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Silver Tongue's Home!


Biographical Information

Hi, I'm Steve Smy, nicknamed "The Silver Tongue" by some very dear friends. This site is still being developed so please bear with me until I manage to create something worthwhile.

I was born in Ipswich (in the UK) on the 30th of June, 1957. In 1961, I contracted Poliomyelitis, which was then better known as "Infantile Paralysis", a misnomer in several respects. When I was released from hospital quarantine, it seemed that I had escaped without any consequences.

Jenny and I married on the 28th of June, 1980. That had to be one of the best days of my life. We spent our three-week honeymoon in France, in a small village named Tonnay-Charente, near Rochefort (close to La Rochelle).

Go to Jenny's Place

We have three children:

Damien (18) : e-mail

Reuben (15) : e-mail


Emma (12) : e-mail

Jenny and I also have two dogs, one goldfish, and several pet birds.

In 1997, following an accident, I was struck down by Post-Polio Syndrome and am now obliged to use a wheelchair.


Go to Emma's Den

Emma has her own Web pages here, with more information about herself and her interests, including some links of her own choosing. She has pages devoted to different categories of her "favourite things" plus a photograph of herself taken some three or four years ago. Visitors will find that she has placed special emphasis on her favourite musical group : Boyzone!

Go to Reuben's Citadel

Reuben has his Web pages here, with more information about himself and his interests, including several links to his favourite sites/pages! These pages are mostly devoted to the Army Cadet Force (UK), Games Workshop Ltd.'s Warhammer games (including Warhammer Quest, Warhammer Fantasy, and Mordheim), and Art. Reuben has considerable artistic talent (he's currently taking his GCSEs which includes Art!) and I hope that we'll soon be able to scan some of his creations for inclusion either on the main Home Pages or his pages....

Go to Damo's Lair

Damien has his own Web Site here (in addition to a Message Board elsewhere) which he has created for anybody who shares his interest in "Warhammer 40,000" (and associated games, such as "BloodBowl") by Games Workshop Ltd.

Family Album & Other Photo' pages

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. Personal Interests .


I read Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Historical Non-Fiction (mostly about the Napoleonic Wars). There are some deviations from this. My favourite books are the "Saga of the Exiles" (and the prequels) by Julian May and the "Duncton" novels by William Horwood. I am also a fan of Raymond Feist, Anne McCaffrey, C S Lewis, and J R R Tolkien.

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I enjoy writing short stories but I also work on articles about various personal interests, including PPS. I have not been published, barring a few poems in some minor poetry magazines.

Wargames modelling

This was a real sanity-saver! In the days before I could access the Internet, and after PPS had struck, I returned to my boyhood fascination with miniature model soldiers and modelling for wargames in general. The principle arena of interest to me is the Napoleonic Wars, with some further interest in the American War of Independence and the "Colonial Wars". Painting miniatures was something that (usually) I could still do, despite PPS. I also enjoy "Flintloque" and associated games, as created by Alternative Armies, which revolve around a fantasy world based very much on the Napoleonic Wars.


The Outdoors

Since early childhood I have loved the "great outdoors" with a passion. When PPS struck me, this particular love became harder to satisfy, due to being in a wheelchair.

Photo' pages : incl. Local Countryside!

My Hobby House page

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Last revised: 19 November, 1999