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There are many, many different ways to meditate. For beginners it is very important to understand that it does not matter what music you listen to if any, what you wear, how you position your body. The lights do not have to be dimmed, you don't need incense and candles. However you may want some of these things to help bring you into a relaxed state of mind.You will have to experiment a bit to find what helps you the most. The only essential things are quiet, and time.

Once you have been able to find a quiet spot, and have at least an hour to yourself, be sure to turn off the phone, or any other sources of disruption. You don't want to be too sleepy people often try to meditate right before bed which is not an ideal time. Now, if it is cold you may want a blanket nearby, sit or lie down and begin to relax your body.
Imagine a wave of relaxation starting at your toes and covering every part of your body do not forget arms, hands, shoulders, head, face etc. You should feel your body becoming heavy, this is a sign that you are relaxing. Now breath in and out cleansing your body, let all tension leave your body with each exhalation. Feel more and more relaxed with every inhalation.
Once you have achieved relaxation, you may begin one of the meditations on this website or follow the method below.
Simple Meditation:
Once your body is relaxed sit in the quiet. Do not expect anything, just be. Slowly imagine a light form around you, it is the energy from the light of the divine, it is love. Let it wash over your body taking with it any aches or pains, emotional or physical. Let it linger for as long as it feels right. When you are ready imagine the light becomes smaller and smaller, you are left feeling lighter, when you awake you will have energy and feel good for the rest of the day. Slowly begin to re-awaken your body, feel the earth'e energy pull you back and let yourself feel grounded by that. Sit quietly and reflect, words of wisdom may come into your mnd, or just sit and feel peace for as long as you feel you can.

In meditation visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting your will or for re-creating past events to allow yourself to take back your power and begin the healing process. There are several visualization meditations in the healing section of this website. For a basic visualization meditation imagine yourself going on a journey, perhaps you are flying or swimming underwater. The spirit is free and you are spirit so go with wherever that takes you.
Talking with Guides

Another important thing we do in meditation is receive guidance from the other side. You can ask to speak with your sppirt guide, or god, or even loved ones that have passed on. Whenever speaking with people on the other side it's important to remember to ask if they come from the white light of the holy spirit before continuing. Once you have done this try to let the words flow into your mind without judgment you will know they are the words of a guide or god from the feeling of love attached to them. When speaking to a loved one the words may sound like those your beloved used on earth, or in a tone they used. Sometimes it is not words you will hear but scenes are shown to you, or even music, flowers, the ways of communication are endless. It is different for everyone and there is no right or wrong way.

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