Friends of the NOFC

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Cynthia P

Cynthia P. from Maine

Lynn Howes

Lynn Howes, with her band 4Play

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann, the girl who started it all!


Constance's son Jack on his DWs
© 2007 C.W.

Justin with Eltons 1948 Delahaye

Justin with Elton's 1948 Delahaye, Petersen Auto Museum
© 2007 Justin Olsson

On February 28th, Justin wrote: "Last Friday night I was invited by the Director of [Petersen Auto] Museum whom I restore classic M.G. cars for, to a PRIVATE GIG held at the Museum for the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ford, Hot Rods everywhere! I was lucky enough to see Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons (ZZtop), Michael Anthony (Van Halen), and Jimmy Vaughn up on stage together for kind of a Hot Rod Supergroup jam session, AMAZING, anyways that's where I took the picture, as you can tell on the bill it says Cars of the Stars."


Mel from Canada
© 2007 Mel H.


Helen at the Elton exhibit in Manhattan
© 2006 Helen L.

Jim in Vegas

Jim in Las Vegas for the Red Piano shows, October 2006
© 2006 Jim L.

Nikita and Harmony

Dee Davey and Krystina

Jim's goats Nikita & Harmony; Dee, Davey and Krystina
© 2006 Jim L.

Lee Ann

Lee Ann
© 2006 Lee Ann L.


Nancy and one of her goats
© 2006 Nancy R.

Amy W.

Amy W. does a Donna Reed
© 2006 Amy W.

Lisa L

Lisa L.
© 2006 Lisa L.

John G

John G. from the UK on his DW kit
© 2005 John G.


Toni finally meets Nigel!
© 2005 Toni H.


© 2005 Scott McGaw


Scott from England with his custom-made kit from DW.
"[This is] my new kit made by DW which has the same specs as Nigel's 'Pinky' kit.
The bass drum heads were made by my friend who works in reprographics."
© 2005 Scott McGaw


Victoria from Maine
© 2005 V.P.

Trish class

Trish's class in Texas did a report on classic rockers. They love Nigel!
© 2005 Trish L./NOFC


Fan Javi from Spain met Nigel and Davey in Benidorm, Spain, 2002
© Javi Sanchez


Sharron C. with Nigel, February 19, 2003
The Tabernacle Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
© 2004 S.C./NOFC


Tilo from Germany
© 2003 T.C./NOFC


Sharon from the chat room
© 2003 S.R./NOFC

The Brownleys

Deanna and Brian at the '98 Elton Expo
© 1998 Brian B./NOFC

Alecia and Nigel

Alecia S. with Nigel
St. Louis, Missouri, May 5, 2003
© 2003 A.S./NOFC

Raquel and Elsa

Raquel M. and Elsa R. with Nigel at the Lupin Hill benefit, February 2, 2003
© 2003 Elsa R.

TimO and Caleb

Tim O. and Caleb Qyaye, August 2002
© 2002 Tim O.


"Miky and Beppe (from Italy) in Paris (28.05/02) to see Nigel at Bercy"
© 2002 Beppe B.


Jean G. from the chat room
© 2002 J.G.


Nancy R.
© 2002 N.R.


Noreen with Tam Johnstone
International Pop Overthrow warmup, New Jersey, Dec. 2, 2001
© 2002 NOFC


Our mate Mark Lane from Australia
© 2002 Mark Lane


Sandy's wall!
© 2002 S.H./NOFC


Bill T. ("DWDrummer")
© 2002 WTT


Larry C. with the Warpipes kit he purchased from Nigel
© 2002 L.C./NOFC


Chris and Gayle at Althorp House
© 2002 NOFC


Nigel with family friend Hilary, January 2002
© 2001 H.L./NOFC


10-year-old Dan, who Nigel gave sticks to at one of the ONO concerts in 2000.
© 2001 T.P./NOFC


© 2001 T.H./NOFC


Lisa and Caryl
© 2001 Lisa Mac


Razor Face, our Internet Guru
© 2001 Razor Face


"Cassey" (Marge)
© 2001 NOFC


Ron from Canada with his refinished chrome Slingerlands
© 2001 NOFC


Brasilian fan Sylvio and Nigel
Sylvio says: "This photo was taken in MGM Las Vegas, Feb. 17, 2001 (My Birthday).
He gave me his 'baquetas' [drumsticks] in the show, too."
© 2001 Sylvio C.


Michael Troy met up with Nigel at Berklee College of Music in June 2000.
© 2000 Michael Troy. Please write for permission to use.


Mark and Kim; Schanda and Nigel, December 1997
Mark is the man who made it all happen!
© 1998 M&KG/NOFC. Please write for permission to use.