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Should I Ask You Back?

We wept- ' twas nature wept- but faith,
That cannot live by ghost or wraith,
In that far world so fair and bright
Beholds you in refulgent light.

We miss you here, yet faith rejoices
That you have joined those heavenly voices;
Nature sees the body dead,
But faith beholds the spirit fled.
Nature stops at Jordans tide,
But faith beholds the other side.

So you are gone; now life seems black.
And shall I ask to have you back?
Back- and leave the Spirit's brightness?
Back- and leave your robes of whiteness?
Back- and leave the Rock who feeds you?
Back- from springs to which He leads you?
Back- and leave your heavenly Father?
Back- to earth and sin?

NO ; rather,
I would resign to solitude,
I would not ask you if I could,
But patient wait my risen Lord
Till nature cuts this silver cord;
And He who fashions all things new
Shall bring my spirit home to you.

- Elizabeth Webb

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