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Hopes Blessings

If you are on this page, you most likely
have read about my grief.
Now I would like to share
with you my Blessings.
I am a mother and grandmother.
I have been Blessed
with two Beautiful daughters,
the Joys of my life.
They both have filled my life
with Love and Happiness.
Rachelle and Tammy
I am so Proud of you both,
and I Thank God for you Everyday!!

I was blessed with
two son-in-laws,
Steve and Mike.
I have grown to love them both,
despite the fact that they took my babies. LOL
They are both doing a wonderful job,
of taking care of them.
Thanks and love to both of you.

I was also Blessed with five
very Special and adorable grandchildren.
David is 9 Amber is 6 Allison 6
Amanda 19 months Conlan 1.
They each have their own
unique personalites
and they are so much fun,
they have Blessed our lives,
with laughter,
and lots of hugs and kisses.
And they have filled me
with Great Joy.
Grandma loves each of you, very much!!!!!
The world is a better place
because of each of you.

Alittle about me,
I collect seraphin angels,
and Amish collectables.
I love music, and
I am taking piano lessons, finally!!
I love to go to festivals and craft shows.
I also collect dolls.
And I am a born-again Christian!!
I love the Lord,
and God has given
me Strength that I
never knew was possible.

I also love animals,
and I have 2 dogs.
One is a collie named
and he is one
of my great friends,
he is the kindest
dogs I have
ever seen.
And then there is
and she is a
6lb pomerainan,
she is sassy and
bossy, with Lassie.
She has been here
the longest!! LOL

I have also been Blessed
with many very Special Friends,
and their love and support
keep me going.
And one Angel,
her name is Peggy,
she is one of Gods Miracles.
I want each and everyone of them
to know, that I love them,
and I thank God
for each one of them.

And God Blessed me
with a computer,
that I call "The Home Of My Friends".
To all of you, Thank You
for the friendship and love that we share.
I didn't list any
names of my Friends, because
I didn't want to take the chance
of missing anyone.
I feel Blessed there are so many,
God is taking good care of me.
I love each and everyone of you
that have touched my life.

I was Blessed with a Great family.
And I want to let my Mother and Red,
and my 3 brothers, and one sister,
know that I love each and everyone
of them very much.
And I thank God
for everyone of them.

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Copyright 1999, Hope