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Because Of You

It is almost Mothers Day, and I can
not help but think of the day I became
a Mother.

It was Happiest day of my Life,
a day comparable to no other.

Till a few years, later another
precious baby girl was placed in
my arms.

Just like her sister Rachelle,
Tammy was a blessing and full
of charm.

My life was complete, you both
kept me so busy and you are so
much fun.

The joy of watching you girls
learning to crawl and walk and
then run.

The Laughter, the tears, the cuddles
the "Mommy I Love You" I remember
it all.

The nights you were sick and I was
scared to death, And all the Owies
from every fall.

I want to "THANK YOU" on this day
for giving me the honor to celebrate

For the two of you have made me
so proud, and " I Love You" both
more then words can say.

You have each grown into BEAUTIFUL
women and have so much to offer
this world.

And it makes me smile to know you
are still Mommie's little girls.

I know I will never go down in History
Like Shakespere or Mozart, but they
with all their talent could never
create two precious Masterpieces,
as the two of you that fill
my heart.

"Letting Go" of you both was the
hardest thing I've ever done.

But now you have gone on to have
your own Daughters and Sons.

May God Bless you and watch over you
and May All Your Dreams Come True..
And always remember the world is
such a better place because of the
Two of You.

There are no words to express the
LOVE I have for each of you and
remember, a Mother holds her Childs
hand for awhile but THEIR Hearts

MAY 11, 1996

Copyright 1999, Hope

Girls, I love you very, very much
and you are one of God's
Greatest Blessings in my life!!

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