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In Nomine: the Mile Higher Club
The Player Characters

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"The Mile Higher Club" refers not only to the name of the adventure, but the unspoken name of the team who lives it. These angels, chosen seemingly at random, have been tapped by the Archangel Michael for a project without instructions, initially without clear objectives, and in some cases without permission from their Superiors (until after the fact). Little wonder he's chosen Corat to lead--Corat, as Kyle put it, is the only angel who could work under conditions like that without eating bullets.

Like his Corps, Michael's "Mile Higher Club" is drawn from a diverse group of choirs and Superiors--perhaps too diverse, as unlike The Corps the group suffers from divisive Word tension. A few loose patterns have emerged:

The party has a staunch war faction. Not a surprise except none of them are directly servitors of Michael.

The party includes two angels from Los Angeles, a demon town that can barely spare them. Their experience at surviving being outgunned and outnumbered may prove useful.

The party has always included at least one redeemed demon, and at least one servitor of Yves, though who that is has varied over the weeks. It has also generally included an Elokite, though given the word tension that is just sensible. These are the poor souls who for various reasons are or were on the team. From the stern Swordsman to the huggy Mercurian, from the calm Elokite to the fiery Cherub, every one contributes something unique to the team--to the game--to the experience.

Mitchim, Seraph of Trade

and owner of the Tradewinds pawnshop. No-nonsense and serious. Finds Corat a bit flighty (forgive the pun).
First appearance: Forum post #3 (GM-shanghaied in #2). Played by Puck

Shenmachel, Seraph of the Sword

in the role of Gerhard Reuter, Interpol officer. "apparently a tall, blond man with light blue, almost grey eyes and a stern facial expression" and insanely perfect posture. First appearance, post #22. Played by Methariel
There is a clear tension with Corat, and a Swordsman's desire to end the life of any demon or sorcerer (presumably for trafficking with demons.)

David Rasche as inspiration for Shenmachel/Gerhard

Hamael, Malakite of the Sword, Angel of Dignity
his immediate supervisor. First appearance, post #833
Discreet and well dignified, not quite as uncompromising as his choir and service would imply. His Word sometimes requires him to let things go, to be handled privately.
"Portrayed" here by Adalbert Gunka, 1907 Austrio-Hungarian Hussar. Thanks to Flickr user josefnovak33 for permission to post the photo.

Rina-el, Mercurian of Flowers

Role of Jasmine the exotic dancer
Information central for Los Angeles
Allied: Corat (old friends, possibly more), Ryuki, peace faction
Associated or mixed feelings: Shenmachel,
She has a very flower personality--warmhearted, demonstrative, forgiving, even flirtatious. Which drives Seraphim to fits! Describes herself as an "old friend" of Corat's. First appearance, post #37. Post #13 is her first appearance, on the other end of a phone conversation, as an NPC. Played by Sylver

Zahira, Bright Lilim of Faith.

Role of a Roman Catholic nun (Sisters of Charity)

Young- at least in celestial standards. She saw/did some things that she sees as horrible while serving Factions. She doesn't quite realize that she was the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Faith redeemed her and in her mind faith can redeem anyone. Khalid may not share her optimism or enthusiasm, but believes it's better to let her learn for herself than insist that she is wrong. He has made it very clear though that if she chooses to take anyone as her personal case that he would normally recommend killing then she is responsible for any harm that they do during that time. She understands that her battles are ones that must be chosen carefully, but she doesn't believe that you should just give up on anyone. She is how ever as much of a realist as an idealist can be and knows that sometimes the consequences of saving one will be the loss of many more and those are tough decisions, but Khalid has faith that she will make the right ones.
First appearance, post #317
played by alexondria

Ashbel, Cherub of Fire

role of Ashlee "Ash" Kuhman, firefighter. He finds it wildly ironic to be the voice of reason in this party, having come from a Superior of Fire and madness. First appearance in "Homicide, Genocide, Rivercide" chat session and follow up in post #388.
played by radlilim


Sunae Kitagawa, Soldier of Fire

Her family have hunted demons on Gabriel's behalf for several generations now, and she has the scars to prove it. She also has a full body tattoo despite being Japanese, and presumably not yakuza. First appearance, post #773
played by ladyarcana55

Da'at, Elokite of Destiny

Calm, insightful, in the role of Dr. Glen Norton, professor of music. No one quite lays out all the facts with the poetry of Da'at. First appearance in post #380. played by Qed

Nain, Bright Lilim of Destiny

Role of bartender Mirabells Whitestone with a personality to pull that off nicely, friendly and inquisitive. First appearance, "Release the Bats" chat session. Last post #331. Played by Mysteris

Aaronebat, Elohite of Destiny

role of Aaron Reliford, a traveling motivational speaker. First appearance post #50, last is post #234? Played by rudeboyscott