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The Grief Process

There are many types of losses,
and grief that people face, a brief summary...............

1) death- loss of a loved one, pet, neighbor, ect.
2) loss of a job - financial problems
3) separation of friends, - loss of a great friendship
4) divorce - death of a marriage - change in lifestyle
5) loss of health,
6) permanent injuries pain- and change

The list could go on and on, for loss of any kind can be
devasting. There are many stages that you go through with

1) shock- denial
2) anger- uncomfortable feelings
3) depression- loneliness
4) physical symptoms - loss of appetite-aches and pain
5) panic and fear
6) resentment
7) acceptance- working your way out- the clouds are lifting

I personally went through every one of these stages,
and I know that it is a steep up hill climb.
And everyone grieves in their
own time frame.


You need the support, of someone who understands
what you are going through.
Someone who will allow you to talk and
cry and work your way through all the stages of grief.

Any great loss, will change your life. I was once a Daddys girl,
and after his death that role was now gone. I also was very close
my Grandmother, people used to say we were like each others
shadow, another role that was gone.
After my car accident, my injuries changed my
life, my left side of my body was injured, and now my
neck and shoulder and jaw were not the same.
And I now live with pain.
It took me many years to work through all my losses and to be
able to see, that there was still alot to be Thankful for.
There were still many Wonderful people in my life, and many
Blessings. And that God would always, be there for me.

If you need to talk or would like to share please contact me
Email Me!

One thing about life is that its full of changes!!
But there is Great News:


Hope D.B.

Copyright 1999, Hope

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