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9 February 2014: More photos have been added.

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18 October 2013: Everyone had a blast at East End Lights' Elton Expo in Vegas earlier this month. See some of Amanda Anderson's great photos here.

29 September: See the amazing 1971 Swedish video find on YouTube, which we've embedded on the homepage. Lots of Nigel & Dee!

12 September 2013: I would like to apologize for the lack of updates. Thank you for your patience and continuing interest.

Some photos have been added, and I will be adding older ones throughout the photo galleries over the next few weeks.
Nigel is doing great and is looking forward to the upcoming Million Dollar Piano shows in Las Vegas, as well as the upcoming tour in the USA. Please keep checking Elton's site for all the latest tour dates and information.
Elton and the band will be performing at the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, and on the Ellen Degeneres Show on September 25th. As you may have already heard, Elton's band will be doing a Q&A and autograph session at East End Lights' Elton Expo in Las Vegas on October 5th.

19 October 2012: See Nigel's interview with the Las Vegas Sun

15 August: We are saddened to report the passing of bassist Bob Birch. Godspeed, Bob.

1 May: See Notes from Nigel.

20 February: See Notes from Nigel for a link to John Force's new music video "Black and Yellow."

9 February 2012: More photos of Nigel's incredible new kit can be seen here, and there is a small feature about the kit on Elton's site.

25 December: Merry Christmas! Please see Notes from Nigel for his holiday greeting.

29 November: A big thank-you to NOFC member Sue Moses, who has shared with us some photos from The Million Dollar Piano show she attended on November 1st.

3 November: Classic Drummer magazine, a quarterly publication, features an interview with Nigel in their latest issue. Congratulations to our friend Jody Towles: Classic Drummer liked his photo of Nigel so much they featured it as the inset on their cover!

17 October: The Million Dollar Piano shows are in full swing in Las Vegas, and Nigel is playing a gorgeous new kit from DW Drums that you can check out here.

23 August: See Notes from Nigel.

2 August: Two beautiful new live shots from this summer by our friend Giancarlo Santacroce can be found here. Nigel says these are some of the best recent photos of him!

We hope to have information soon from Classic Drummer magazine regarding their latest issue, which will feature a a Q&A with Nigel. Stay tuned!

26 July: Live photos have been added from July 2010 onwards. We're always looking for submissions, so please keep them coming! You can email jpgs to us at

29 June: Nigel's on tour in Europe, but took a moment to send a message asking everyone to please go to ESPN's website to vote for his friend John Force (Driver of the Year) in this year's ESPYs. Voting runs through July 9th.

11 April: MusicRadar has published an exclusive interview with Nigel, done during the week of March 27th when Elton and the band were in New York City for Saturday Night Live.

7 March: It's hard to believe it, but March marks our anniversary, and this is our 13th! Thank you for your support of this website and your endless love and support of Nigel.

Nigel sends his thanks to those of you who sent emails and cards for his birthday!

3 February 2011: Please use the link on the homepage to cast write-in votes for Nigel and John Mahon at the annual Modern Drummer Readers Poll.

Nigel's 62nd birthday (February 10th) is quickly approaching. If you would like to send him an email greeting, please get it to us by February 8th and we will forward it to him.

29 January 2011: See Notes from Nigel.

28 December: See Notes from Nigel.

23 December: See Notes from Nigel. Thank you to everyone who sent Christmas cards for Nigel & Schanda!

21 November: See Notes from Nigel.

4 November: Nigel is so excited about last night's show with Elton & Leon Russell at The Hollywood Palladium, he sat right down and wrote us a note.

6 October: The Fan Q & A with Nigel is up! Thanks to everyone who contributed a question.

5 October: See Notes from Nigel.

27 September: We've added a note from Nigel, and a review (link on the homepage) to a review of the Rock Nation show last night.

18 August: We've gotten a lot of great questions for Nigel, but are extending the deadline to this Saturday, August 21st, so please send your question in if you haven't already!

Nigel, Davey, Bob, John, and Kim will be backing Ben Babylon at the Rock Nation tribute to The Elton John Band on September 26th.

3 August: We are joining forces with and collecting FAN QUESTIONS for Nigel. Do you have an interesting/unique question about his work & career you'd like to ask? If so, send it to us by August 14th. We'll choose the best ones and pass them along to Nigel to answer for a future feature.

See Notes from Nigel for his latest missive

1 July: You can purchase Buckeye's version of Ronn Price & Nigel's "Rainy Day" from iTunes by clicking on the link on our homepage.

Ashley Force Hood has done a great public service announcement regarding texting and driving, which can be viewed on our homepage. If you have teenagers in your house, please make sure they see this!

15 June: See Notes from Nigel

10 April: A recent interview with Nigel can be found here.

1 April: Some photos from February have been added.

28 March: The fan club & website are 12 years old this month! Added a photo from Denver this past February. Thanks, Caryl!

5 March: Ben Babylon's tribute to his father can now be found on iTunes. See our homepage for the link.

28 February: We've added a page called Notes from Nigel to gather Nigel's messages to us throughout the year.

11 February 2010: An interview with Nigel from last November has just been published. A link can be found on the homepage, and on the Nigel Media page.

30 January 2010: An old bandmate of Nigel's has put up an excellent website chronicling his early career at

30 December: The lovely folks at Sticks 'n' Skins have sent us a jpg of Nigel's page in their fabulous book. It can be found on the Nigel Media page.

22 December: Nigel's Christmas message can be found on the homepage.

19 October: Nigel has sent us two messages, which appear on the homepage. A big thank you to everyone who sent messages of encouragement & support upon the death of Guy Babylon, and to everyone who participated in the memorial chat a few weeks ago.

2 August: Added photos from Nigel's 1500th gig in Bristol on June 13th. Thanks, Carl!

17 July: Added a video posted by WGN in Chicago, where a F2F show took place last night...Nigel is shown right in the very beginning.

10 July: Added some recent tourbook photos (thanks Jan!). Will be adding photos from last year in Swansea and this year in Bristol (Nigel's 1,500th show) very soon.

13 June: Linked to's piece on Nigel's 1,500th gig today. Congratulations to Nigel!

6 June: On June 13th, Nigel will be playing his 1,500th gig with Elton, at The County Ground, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club in Bristol, England. Elton's website will be featuring this special day, so make sure you check them out.

1 June: Moved Dre's "Elton's Last Day" video to our video page, and added a link to Sticks 'n' Skins, a book about drummers coming out this summer. Please sign up on their site so you can be among the first to know when it's coming out!

28 May: Updated our FAQs page.

3 May: Added some old photos from the Olssons' personal collection.

1 May: Nigel says "I'm very sad that we did our final show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It's been five years of great fun, wonderful people and we have made lots of friends there. I hope that we can go back there again someday for another lengthy engagement."

30 April: Nigel has autographed a pair of yellow Ferrari Motosport shoes which is being auctioned on eBay to benefit Hillsides. Nigel wore the shoes a couple of times onstage with Elton.

We've also added a link at the top of on our Media/Archives page...thanks Allen!

29 April: We've added a new video interview (on the homepage and the Video Vault page) from Paiste cymbals with Nigel and Billy Joel's drummer Chuck Bergi. Thanks Jennifer!

26 April: Nigel and the rest of the band is now home from Vegas, relaxing for a few days before the next leg of the Face 2 Face tour starts on May 2nd. Lucky Californians and other intrepid fans can see the band in a more informal setting at The Canyon Club tonight as they help out at Lupin Hill Elementary School's semi-annual benefit.

29 March: Please read our FAQs page for an update about autographed photos.

We've also added a photo of Justin's birthday cake (second photo down)

14 March: We've put up some photos from Nigel's birthday extravaganza in Las Vegas, which started on February 8th.
"Dear All
Thanx so much for all your Cards Letters Gifts
and Wishes for my big 60th birthday
You are so thoughtful
Love, Nigel XXXX"

19 February: Nigel had a fabulous 60th birthday in Las Vegas on the 10th. He sends his love and thanks for all the well wishes from all of you!

12 January: Added a photo of Nigel in the Fireflies, which may be the earliest professional photo of him in existence...thanks John!

11 January: Mohegan Sun photos from last November are up...thanks Lyn!

10 January 2009: As you know, Nigel's schedule has been nuts this past year. He's at home relaxing with the lovely Schanda before embarking on the South American tour, and has sent us this greeting for the new year.

We have some photos from last year (Atlantic City, Hershey, Mohegan Sun) to post...will try to get to it soon.

We've updated our numbers, finally!

November 4: Nigel's sent us more photos from the ACDelco Las Vegas Nationals.

November 3: Some photos from Winnipeg and Nigel's big Ashley Force adventure in Vegas this past weekend have been added. Photos from Atlantic City this past July are being worked on, I promise!

September 23: Added a link on the homepage to Best Buy, who are now taking pre orders for The Red Piano DVD/CD set being released in October.

August 12: Added photos from April, and the Perth, Scotland show on July 6th.

July 14: Added a few photos from the summer European tour.

April 25: Added a new photo of Nigel from the recent show in Anaheim, California. Thanks to Christopher Victorio for granting us permission to use his work.

April 23: We just received the very sad news that Paul Davis passed away yesterday at the age of 60. He was a dear friend of Nigel & Schanda's and, as many of you know, the sonic genius behind Nigel's songs "Dancin' Shoes," "A Little Bit of Soap" and "Thinking of You." Here is a short piece on Paul from CNN.

April 21: We have a new Message Board at Yuku. If you would like to sign up for it, make sure you are a member of the NOFC first. If you have an EZBoards account, you know that EZBoards migrated to Yuku recently, and your EZBoards username can be used on Yuku. Please email me through the website if you have any questions.

Nice blog with photos from the Anaheim concert this past Saturday night.

April 3rd: We remember the late great bassist Dee Murray today, on what would have been his 62nd birthday.

Elton and the band will be playing the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hottest Pink Party Ever! at the Waldorf Astoria, New York City on April 8th. The band will fly home afterwards

March 25: Nigel's sent us a photo and message regarding our 10th anniversary!

February 22: Added a link to the homepage to Drum! Magazine's website, where you can vote for Nigel and John Mahon. Also a link to Larry King's page on CNN, where you can submit a question for Elton via email for his appearance on King's show which will be taped on Sunday, February 24th at Elton's annual Oscar party (the show will air Monday night, check your local listings). There is supposed to be behind the scenes coverage; the band will be playing, with their wives in attendance, so hopefully we will get a glimpse of them!

February 12: Our newest/littlest member, Lisa Ann & Clay's son Kenny, can be seen here.

February 10: It's Nigel's 59th birthday!

January 25: Information has been posted regarding how you can send a card to Nigel for his birthday on February 10th.
Please don't forget to vote in Modern Drummer Readers Poll if you haven't already.

January 5, 2008: Please vote in the annual Modern Drummer Readers Poll. Let's get Nigel elected into the Hall of Fame where he belongs! Please vote for him as Best Pop Drummer, John Mahon as Best Percussionist...and "60 Years On" as Best Recorded Performance.

December 14: Nigel's annual holiday greeting is here. Also check out Nigel's ad for Synsonics Drums on our video page (thanks, Schanda!).

December 1: As reported on our message board on November 28, Nigel's informed us that he appears in a recent drag racing blog at Please scroll down to Saturday, October 27th.

November 19: Added info on how you can send a Christmas card to Nigel and Schanda, and also updated our FAQs page.

November 9: Updated the homepage to include links to for the recent releases "Concert for Diana" and "Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino."

October 9: We send our condolences to John Mahon & family on the passing of John's mother.

September 15: Nigel sent us a message after the recent concert in Paris.

August 10: Added a few photos of Nigel and of our friends.
Thanks to Nannette for pointing us to the great Friends-era video that's turned up on YouTube, which we've added to the homepage.

(No, we didn't go months without updating the site. Many times the changes appear on the homepage, such as the Modern Drummer readers' poll results.)

April 29: Nigel's sent us some photos he took in February of his new drumkit "Annette."

April 3: Added a photo from 1980 that we just acquired from eBay.

March 31: Added a photo by Nannette Bac from the birthday concert. As always, thanks, Nan!

March 28: Added a FAQ.

March 27: Added two pages of photos from Elton's 60th birthday concert this past Sunday.

March 3: Added a link to singer Adam Chester's website. Interesting reading and photo galleries!

Every March, I have to pinch myself...we are now 9 years old.

February 27: Caryl's sent us two photos from the concert in Albuquerque this past weekend. Thanks Caryl!

February 17: Nigel thanks everyone for the lovely Christmas & birthday cards, and all the email greetings for his birthday. He had a great day with a cake backstage at Caesars; Elton sang "Happy Birthday to You" to him from the stage.

Modern Drummer magazine's readers' poll is closed; we've put up a link to a new one at Drum! magazine.

Later on February 10: Four gorgeous photos just in from Nigel of his new drumkit, taken at a show in Las Vegas this past week!

February 10: Happy Birthday to Nigel! Thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings; they are being sent on to Nigel in Las Vegas.

January 18: We've added a link to Ticketmaster for presales of tickets to Elton's 60th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden.

January 15: We've added a link to Modern Drummer magazine, whose interview with Nigel and John Mahon will hit the newsstands on January 30th.

January 7: Added a new FAQ. Always look at the top of the page for any additions.

January 4, 2007: Happy New Year! We've added a link to a new fan site for Guy Babylon.

December 31: Added some more videos. Thanks Kev! Have also added photos from Kendall's birthday party, from the late '70s, and some live shots from July 2005 and September 2005 (thanks Kristen!).

December 18: Added a link to the Modern Drummer Readers Poll on the homepage...please take a moment to cast votes for Nigel and John Mahon! Thank you!

December 16: Nigel has sent us his annual Holiday Greeting.

November 19: Added a link under Friends & Family to a YouTube video by our pal Kevlar. Also, it's that time of year again where you can send a Christmas card to Nigel & Schanda; email me for the address.

November 6: Gary from Canada has sent us two photos from last night's show in Hamilton, Ontario. Also added a couple of photos to the page from 1980-1982.

November 1: Added some photos to the Friends of the NOFC page.

October 16: Added an excerpted transcript from the Dark Diamond chat with Matt Still last month, in which he talks about the recording of The Captain and the Kid.

Later on October 14th: Added photos from Atlantic City NJ on the 7th. Thanks Nan!

October 14th: QVC has posted clips from last night's live broadcast from Las Vegas.

October 9th: More photos from the tour! Thank you Jan!

October 4th: Have added to the pix from The Captain and the Kid tour to include San Jose and Seattle. Thanks to everyone who's been sending photos in. More to come...

September 19th: Caryl has sent us some fab photos from Salt Lake City last night, which make up our FIFTIETH page of photos. Thank you Caryl! (See Caryl's synopsis of the show on!)

September 9th: Added a video from Poland (Sept. 2nd)

September 7th: Nannette Bac has sent us two photos from last night's concert at the Rose Theater. THANK YOU NANNETTE!

September 5th: It's Elton Week in Manhattan! Elton and the band will be playing a Fashion Rocks pre-party on the 6th at the Rose Theater in Lincoln Center to benefit EJAF, doing The Early Show on CBS on the 7th, and Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall the night of the 7th. On the 8th, get your VCRs ready for CBS's broadcast of Fashion Rocks (9 PM Eastern), and on the 10th make sure you get online by 7 PM Eastern to catch the webcast of the Rose Theater concert. For links, please see our homepage.

August 18th: Lunch Around the World Philly Style has sent us updated info. Please see our message board. We've added a video from YouTube for your viewing enjoyment!

August 1: Nigel's had Tony Smith send us a fabulous new photo from Las Vegas.

July 23: Schanda's sent us a few photos from over the almost 20 years she and Nigel have been together. Thank you Schanda!

July 7: Nigel's sent us a photo of himself, Guy and part of the crew waiting to go in to the EuroPride concert this past Sunday.

July 2: We now have a Video Gallery. Unfortunately, AOL no longer appears to be archiving the Live8 footage...if anyone knows of a link, please let us know!

June 26: Back in March Nigel gave us a very enthusiastic blurb about the forthcoming album Captain and the Kid, but management asked us to hold off publishing it. We've just gotten the go-ahead, and you can read it here.

June 21: See Nigel's Gear for a new link to his page on DW Drums' site, and some updated comments from Chris on Nigel's kits.

June 14: Kevlar has sent us a few photos from backstage at the Charlton Athletic Club gig on the 4th. Thanks Kev!

May 16: Several new photos have been added to our Friends page.

May 3: Bruce Morton has sent us a photo from this past weekend at Buttonwillow. Thanks Bruce!

April 26: Nigel will be at VARA's British Extravaganza this weekend in California. Good luck Nige!

April 16: Happy Easter! Added our pal Tam Johnstone's MySpace site. Tam's new album Mountain Rescue may soon be available for downloading.

March 15: Added a photo of Nigel from June 2005 on the English tour. Thanks John!

March 12: Added a couple of photos from last September. Thanks Anthony!

March 8: The NOFC is 8 years old!

While you are voting for Nigel in the Modern Drummer poll, we hope you will also vote for John Mahon in the Best Percussionist category.

February 26: Added a link from the homepage to a couple of video clips from the benefit at Caesars Palace on the 20th.

February 5: Added a countdown to Nigel's birthday on the 10th, and a link to Modern Drummer magazine's online reader's poll. Please vote Nigel into their Hall of Fame and as Pop drummer of the year.

January 14: Info on how to send Nigel a birthday card for his big day on February 10th can be found here, as well as the deadline. We hope to be able to send cards directly to Las Vegas where Elton and the boys will be playing.

The Links page has been added to and rearranged a bit, and we've moved the short video of Nigel at Sam Ash from 9/11/00 off the homepage and onto the Media/Archives page. If you missed Nigel's little Holiday Greeting for 2005, it's now on its own page.

January 6, 2006: Happy New Year! Nigel's answered one of the most reoccuring FAQs that we get. He's currently preparing to go back into the studio with Elton and the rest of the boys this month.

December 31, 2005: Nigel and Schanda send their thanks for all the lovely Christmas cards you sent this year.

Unearthed photos from Tallahassee 2003, and Isabel's Tabernacle stills from November 2004. Happy New Year!

December 26: Added Nigel's congratulations to Elton and David to the homepage.

December 23: It's snowing at! And Nigel, fresh back from London, sends us his annual holiday greeting.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the NOFC this know who you are, and so do I. Thank you also for all the Christmas cards for Nigel and Schanda. Cheers, Noreen

December 6: Info on how to send Nigel a Christmas card can be found here.

December 5: Lots of FAQs added...thank you Sonia!

December 2: Added a countdown clock to the Red Piano special on NBC here in the States on the 12th, and a couple of links.

November 12: Finally, photos and reports from this fall.

November 7: Thanks to Nigel and Schanda, we have a new Chat Room. Several NOFC members have test-driven it and we are ready to roll with a chat this Wednesday, November 9th at 10 PM Eastern. Please read the info and follow the procedure outlined so you can join us!
On another note, I apologise for the lack of updates. My family and I have been going full tilt since school started on September 19th. I do have photos from the recent Captain Fantastic concerts, fan reports, and other goodies to post, which I hope to get to within the next couple of weeks now that marching band season has ended.

September 14: Schanda's unearthed a great photo of Nigel at Caribou Ranch in 1974. Added a link on the homepage to information on the Big Apple for the Big Easy concert on the 20th in New York City, which Elton and the band will be taking part in.

September 8: Added a link on the homepage to the video clip (17 minutes!) of Elton and the boys in Rome on September 3rd. Great quality, and lots of nice shots of Nigel playing his drumkit "Pinky."

August 30: Added a couple of new sites to our links page, including one for Billy Joel drummer Liberty Devitto. Nice to see his site back up!

August 18: Added a photo from Wayne Olsson's 50th birthday back in June.

August 1: Added a link to Angel Air Records. If you don't already have Mick Grabham and Ray Fenwick's Guitar Orchestra album, you may want to pick it up. Worth the price of admission just to hear Nigel wailing on "Ghost Town"!

July 30: Added an item (dated 7/27) to the long-neglected Newsflash page that you may have missed if you don't read the Message Board with any regularity.

July 25: Nigel has sent us a letter detailing all his latest exploits, and within the letter you will find a link to two brand-new photos from this summer that you won't find anywhere an exclusive bit of info!

July 21: Isabel has kindly given us the pick of her Live8 screen shots of Nigel. YOU ROCK, ISABEL!! We have also added a link to the UK website from whom you can purchase the re-release of Peachtree Road, one of the verisons of which comes with a DVD from last year's show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta.

July 19: Haven't updated the Stats page in a while. We are now up to 1,078 members!

July 13: You may have noticed new front-page links to DW Drums which were added the other day...Nigel is finally being featured on their website. This was a long time coming and you may recognise a few photos in their magazine as being ones they so kindly shared with us this past Spring. We've also added a link on the Media/Archives page that you might enjoy.

July 9: Added a photo on Friends of the NOFC, and some new photos have been scattered throughout the early '70s photos. Enjoy! Also tidied up the Netscape homepage, which was missing some links (many apologies!). The Archives page has been combined with the Media page (which has been updated to eliminate dead links).

July 7: Added a link on the homepage to the Elton John Band's performance at Live8, which is now available on demand at AOL.

July 6: More Plastic Penny items, and another photo from Lupin Hill.

June 28: Added photos to the Plastic Penny page, 1971-1972 page, and added a 1972-1973 page. Also added a photo to the Friends of the NOFC page.

June 27: Added a photo from Chicago this past April (to the Spring 2005 page), and some photos from Shannon taken at the Lupin Hill benefit in May.

June 26: Added links to the Live8 and Philadelphia Freedom Concert sites on the homepage. I'll soon be finally getting around to putting up some photos from Lupin Hill as well as some other things I've collected over the past few months...patience please!

April 19: Nigel's just informed us that he will not be drumming, but singing backup on three or four songs at the Lupin Hill benefit.

April 18: Added a few shots from the F1 sessions in Las Vegas.

April 16: We now have info on this year's Lupin Hill School benefit in California. Nigel expects to perform on three Elvis Presley songs.

March 23: New photos from DW Drums of "F1," and live shots from Orlando Florida from last weekend.

Incredibly, it's our 7th Anniversary this month! Thanks to all of you for your unflagging enthusiasm and support of Nigel, and this website.

March 15: New photo up of Nigel and his 360 Ferrari Modena.

March 12: John Mahon kindly sent us some photos from Caesar's taken February 23rd, when Elton and the band recorded with B.B. King for his forthcoming album. In the background you can see Nigel's newest drumkit, "F1." According to Nigel, "It is painted Ferrari red fading into Jordan Grand Prix yellow." He's been using it in Vegas since last October and we hope to have more photos of it soon courtesy of DW Drums.

March 10: Nigel thanks everyone for their birthday cards they sent...see the message from him on the front of the website.

March 6: Elton is ill and he has had to cancel the first few shows on the tour. Please keep checking for the latest news and info about rescheduling.

February 23: Happy Birthday to Nigel's drum tech Chris Sobchack! Chris is the guy who keeps Nigel's kit looking and sounding so great on the road, and keeps Nigel together on the road in general. We don't know what Nigel would do without you, Chris!

February 19: Nigel appeared at the Vic Firth and Paiste booths at the NAMM convention on January 21st...and we have a couple of pics. Sorry for the delay!

February 16: Nigel celebrated his 56th birthday on the 10th. No show in Vegas that night, but our friend Carol Conrad tells us that at the show on the 9th Elton led a singalong of "Happy Birthday To You" and everyone was treated to Nigel's smiling face on the big screen for the entire song. Here's to a wonderful year ahead for him! (Thanks to everyone who sent cards and good wishes.)

February 1: Updated the NOFC Gear page—we now accept Visa and MasterCard.

January 27, 2005: Updated the Stats page, added some news to Newsflash which you have probably already read on the Message Board, and added a Q&A to the FAQs page. Email us if you would like to learn how to get a birthday card to Nigel in time for February 10th.

December 14, 2004: Nigel's annual Holiday Greeting is in. If you would like to send Nigel a Christmas (or New Year's) card this year, please email us for instructions.

November 29: Added a few photos by Lisa from the Tabernacle show.

November 20: Kevlar at the Peachtree Road Playback and Caryl's Vegas report (scroll down) are up, as well as an older (but new to us) fan pic.

October 24: Added a new Link to Front Row Foto, who you may have noticed on eBay recently.

October 19: Added a reminder to shop for Elton's Peachtree Road on November 9th...Nigel should be all over it!

August 6: Added more RCMH pics in between the two existing pages, and some screen shots for your viewing enjoyment. Also a promo shot from 1975 (thanks Kathy!).

July 22: Some fabulous photos of Elton and the Band taking their bows at Radio City have been added. THANK YOU, NANNETTE!

July 21: Updated the Links page...found a few dead ones, unfortunately, but added some new ones. Do we not link to your site? Email me and let me know what your URL is, and send us your banner if you have one.

July 19: Added more Wembley pics from July 1st and 3rd, courtesy Kevlar and Winko. THANKS MATES!

Hoping to have some from Elton & the band's triumphant run at Radio City Music Hall in NYC for you soon. Keep checking back!

Later on July 8th: Just got a handful of photos of Nigel at the Hop Farm gig—great shots, Caroline!

July 8: Pics from Amherst (April) and Wembley (July) are up, check them out! More pics from Wembley to come, stay tuned.
A newcomer just asked me how many people have joined the club, thinking "how many could it be, as no one else I know even knows who [Nigel] is..." I haven't updated the Stats page in a while and had to count the forms sitting in our inbox, and I'm happy to say we have passed the 900 mark!

June 22: Thanks to Kay Johnstone, we now have a list of merchandise still available from the Lupin Hill School benefit. Don't wait to order, especially if you want something that is in low quantity. Please email Noreen if you have any questions after reading the Merchandise page.
Nigel greatly enjoyed the band gigs over in England, and he's now revving up for the orchestra shows in Birmingham and London starting on the 28th.

June 3: Updated the Media page a bit...a lot of old stuff has been taken off-line, unfortunately. But I've located a fairly recent interview with Liberty DeVitto in which he mentions Nigel, which is nice. Asterisks indicate websites that still have articles, interviews, photos and video up (when's the last time you watched the Columbia House video?!). One of these days I'll dig through my archives and attempt to put up some of this stuff...but in the meanwhile, enjoy what's there!

May 6: Happy Birthday Davey Johnstone! Please check out the Lupin Hill page for info we've just gotten on how you can pre-order DVDs of the concert. Orders must be received in CA by the 17th. Please DON'T email Noreen about this, the only info she has is what's up on the website.

April 23: Added info on the Lupin Hill benefit. Please keep checking back for merchandise info.

April 20: Added Shannon's fan report about the April 3rd show in Vegas. Thank you Shannon! Also added another new promo shot of Nigel...scroll down to the bottom of the page. (Warning: may cause heart palpitations!)

April 19: Added a few pics from backstage at the Mullins Center on the 17th. Hope to have some live shots within the upcoming week. THANKS NAN!

March 28: See Newsflash for info on the second annual Lupin Hill School benefit.

March 14: Nigel was kind enough to take a moment out from packing to go home from the recording studio to send us a message regarding the website's 6th anniversary.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words on the message board...I couldn't run this site without your constant enthusiasm and support.

March 12: It's our 6th anniversary...thank you everyone!
Please see News Flash for news about Nigel's kit Bobby.

Also, please keep checking back for news about another Lupin Hill School benefit this spring...we're just waiting for more details.

February 11: Nigel's 55th birthday was yesterday. He and Schanda are now in Las Vegas with the rest of the band, and they are prepping for Elton's upcoming shows at Caesars Palace which start on the 13th. Have fun with the Happy Birthday mouse trail on the homepage, and enjoy some "new" photos taken by Susan Myers last year which we have FINALLY gotten our hands on! Also, our pal Kevlar has gotten us the original CD cover concept for Move the Universe, which is really great.

January 22: Sharron C. has sent us a nice photo of herself and Nigel from last year. See it on Friends of the NOFC.

January 15: Chris has sent us a photo of Nigel at work in the studio, which you can find on the Bobby in Atlanta page. This page may be a slow-loader now...sorry about that, but I didn't want to reduce the photos. We also just received (after much trial and error) two photos from backstage at Wembley from this past December, from our pal Kevlar. Thank you Chris and Kev!
Later that same day...more pics from Tilo (from the Hamburg gig in December), added to the bottom of On the Road, Page 3. Keep 'em coming, folks...

January 12, 2004: Happy New Year! Nigel's drum tech Chris has sent us a few photos of Nigel's kit in the studio in Atlanta, where Elton and the band are recording Elton's new studio album.

December 20: Nigel's annual holiday greeting is in. Thank you, Nigel and Schanda!

December 15: Added a few new pictures from Manchester, England and Hamburg. Thank you Jean and Tilo for sharing these with us!

November 26: Added 2 new pics taken of Nigel in Georgia last week, and one from last year (top of the page). Enjoy!

November 12: Added some information to the bottom of the Dudgeons' memorial page which I should have added last year...for some reason I was having immense difficulties getting the document to scan properly. Thanks again to those who took part.

November 11: When it rains, it pours: a few photos from a visit to the set of The Getaway, way back when. Also, info on how to send Nigel a holiday greeting.

November 11: New pics of Nigel in the Tyrrell 001 racecar can be seen here.

November 5: More pics of Bobby.

October 26: Nigel's new recording kit can be seen here.

October 22: Please see News Flash.

October 10: Please see News Flash.

August 27: Just added a new counter to index2.

August 26: I'm proud to announce that as of 25 August 2003, and the NOFC have formally merged. (In other words, anyone who types "" will immediately get redirected to the Fan Club website.) Many thanks to Razor Face, Kimberly, Cris, and most of all Schanda for getting this done.

As of now, 9ee's Gear (Nigel's merchandise site) is closed. If you have an outstanding order, please email me and let me know, and I will help get it sorted for you.

August 7: Maria Murray has sent us some new pics of her and Dee's children.

Friends of the NOFC has had an addition, and the Warpipes page has been cleaned up and amended a little bit.

August 1&5: Added a link to PBS in the United States. Some stations will be showing a 10-song selection from the Royal Opera House concert this month. Check your local listings...Nigel was very much in evidence at this show!

I'm trying to revamp the Photo Galleries, so please be patient if you hit a page with little or no photos, or the order doesn't appear to make any sense. Right now the first 6 or so pages are re-done, in chronological order, and there are a few pics new to the site that you might enjoy looking for.

July 24: Added a couple of photos to Friends of the NOFC. This is a very big page...please allow time for all the photos to load. (PS: Alecia, please email me, I lost your original email with your whole name and the location where you met Nigel!)

July 18: Added link to an article about Nigel in the Portland Tribune. I'll archive this as well. Thanks to Janice for alerting me to this!

July 9: Nigel will be at the Portland Historics races this weekend, and he gets a nice mention on their website (click on the link!).

May 23: Nigel talks about the David Sneddon album.

We've added new pics from Schanda & Justin's recent trip to London, some road pics, Plastic Penny pics, and some very recent racing pics. Enjoy!

May 20: Added a link to David Sneddon's website on the Index page (Hear and See). All of Elton's band play on the majority of England's "Fame Academy" winner's debut release, and the results are wonderful! Hugh Padgham produced the album. Nigel is very proud of his involvement and if you are a fan of solid pop music we encourage you to pick up a copy! (And NO, Nigel is not getting royalties! ;-)) Anyone outside of the UK should be able to order it from AmazonUK...their service is superb. Nigel also appears on the latest Plastic Penny release from Germany's Repertoire Records (their website at is not up yet), called The Best of and Rarities. It is 8 tracks longer than its '70s equivalent, Heads I Win, Tales You Lose (but does not include Elton & Bernie's "Turn to Me," which is really a shame). I will post the full track list ASAP as well as the photos (beauties all!). See the list of import/rare release websites on the Move the Universe page for places to check for this CD.

On a less lighthearted note, I've posted a revised statement regarding the large amount of requests I have to field each week. Please take a moment to read it. The statement doesn't apply to the majority of you (bless you!) but everytime there is a tour I find I need to repeat myself over and over in emails, so hopefully this will cover everything.

May 7: We've added a link to Chris Sobchack (Nigel's wonderful drum tech)'s band Four Star Mary's site, so those of you in England can try to catch them on their upcoming tour. All the best to you, Chris!

March 13, 2003: OK, this isn't much of an update I know, but this month marks the 5th birthday of the NOFC, so I thought I'd blow our horn a little bit.

We've grown to 688 registered members, a number that doesn't even begin to include all the folks who drop by without signing up (hey, that's cool, I know better than anyone that life is sometimes too short to be sitting around filling out forms), and we are the only fan-run website that provides a link to (in case you've never seen it, go to LIFE and then click on "Links").

I don't know if I say it enough, but I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who visit the website, email me, post to the message board, and chat. To put it simply: without you, this club would not exist. Special thanks to those of you who take the time to fill out the 'comments' section when you join, and those of you who email me saying how much you appreciate the existence of this site—you make my day, and make what I am doing so worthwhile. Please know that I often pass your comments along to Nigel, who is very grateful to read them. Your love for him is so evident, and he thanks you for it and sends it back to you.

Again, thank you!