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Biographical Information

I was born in Ipswich, UK, in 1984. I have an elder brother : Damien, and a younger sister : Emma. I am tall with straight fair hair normally cut short (by preference!) and blue-grey eyes. I currently attend Holywells High School, where I am undertaking my GCSEs. I enjoy sports, especially good contact sports such as rugby! I have a very wide circle of friends from school, Army Cadets, and Games Workshop's store in Ipswich. The Cadets take me out twice a week and I am usually out at the weekend, though I sometimes prefer to "take a day off" and spend Sunday at home.
My time is taken up by Cadets, Warhammer, and art, but I also enjoy going to the cinema or visiting with friends. I like to help out my Dad, too, as he has been disbled by a condition known as "Post-Polio Syndrome" and has to use a carer-propelled wheelchair to go out. Dad is also unable to do most things around the house, including cooking and making drinks, and I've become quite able in these things.
I enjoy going to the countryside, especially unspoilt areas such as Dunwich Heath and Forest. I also enjoy seaside resorts - especially the rides and arcades! I frequently visit Felixstowe (the nearest seaside resort) with friends as well as my family, though I prefer heated pools for swimming unless the sea is particularly WARM!
I have a good sense of humour (my Dad calls it "waggish" - whatever that means!) and make the most out of life, so I guess you could call me a cheerful person!
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Personal Interests

Army Cadet Force,

I have been a member of Ipswich Guards Army Cadet Force (ACF) for 2 years, now. It provides me with a great circle of friends, a lot of PHYSICAL activity, and much, much MORE! Our ACF detachment is associated with the !st Guards, the senior regiment in the British Army, which is a great honour! (Army Cadet Force Page)

Warhammer games,

I've been playing Warhammer games for about seven years (maybe more!). I became interested in it after being given MB's "HeroQuest" board game one Christmas. I still have a fondness for HeroQuest, in gratitude for introducing me to Warhammer and similar games. I play Warhammer Quest, Talisman, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000, BloodBowl, and now Mordheim! (Warhammer Page)


Art has always been a great love of mine! I enjoy most aspects of it, though I'm NOT a fan of modern art or pop art (generally). I'll use most mediums and am currently very deeply involved in my GCSE Art course. For relaxation, I like creating cartoon-style illustrations and have had particular success in the creastion of humourous WORMS and WOODCHUCKS pictures. I have also sold some artwork to a local business. (Art Page)


Like my siblings, Damien and Emma, I have an eclectic taste in music, thanks to the fact that my parents have exposed all of us to a wide variety of genres. Naturally, however, I DO have particular favourites, including Pop, Rock, and Blues.


Again, my tastes are fairly eclectic in movies, but I have a particular liking for action movies, comedies, and SOME animations. My Dad and I share a love of the SHARPE series of TV movies.

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Contact Information

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Comments and Suggestions

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