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Hobby House

Hi there! Welcome to my Hobby House! Here, you'll find links to Web sites on Wargaming (including "Flintloque"), authors, and just about anything else that I get pleasure out of!

First off, though, an appeal : I'm looking for good sites on history - especially the Napoleonic Wars and the American War of Independence. If you have any info', please, PLEASE e-mail me!

Please remember that this page is subject to constant additions!

Wargames Sites

Salute UK
Ed's Hobby Hovel : A Wargamer's Web Page
"Flintloque" : Alternative Armies

Snapdragon Studios
A superb range of resin cast buildings and terrain, manufactured to the highest quality while still remaining inexpensive. Includes products for a very wide range of wargaming needs - including some really nice science fiction stuff!



Julian May
Writer of the "Saga of the Pliocene Exiles", "Intervention", and the "Galactic Milieu Trilogy" (amongst many others!)

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Other Sites

Memorable Melodies

Jokes Pages



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