Late '60s/early '70s


Ray Fenwick, Dee Murray, Nigel(!!), and Spencer Davis on the cover of
The Spencer Davis Group's Funky, which finally saw the light of day in the late '90s.
© One Way Records

Uriah Heep

Nigel peeking out from behind the drums (and David Byron)
during his short stint with Uriah Heep, early 1970
from the inner gatefold sleeve of the 1970 Mercury Records release of "Uriah Heep" (SR61294)
© 1970 Mercury Records

TC session

This was taken at the same time as the band photo in the Tumbleweed Connection booklet
It appeared in Hit Parader magazine in March 1972
© 1970 Barry Wentzell

1970 band

Elton John, Nigel, & Dee Murray
September 1970
© 1970 Ed Caraeff

1970 band

© 1970 Ed Caraeff

Nigel backstage 1970

Nigel backstage in 1970
from the 1972 tourbook

light and shade

Elton, Dee & Nigel
from The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin, 1971

"You can do a lot with limited instrumentation if you sit down and think in terms of light and shade.
And, with musicians like Dee and Nigel, you've got a fifty-piece orchestra anyway."—Elton John

Nigel and Russ Regan

"1970, with Russ Regan, the man who brought us to the USA"
from the personal collection of Nigel Olsson