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Animal Guides

Animal Healers
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The power of the animals...

Animals have the power to heal us. Studies have shown that by petting a dog or a cat your heart beat slows, blood pressure decreases, and over all feelings of well being are experienced. Animals sense when we are feeling sad or ill. They want to nurture us if we allow them to their healing effects can be felt by even the most terminally ill.
In addition to this animals help us spiritually every day. In nature we are surrounded by animals but so often we turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to it all. Simply walking to your car you may see a crow, it is a message for you, one of caution or perhaps surprise, it may mean something to you personally, in any event that crow was talking to you, there are no coincidences in God's world!


Using meditation you can find out what animal is your guide. You may already know if you have always been drawn to a particular animal. Poeple have at least one guide their entire lifetimes but different animals will join us on our path as need be.
While in meditation ask what your animal guide represents to you personally. Carry a picture or jewelry that symbolizes that animal to bring out the animals energy into your experience.

There are so many different animals that it would be impossible to get all of them listed, however we have tried to get as many as possible listed. The definitions of these animals are a general one and each animal will most likely mean something to you personally as well.You are encouraged to do more research on your animal guides.

This list is still being constructed, please check back.