By The Hook -- Care of the Halloween Spider Scrunchie
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Care of the
Halloween Spider

Created October 03, 1997 - Last Modified October 06, 1999

Copyright 1997 by P. June Diehl

1. Please say kind words
to your Halloween Spider Scrunchie.

2. Be gentle, but firm when you need to
correct your new pet.
(The only word you need to say is

3. Do not feed your new pet. The Halloween
Spider Scrunchie will eat when
he/she needs to eat.

4. Do not water your new pet. The Halloween
Spider Scrunchie does not drink water nor does
he/she want to get wet.

5. Your new pet loves the light.

6. Your new pet loves the dark.

7. Your new pet loves to travel.

8. The Halloween Spider Scrunchie loves to
stay at home.

9. Your new pet needs plenty of rest and will sleep
up to 24 hours a day.

10. Good homes for your Halloween Spider Scrunchie
--your hair,
--in a basket,
--any Halloween scene/decoration,
--around a candle,
--on a Halloween wreath,
You get the picture.

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