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Where are you, little star?

I'm not sure if they ever found her, but they sure gave us a great song while they were searching. The group formed in 1957 and chose their name from the word Elegance on a bottle of Schenley's whiskey. They changed the spelling and boom, The Elegants were born. June of 1958 Little Star came out and became a number one hit. Little Boy Blue and Goodnight followed the same year. Thanks guys.


The Skyliners may have only had a few hits but man what hits they were. Who doesn't remember slow dancing with your date to Since I Don't Have You or This I Swear. They also done It Happened Today and Pennies From Heaven. Man oh man, you guys were great, and that I swear.


Jack Scott was born in Canada and moved, with his family when he was ten, to Michigan. Man I'm glad he did or maybe we would have never had any of his great tunes. In 58 he recorded a song called Leroy and it was a so-so hit. A few months later the flip side was played and became a national hit. Of course it was My True Love . Then came, With Your Love, Goodbye Baby, The Way I Walk, Burning Bridges, What in The World's Come Over You,Patsy, It Only Happened Yesterday, Is There Something On Your Mind, and my two favorites, A Little Feeling and his version of Roy Orbison's Running Scared. Love you Jack Scafone Jr. (Not LOVE, love you. You know what I mean.)

Well it's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go. Carl Perkins wrote those words in 1955 and in January of 1956 gave us one of the ultimate rock and roll songs of all times, Blue Suede Shoes. Bobaloons always liked Boppin The Blues too. Carl's version was a hit and just a few months later it became an even bigger hit when Elvis recorded it.



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