mischievous knocking down frames, or items on top of dressers to get your attention. Talk out loud to them they can hear you, once in awhile you can hear them say your name, or a word but usually they have difficulty in reaching us vocally due to our dense level of vibration.

If you just lost someone close to you, the pain can be agonizing, even knowing all of the above will still not lessen the genuine pain you feel from their departure. Try to remember that one day you will see them again, and then try to understand that they are actually here with you now. For your very thought of them, brings them to you. Also you don't want to grieve too long, too much, because you will cause your beloved to be pulled down to earth by your longing. You must set them free know that they will be by your side often. Love never ends, and if possible learn how to communicate with your loved one because they want to still participate in your life.

Meditation for Grief/Death:
Have a picture of your loved one with you. Sit and relax, do not think of anything in particular try to clear your mind completely. Slowly let yourself visualize your departed, but be very accepting of what you see. Generally you are trying to see what they look like now, on the other side. They may be wearing a flowing robe, or they may be wearing clothes typical of what they wore here on earth. They usually appear a little younger, but the constant in all after death meetings is that the person will appear to you as you remember them. If you remember grandma in her house, then thatís where she will take you when she visits you in your dreams. Opening up to the image you are seeing, notice if they are trying to give you anything. Often times they will show symbols like flowers, a common theme is roses which mean different things depending on the color.(White is hope or protection, pink is love, yellow is peace or friendship, whatever meaning comes to you is right.) Sometimes they will show something that has a personal meaning to you. Some talk, but a lot of them just show you things, and this is like dream interpretation where you must be a bit of a detective to understand the symbols and their meanings.

Ask your loved one any questions, say whatever you wished you could have said when they were alive. Behave as if they are in the room with you, look at their picture if it helps you or close your eyes and visualize. Continue to understand that they can hear you, they are still with you, they never go away, they only change their vibration.

You may decide that once is enough and be able to let go. You may decide that this is a great extension of your relationship and go on with a nurturing guide who will protect you always, your very own angel. Which ever way you lean know that death is never final, and that it is time we opened our eyes and realized that the dead are all around us, and we would do well to acknowledge them


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