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Crochet Links

Created September 12, 1997 - Last Modified December 12, 2002


Crochet Fantasy Magazine

Personal Crochet Websites

Craft Site Directory
Craft Site Directory-- Your guide to arts and crafts on the internet. Free URL submission.

Crochet 'N' More
A site to see for anyone who loves crochet. We have FREE Crochet Patterns,
Links, Chat Room, Message Board, Bible Trivia, Gift Collection, Contest &

"Brenda Beckman's Home on the Web..."
She offers free patterns, crochet links, AND some photos of
old crochet hooks she has collected.

Crocheted Creations
She is just getting started and already has links to many interesting
places. Check back often as this site grows!

Crochet Memories
This is an incredible place! You MUST see this!!!
Crochet Memories includes original patterns, a message board,
favorite links, free patterns, a guest book, survery form, and more!

The photos of Cylinda's work are beautiful! A must see!

Helen's Creations

Contains Helen's crocheted creations which are for sale - beautiful! And
her hot links.

Lee's World
Numerous Crochet & Knit links -- also check out here Arts & Crafts
links - many great places to visit!

Suzan's Homepage
Visit Suzan's Chateau Crochet in Austria! She offers free patterns and
crochet links.

Crochet Library
Links to crochet patterns all over the Web! She also has many
original patterns.

The Velvet Pumpkin
Vist my friend's site! Suzy has free crochet patterns (and receipes!). Much
more to come!!

Crochet Websites

Crochet Musings
(Home of the Crochet Email List)
Here you will find an online Learn to Crochet Tutorial, how to join the
Crochet List (an email group - wonderful people! and may exchanges to choose
from here!), Chains of Thought newsletter,
original patterns, charity groups, information about magazines, and links to
crochet and craft sites.

Crochet Partners
(Home of CP Email List)
Look for information on how to join the Crochet Partners Email list -
an incredible group of people with many exchanges to choose from,
classifieds, free original crochet patterns,
and more!

Crochet Charities

Crochet Hats for the Homeless
Shar has done a wonderful job with this worthly cause! This is a must visit

Craft Malls/Fairs/Stores

The Internet Craft Fair
Your Complete Craft & Gift Guide

My Friends
Donna's Favorites
Donna reviews books offered by! Need a Christmas
present???? Check here for book selections and then order them
directly from through Donna's website.

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