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The issue of forgiveness continues to be one of the most difficult for people to grasp. The reason why this is may be due to the fact that we have developed serious misconceptions about what forgiveness means. Forgiveness is not necessarily about turning the other cheek. It has more to do with clearing ones own energy field in order to move on. For in fact, when you hold in anger, resentment and hostility what you are actually doing is to pull in negative energy towards you, your life and those in it. Is this what you really desire? When you continually play back the negative scenario of what people in your past have done to you then you are continually bringing back that negativity and further more you are making a statement to the universe that you wish to create just that in your life.

Where thought goes energy flows. Think about that for one moment. If you can imagine that if every day you are consumed with anger, jealousy, even hatred for someone or something what do you think over time this may create? What will it create in the world? What will create in your community? What will it create in your own life? Understand that what you think about is indeed created, and it is created on all three levels, personal, community and world wide, for alone we create and also together we create every minute of every day and so on.

You may feel that you want to forgive very much in order to move on BUT you are not all right with letting someone off the hook. We all want revenge at some point in our lives, and much of the time it can be justifiable. If your house were to be robbed, you car stolen, your friend murdered. How do we forgive such inforgivable acts? This is where enormous opportunities for growth can be found. For in what we believe to be impossible, divine can be found.

When something very bad has happened, there is always a lot more going on then what we can initially see. After time we may be able to decipher what these lessons were, what we took away from the experience, great wisdom is often born of tragedy. Understand that the people responsible for the horrible acts in this world are doing so of their own free will. Take solace in the fact that they will suffer their karma, for what you give you get and this is true to be a universal law. Also that for people who feel the need to hurt or take from another they are living in hell, that is to say their definition of life is so depleted of love and kindness that they must behave in a violent way, which means they live in fear, act in fear,fear is their definition of existence, that is hell.
When we begin to see the difference between that sort of thinking and the thinking that a more rational, loving, perhaps spiritually inclined person may have we begin to see who is the one with more. We begin to see that in fact it is our duty as the being with more understanding to let go of our anger and hatred for this person who did wrong, and even to ask God, the great spirit, the divine, to take over and help this soul. Once you do this you have released the negative energy and can truly move on to your next experience.

I know that for some of us we aren't ready to let go like this and that is okay too. Just remember that it is to your ultimate benefit to do so. Here is a simple meditation technique to use to start releasing, if you want you can go further and ask for god to help and take over.If you are not ready for that then at least release the negative energy from your life.

Meditation for Forgiveness
As with all meditations, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Relax deeply, breathe in and out becoming more relaxed with every exhalation. Surround yourself in the white light and ask any guides or angels to assist you in forgiveness, often someone will. State to the universe that you wish to release all negativity from your life. See the dark, dense energy leaving your body melting down, down, down, back to the earth. Imagine as this dark energy leaves your body that it is replaced by light energy, green for healing, pink for love, white for protection, purple for spirituality, you may use any of these colors or all of them. Envelope yourself in this light, let it go into your body and out, be a part of it. Now send it out to the person or people that need to be forgiven. If you are not ready for that, simply send it to the universe and to god. Sit with yourself for a few minutes see if any thoughts or messages come to you. When you are ready come out of it, stating to yourself that you are now cleansed of negativity.

We are creating more meditations for issues dealing with relationships and financial matters for now check out the original Newpath Meditations check back often! blessed be

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