Drums, Drums, Drums!

Premier kit

Nigel with his double-bass kit by Premier, at the Troubadour club
California, August 1970
Uni Records press kit photo

press 2

Uni Records press kit photo

Slingerland kit

Nigel's double-bass kit by Slingerland...probably 1971
from the 1972 tourbook
© 1972 Michael Ross

'Mick the Lad'

Early '70s...this photo appeared on Mick Grabham's album Mick the Lad, 1972

Slingerland ad

This ad from Slingerland featured a tear-off so you could send away for a Nigel poster!

Slingerland ad featuring the original Elton John Band
courtesy Kevlar

1973 Slingerlands

"Early Slingerland Drums— 1973 or so?"
from the personal collection of Nigel Olsson

1974 Slingerlands

The 1974 kit
© 1976 David Nutter