Words/Phrases DEFINED: 'spontaneist conceptions of pedagogic action'. Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES used in his QUALIA III Monograph.

Words/Phrases DEFINED:
"spontaneist conceptions of pedagogic action"

"spontaneist conceptions of pedagogic action"
The GENERAL CONTEXT of such use is:
spontaneist conceptions of pedagogic action:
Awareness of the arbitrariness of a particular mode of imposition or a given cultural arbitrary does not imply apprehension of the two-fold arbitrariness of pedagogic action. On the contrary, the most radical challenges to a pedagogic power are always inspired by the self-destructive Utopia of a pedagogy without arbitrariness or by the spontaneist Utopia which accords the individual the power to find within himself the principle of his own 'fulfillment'. All these Utopias constitute an instrument of ideological struggle for groups who seek, through denunciation of a pedagogic legitimacy, to secure for themselves the monopoly of the legitimate mode of imposition (e.g. in the eighteenth century, the role of discourse on 'tolerance' in the critique with which the new strata of intellectuals strove to destroy the legitimacy of the Church's power of symbolic imposition). The idea of a 'culturally-free' pedagogic action, exempt from arbitrariness in both the content and the manner of its imposition, presupposes a misrecognition of the objective truth of pedagogic action in which there is still expressed the objective truth of a violence whose specificity lies in the fact that it generates the illusion that it is not violence.
academic brio
a theory of classes
cultural arbitrary
educational system legitimacy
'in absentia' - the realities of legitimation
'laissez-faire' habitus in society
language of authority
misrecognition versus legitimacy
negative societal parameters
pedagogic action
pedagogic authority
pedagogic communications
pedagogic conservatism
pedagogical judgement
pedagogic justification
pedagogical mediations
pedagogical relations
pedagogic work
pedagogic order and ambition
pedagogic work and educational systems summarized
professorial charisma
properties of an educational and social system
reality and the misconceptions of sociologists
ruling class
social conditions
societal hierarchies
societal structure
societal miscegenation
social functions of pedagogic violence
symbolic violence
the educational system demand
the legitimacy of educational degrees
the negative sociology of 'the general interest'
the relative autonomy of the educational system
the relative independence of educational systems
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