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Biographical Information

Hi everyone and welcome to my den!

My name is Emma but I'm commonly referred to as Sheep, Frog or just plain Em.

I'm 12 years old and racing for 13!

I've got long brown curly hair (nice curly hair!!) and blue eyes.

I've got 2 brothers, Damien and Reuben, 2 dogs, 10 birds and 1 goldfish.

I live in Ipswich, UK and I hate the weather!! I'd love to have E-pals or pen pals from the other Ipswichs in the world or even someone in Hawaii!

I have got a picture that you could see but it was taken at least 3 years ago and it is hideous, I should be getting another one soon which is much more flattering (I hope!).

Enter if you dare!

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What I Like

Music, Pop.


TV Programmes, See my Fav's

Movies, The best one's around!!


Chatting, Any time, any where!

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How to Contact Me

Just send me an E-mail at:

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Hot List


On this site you can chat and use message boards. They have special sections for different artists, like Boyzone, Britney Spears ad B*witched. You can set up your own topics for the message boards but for that you have to register as a regular user, no worries 'cause registration is completely free!


Mirago is a great site for adults and children alike. It has house keeping and gardening tips for the adults and games for kids. Mirago is also good for looking up info' on the latest films.

Cyberteens Zeen 16

A great site that you can get to from Mirago but this is a short cut. On here you can veiw other peoples poetry but I'm still trying to work out how to send my own, there are 5 differernt sections on Zeen 16 and I haven't explored them all yet but I hope to soon!


This is Boyzones official website and it has loads of great pics of the lads and it also has loads of downloadable vids. I has a news page and it has dates of tours and gigs so that you won't miss any.

The Tribe

The Tribe is THE best programme around, I have been following it since the 5th episode and I totally love it!! Since then I've joined The Tribe Fan Club and I've sort of got to know the people who run it quite well 'cos I never stop E-mailing them! <heheheh> Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross, Micheal Welsly-Smith are the in house hunks of The Tribe and you can get photos and info on the guys on this site, for the lads there are some pretty girls in it too!

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Comments and Suggestions

Please send me mail telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it.

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