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My Grandsons Little Story

Hello World!!!!!
My name is Conlan James.
I asked my Grandma to tell my story
for me cuz I'm so little and
my Grandma loves to write.
I remember being snug and safe
in my Mommys tummy.
And I noticed, I was starting to feel
alittle cramped, in my Mommys tummy.
I remember that I used to be able
to flip around, and kick my little feet.
My Mommy liked it, she would
giggle and rub her tummy.
I was getting excited to meet my family,
I could hear them,
but I wanted to see them.
And besides it wasn't as much fun
in Mommys tummy, since I didn't
have room to kick and do somersaults.
So I worked my way into
the birthing canal,and was getting ready
to meet my Mommy and Daddy,
and my brother and sister.
Well this is what I remember..................

I start pushing my way out, and Mommy
wakes up my Daddy and says
its time to go to the hospital.
I didn't really know what a hospital
was since I'm so little.
So Mommy and Daddy get in the car,
and we are off to the hospital.
Well, I just can't wait to see
my Mommy and her tummy was
squeasing me real hard, and
I could tell Mommy didn't like it either,
so I pushed with all my little might.
And I was almost out when Mommy
tells Daddy to pull over.
Well Daddy didn't listen,
we were going faster then ever.
I couldn't wait to get out
and see where we were going.
I heard my Mommy say Steve
( Thats my Daddys name)
the baby is coming,
and he says JUST WAIT!!
Now I am getting so close
and Daddy says wait, Sorry Daddy
here I come, I just
couldn't wait any longer!!
So I pushed a little harder,
and my Mommy had a hand
on my head, so after
another push I was out and
my Mommy was holding me.
She pulled on my little nose,
and kept rubbing my back, and saying
that she wanted me to cry.
So I did, I cried
cuz thats what babies do.
I remember I was so warm in
Mommys tummy and now it
was a little cool.
Daddy kept driving real fast,
and I was in Mommys arms.
My eyes were blurry and full
of tears, but I strained to keep
a look out, cuz I didn't
want to miss the hospital,
it must be a Special Place.
Cuz Daddy just couldn't
wait to get there!!!
So I am snuggled up to Mommys chest,
and I feel safe and a little cold.
I strained to get a look at Mommy
and she is so pretty!!!
And she is rubbing my back
OOOOHHH I have a nice Mommy.
Well Daddy finally stops the car
in front of some glass windows,
and he runs into the hospital,
me and Mommy wait in the car.
I didn't mind, from what I
could see, I couldn't figure out why
Daddy was in such a big hurry.
It was just a big building.
All of a sudden, people were
running out of the glass doors,
and this is where it gets scary...............

They take me and Mommy in
the hospital, and they take
me away from my Mommy.
And in my opinion, they are
a little rough, and I want
to be back with my Mommy!!!!!!!!!!
Then they are putting me in a warmer,
AAHH that feels good, and this
nurse sticks me with a Big Needle,
right in my little bitty foot.
That hurts and I start to cry,
and they keep squeezing my little foot.
Now I'm getting really mad and
I'm shaking my little arms at them.
I want my Mommy, but they
just keep poking and stretching me
they say 6lbs 6oz.
Who cares I think, then they
stretch my little legs,
and now they say I'm 19in.long,
thats it I'm telling My Mommy!!!!!!!!!
I now know that I don't
like hospitals, and if Daddy ever
wants to go again, I'm staying home!!!!
I keep hearing these ladies saying.......
Can you believe she delivered him,
on the way here, in the car???
I kept listening, and now
I get it, I was suppose
to be born in the hospital.
And My Mommy is a Hero!!!!!!!!
A doctor was suppose to deliver me.
But my Mommy did it better
then any old doctor could.
I sure do love my Mommy!!!
And Daddy was worried about me,
so he drove real fast,
to get me to the hospital.
My Daddy really doesn't like hospitals,
I was starting to worry about him.
I love my Daddy too!!
My Daddy sure can drive,
someday when I am much bigger,
I will let him teach me.
OH NO!!!!!!!!
Whats that Bright light over
and over and over, oh
its my Grandma's and Papa
they are taking my picture.......
they think that I'm real cute!!!
I guess I will have to get
use to this cuz this is
what, Grandma's and Papas do,
and they spoil little kids!!!!
I met my brother David,
and my sister Allison,
they seem nice!!!!!
I know I am going to love them!!
They were born in the hospital.
I will try real hard not
to tease them about that
when I get older, but I
can't promise, cuz I'm still so little!
I know that I am going
to like it here,
everybody seems to love me.
AND My Mommy and Daddy
are Heroe's.........
Well thats my little story,
I hoped that you liked it!!!!

Love, Conlan

Copyright 1999, Hope

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